Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Source of the Call to Church Planting

Where is the source of the “voice“ that is calling you to church planting?

For some, the “Macedonian call” to plant a church is seen in the same way as a call to an existing, already formed Christian community. Yet, this is not the call to the apostolic-like ministry of church planting. There are at least two vital elements of a call to church planting. These are not replacing the necessary assessment of gifts and graces. Rather the response to these two urgent issues are signposts to the place where God’s will for you (see Ephesians 2:20) leads to that glorious picture of “ha eretz” (“the Land” in Genesis) described by Dr. Luke,
“So there was much joy in that city” (Acts 8:8).
I teach my students, and I have guided younger Christian shepherds, to address these two fundamental matters in discerning a call to plant a church. Read More

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