Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday's Catch: "The Origin and Presence of False Teaching" and More

The Origin and Presence of False Teaching

Interaction with culture, difficult passages in the Bible, and the power of sin to affect the mind have contributed to the formulation and dissemination of false or incorrect teaching. Churches and individual believers make a serious mistake if they think to themselves, “It can’t happen here.” Thinking we are immune to error places us in a very dangerous position. It is exactly what the enemy wants—for us to be asleep and unaware of his efforts to attack believers through false teaching. Read More

False Teaching Out There and In Here

The recognition that heresies often start from a biblical platform and basis should humble and warn us. It should humble us, even chasten us, to recognize that we might unwittingly propagate error even as we teach God’s inerrant Word. Though we labor over our sermons and lessons, wrestling with the text, trying to get it right, there is always the possibility that we might teach error in ways that lead God’s little ones astray. Read More

The False Gospel of Expressive Individualism

There’s a newish gospel in town. Or at least some make it out to be. Have you heard of it? It’s called expressive individualism. To be sure, expressive individualism has been around for a while. But it seems to be more popular today than ever before. Read More

How To Disagree About Theology Without Kicking Each Other Out of the Church

Humans are tribal. This is not a new insight. We’ve been splitting ourselves into groups based on any and every available characteristic for millennia. Christianity does not erase our tribalism. But it should transform it—recreate it into something useful in service to God and others. At its best, our tribal instinct can help motivate us to love our neighbors well, to put down roots, and serve our communities in love. Read More

‘I Don’t Know How You Do It’: God’s Grace for Foster Parents

It’s not easy, but the Lord’s grace is sufficient. His strength is perfect to overcome every frustration and obstacle in foster care. Read More
How might your church serve foster children in some way? How might it minister to foster families and CPS workers?
When You Suddenly Realize the Pastor’s Sermon Is Missing Something

My wife was commenting on a sermon she heard recently. “It was a fine sermon in many respects. It called for the right kind of actions and spoke of the Holy Spirit. And then it hit me. Nowhere does this person’s preaching deal with the gospel, mention Calvary, or call for repentance.” Read More

5 Steps to Restore Your Staff Team to Full Health

Is your staff team a healthy team? How do you know? Read More

20 Bible Verses About Leadership: What Did Jesus Teach?

If you’re looking for advice on being a good leader you should start by reading Bible verses about leadership. There are many. Read More

Five Truths from 10 Years of Discipleship Research

Scott McConnell just celebrated ten years of leading LifeWay Research. We recently met to discuss all he has learned about discipleship, from a research vantage point, in his ten years of leading this important work. Here are five big truths from ten years of discipleship research.... Read More

Three Common Mistakes in Designing a Church Discipleship Strategy

As church leaders think about their overarching discipleship process, here are three common mistakes.... Read More

Paige Patterson Fired by Southwestern, Stripped of Retirement Benefits

New details of mishandled sexual abuse allegation lead to Southern Baptist seminary president emeritus losing honorary title and on-campus residence. Read More

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