Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday's Post: "Is the Church Being Taken Over by Success-Seeking Pastors?"

Is the Church Being Taken Over by Success-Seeking Pastors?

Some are recognizing a trend in the church toward focusing less on humility, weakness and sacrifice, and instead prioritizing triumph, power and boasting of success. Read More

Changing Our Posture Through Prayer

I just watched an online video of a pastor-friend calling for prayer and “a new posture” in the Southern Baptist Convention. I think this is an appropriate challenge to SBC pastors, as well as other tribes, because God has called us to walk in a posture of humility instead of a posture of pride. Read More

What Proverbs Teaches about Being Teachable

If there is any quality that helps in every area of life, it is being teachable. Teachable people don’t have to be the smartest to succeed—they seek to learn and grow in any and every situation. Being teachable is a foundational quality for everybody: workers, students, husbands and wives, and especially those in leadership roles. If you’re wondering how to grow in teachability, perhaps there’s no better place to turn than the Bible’s wisdom book. Read More

5 Ways Churches Can Support Foster Care

There are many things churches can do to support foster families. These ideas will help you build a vision for foster care. Read More

Lord, Deliver Us from Passive-Aggressive Conflicts

Every church has elephants in the narthex. Here are four ways to root them out. Read More

7 Common Traits of the Best Leaders I Ever Followed

Looking back...the best leaders I ever had shared some common traits. There were things, which set them apart from other leaders, helped them be successful, and caused me to take notice in them. Read More

Why All Christian Leaders Need Prayer Warriors

I’ve written it before, and I’ll say it again today: we need to pray for each other proactively, not just reactively; that is, we must pray for each other before the enemy wins. Every day, it becomes more apparent to me that all of us who lead in Christian work need prayer warriors intentionally praying for us. Here’s why.... Read More

Despite Disappointing Some, New Mark Manuscript Is Earliest Yet

Bible scholars have been waiting for the Gospel fragment’s publication for years. Read More

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