Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday's Catch: "Why You Should 'Replant' Your Church Each Year" and More

Why You Should ‘Replant’ Your Church Each Year

If you could plant a new church with the same community, building, staff and people, what would you do differently? Read More

10 Church Growth Strategies That Cost Zero Dollars

Faced with a lack of resources, too many church leaders throw in the towel and believe growth isn’t possible. But that’s a fallacy. Vision always precedes resources. If you’re waiting for people and money to show up so you can get on with your mission, you’ll wait forever. So how do you start growing now, even with zero dollars? Here are 10 ways. Read More

Five Ways to Engage Your Community Through Existing Events

As a church leader, I understand that outreach events can be very taxing. The planning, advertising, and implantation can take a toll on you and your leadership team. One way to alleviate this stress is to engage through existing community events. At our church, we have stopped creating so many events and started engaging in existing ones. Read More
Caveat: If your church opts to design a t-shirt, make sure that the logo is simple and the name of your church is in large, easy-to-read print (NO Gothic, Old English, ancient Runes, and the like!) and that the members of the congregation are encouraged to wear the t-shirt in the community that your church is seeking to reach while shopping, doing volunteer work, attending community events, and so on - and NOT at home, in a community miles away, while doing the laundry or yard work! The t-shirt should also have the URL of church's website printed on it. Avoid the use of more than two colors. Use a bright color for the t-shirt and a dark, contrasting color for the logo and print or visa versa. Avoid colors that blur together. The Journey here in Murray, Kentucky has at various times in its existence purchased extra t-shirts and given them away to first-time and returning guests as well as to its regular attendees.
7 Signs Your Church Is (Finally) Reaching Unchurched People

When you see these 7 signs pop up in your church, you will know that you are finally (really) reaching the unchurched. Read More

Discipling Families in a Multi-Ethnic Lifestyle

You don’t have to know the best words for each situation. Sometimes simply how you pray—sad and heartbroken—might be all that is really needed. Simply acknowledging to God, in front of your children, that things aren’t as easy for our brothers and sisters of color can raise some great conversations. It sets the context for race conversations in our kids’ minds. After all, I’d much rather stumble through my words with them than trust society to do it for me. Read More

Your Best Years Are Not Behind You

God needs willing workers, not necessarily young ones. Read More

Memorial Day: For What Shall We Live?

Whether we wear a uniform or not, we all have sacrificial service to offer. Read More

Millennials, Women Driving LGBT Growth in US

The percentage of Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) continues to increase and is now at its highest point since Gallup began tracking the group in 2012. The increase has been driven almost totally by millennials Read More.

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