Saturday, June 09, 2018

5 Essentials for Effective Ministry in Any (Especially Difficult) Locations

Debauchery, perversity, promiscuity, prostitution—Corinth was a place filled with wealth, luxury, depravity, idolatry and wickedness. Aphrodite’s temple, which overlooked the city, had nearly 1,000 temple prostitutes who plied their trade with sailors and other commercial travelers. Corinth was not an easy place to minister. Yet Paul deeply loved this church. He spent 18 months there, wrote at least two letters to them and likely visited them more than once.

Paul’s ministry at Corinth, highlighted in Acts 18 and further described in his letters to the church relate a church full of theological tension and moral quandary. It is likely that we have not served in a city as vile or even a church as morally and theologically contentious as Corinth. Nevertheless if we are to be effective in serving where God has placed us, we need the same essentials Paul experienced during his ministry in Corinth. Dr. Luke’s account of Paul’s Corinthian ministry is found in Acts 18. Read More

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