Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Evangelism Is NOT Optional! #02

How to Prepare for a ‘Gospel Appointment’—Part 3

Once you’ve scheduled your gospel appointment with someone, here’s how to prepare for the conversation. Read More

Creating an Evangelistic Culture in Your Church

In the midst of a national downward trend in baptisms, what does it take to create an evangelistic climate in the church? In discussing this challenge with several friends in ministry, I’ve noted eight steps necessary to see a passion for evangelism take root in the church.... Read More

5 Tips for Creating Evangelistic Culture in Your Church

How do we create a culture in the local church where the work of the evangelist is accomplished? Here are some actions and convictions required to create that climate. Read More

What To Do When You Fail at Evangelism

As with anything in life, there will be times when we fail in evangelism. This is how we should respond. Read More

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