Monday, June 04, 2018

Monday's Catch: "Twelve Ways to Be a Godly Leader" and More

Twelve Ways to Be a Godly Leader

If you’re a Christian leader, think about these ways to be a “safe example” to the flock.... Read More

10 Questions Every Christian Leader Should Ask at Least Monthly

The Bible assumes that believers will be striving to follow God, continually living in an ongoing state of evaluation, repentance, and growth. Leaders must, by definition, lead the way. While I’m not suggesting that Christian leaders need to ask all of these questions below every day, I do think we need to ask them at least monthly. Read More

7 Effective Ways To Battle Discouragement In Leadership

Carey Nieuwhof shares 7 things that have helped him to overcome discouragement in leadership. Read More

57 Leadership Tips For Pastors

Joe McKeever offers a bold list of helpful leadership lessons from his ministry journey so far. Read More

Take Care of Your Body

Jay Sanders reminds pastors that God has given them their body for his glory and the good of others and therefore they should take care of it. Read Now

My Secret for Reading Half of the Bible in Just 30 Minutes

Joseph Harrod, assistant professor of Biblical spirituality at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, explains how half of the Bible’s 66 books can be read in thirty minutes or less. Read More

How to Grow Your Sunday Attendance Using Social Media

Social media works. And it works because it connects us with God’s original intent for us. He always wanted us to share media (truth and information) socially (person-to-person). So for any church leader still on the fence, or who may be ready to jump in, here are my five big challenges for you....Read More

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