Monday, June 04, 2018

Practical Preaching Advice for Pastors and Lay Preachers #02

What Makes A Sermon Good?

Preachers and churches run into trouble when they forget that preaching is first and foremost a proclamation of Scripture. Read More

The Quest!

I remember Haddon Robinson telling us in class that he wouldn’t give anything for simplicity on this side of complexity, but simplicity on the far side of complexity? That was worth so much. What does this mean? Read More

The Power of Vivid Description

Peter Mead: "I’m convinced that one of the key ingredients for effective preaching is effective and vivid description. Practice it. Learn it." Read More

Preaching in Step with the Spirit

This is a simple post, but I think an important one. As a preacher, are you preaching in step with the Spirit? Read More

10 Things You Should Know about Quenching the Spirit When Preaching

Last week I wrote an article that identified ten things we should all know about quenching the Spirit, or perhaps I should say ten ways to quench the Spirit that we must studiously avoid. Today I want to turn our attention to ten ways we tend to quench the Spirit in the act of preaching God’s Word. Read More

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