Saturday, June 30, 2018

Practical Preaching Advice for Pastors and Lay Preachers #06

The Best Preaching Tip of All Time

You could be the greatest orator on the planet, but if you do not preach the Word, you’re not preaching. Read More

John Piper: My View Of Preaching

"I stand vigilantly on the precipice of eternity speaking to people who this week could go over the edge." Read More

The Curse of Knowledge: A Preaching Death Trap – Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 of this series, we examined what the curse of knowledge is and how it affects preachers. If you haven’t read that yet, definitely check it out. For today, we are going to dive into the two reasons why we preachers are so prone to fall into the death trap that is the curse of knowledge. Read More

Preachers to Listen to (Who You May Not Have Heard of)[Podcasts; Videos]

One of the things we ought to be doing as preachers is to be listening to other preachers. Not only can we learn from others, but we can grow from others. Listen and Watch Now

Some Simple Practices That Will Make Your Preaching Better

I get asked regularly what I do to prepare for my messages, and there are a few things I practice and that I’ve seen other leaders do that I think can gain any communicator an edge. They’re not talked about that often, but they work for me and for other communicators I admire. But even more than that, it took me years to get there. Read More

7 Reasons Your Sermons Are Boring

Everyone who communicates, preaches or even tries to persuade someone of an idea has discovered that sinking sense that you’re sermon just isn’t as riveting as it could be. Or that you’re dull. Even when you’re preaching the Word of God that is anything but dull. Let me ask you: how exactly does that happen? Read More

5 Pro Tips On How To Get Amazing Sermon Feedback

How do you get an accurate, helpful assessment of your message? I mean that would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Because that’s how you grow. Here are 5 pro tips. Read More

Mark Clark And Carey Nieuwhof On How To Preach In A Way That Reaches Unchurched People And Maintains Biblical Integrity [Podcast]

Mark Clark and Carey talk about their different approaches to preaching, how to reach unchurched people and how to preach to churched and unchurched people with Biblical integrity. Listen Now

Boldly Speaking the Gospel No Matter the Cost

The question we must face is, “How will we respond when persecution comes?” We will cower under the world’s authorities? Will we retreat and keep silent? Or, will we stand in the name and authority of King Jesus and speak the gospel with boldness, no matter the cost? The first biblical account of persecution helps us answer these questions. Read More

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