Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday's Catch: "The Five R’s of Church Revitalization, Part 2" and More

The Five R’s of Church Revitalization, Part 2

Revitalization is possible because we serve a God who specializes in resurrections. Read More

Planting and Your Pastor: Creating a Partnership—Part 3

When speaking to your pastor about supporting your church planting efforts, make sure to be clear, specific and positive. Read More

Some Thoughts about "the Angry Few" in Local Church Conflicts

I’ve seen it happen. Just a few angry or frustrated people in a church can create havoc for an entire congregation. What I’ve also seen in decades of pastoring and church consulting, though, are these things.... Read More

5 Signs You’re Not The Leader You Think You Are

I think the biggest issue with leadership in today’s world is that most people simply lack self-awareness. Being self-aware is the single biggest key to leadership. Read More

Keep Growing by Avoiding These Seven Leadership Traps

Rick Warren takes a look at seven common traps of leadership that Satan is most likely to use to keep your ministry from becoming all that God wants it to be. Read More

How I Format My Sermon Outline

Josh Weidmann shares what he has found is the best way to format his sermon notes. Read More
I found two of the links in this post no longer work--the link to Josh Weidmann's sermon notes and the link to Josh Harris' blog. I was able to download the sermon outline template.
Effectively Proclaiming the Gospel to an Idolatrous Culture

When preaching the gospel, understanding our audience will greatly impact our effectiveness. Daniel Ims explains why. Read More

What Young Adults in 100 Countries Think of Religion

Despite age gaps, Pew Research uncovers a few places where the next generation is actually more devout than their parents and grandparents. Read More

Presbyterian Church of Ireland Says ‘No’ to Gay Membership

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland says it must stand with scripture and not allow gays to have membership in the church.... However, a church spokesman insisted that same-sex couples will not be prevented from attending worship, coming into church, receiving communion, or having access to pastoral care. Read More

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