Friday, June 01, 2018

When the Cross Means ‘Western’ and Not Jesus

In the German state of Bavaria, a new law has ordered crosses decorate the entrance of every state building; however, the reason why, and the implications it could have for the United States, will be troubling to many evangelicals.

Like much of the Western world, Bavaria has seen a surge of support for far-right, aggressively-nationalistic, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration political groups. A recent New York Times report suggests that the law was passed by Bavaria’s more centrist conservative premier as a way of strengthening their voting base by showing their commitment to more “traditional” Bavarian culture as more and more refugees enter Germany.

“This is about culture, not religion,” Christian Moser, mayor of the small Bavarian town of Deggendorf, told the Times. “The cross is not a sign of religion.” Read More
Radical Islamists erroneously equate the secular West with Christianity in their propaganda. The use of Christian symbols in the manner described in this article plays into their hands.

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