Thursday, July 26, 2018

3 Ways to Graciously Engage KJV-Only Believers

Don Carson pled with them for realism 40 years ago, and James White urged them to trust modern translations 20 years ago. But I sense that conservative evangelicalism has now given up on critiquing King James Version-onlyism.

But there are tens or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of KJV-only Christians around the world, and a new generation is taking leadership in the movement.

It’s time to make another gentle appeal.

But what else can be said? I urge a threefold strategy focused on English translation, not Greek textual criticism. This is the best way to love—and persuade—our KJV-only brothers and sisters. Read More
One of the challenges that pastors seeking to revitalize their church face is transitioning the church to the use of a more recent translation of the Bible in public worship. In the case of Continuing Anglican churches some jurisdictions like my own permits the use of several more recent translations of the Bible and the bishop may authorize additional translations; other jurisdictions require the use of the King James Version only. For many young people the archaic language and grammatical structures of KJV present a substantial obstacles to reading and understanding the Bible and may deter them from attending a church where the KJV is the only authorized translation that may be used in public worship. To them the Jacobean English of the KJV is a foreign language. It presents an even greater barrier for foreign exchange students and others for whom English is a second language.

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