Thursday, July 12, 2018

5 Dangers for Missionaries in Honor-Shame Contexts

Ministry within honor-shame cultures is a widely discussed topic today. The majority world and especially the East, as we’ve come to realize, doesn’t think the way we do. In a sense they work on a completely different operating system, which means Western missionaries must adapt our default language and “coding” when presenting the gospel.

Cultural awareness is the first step, though complete cultural adaptation doesn’t follow as the necessary goal. This is the case in any context, Western or otherwise. Inevitable perils lurk when anyone tries to contextualize the gospel message to a given culture. So while great strides have been made in evangelism as it relates to honor-shame contexts, the proverbial pendulum can swing too far.

Here are five dangers I see for those seeking to minister in honor-shame contexts. Recognizing them will hopefully protect us from unhelpful overcorrection. Read More

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