Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday's Catch: Finding a New Church Home and More

5 Things to Look for in a New Church

Christians need a church family where they can encounter Jesus, deepen meaningful relationships, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Yet visiting churches and checking out websites is time-consuming and often frustrating. I know what it’s like to visit a church and feel discouraged. I’ve also tasted God’s goodness and grace through the church. So keep looking! Here are five things I encourage you to seek in a church. Read More

The Five Stages of Recovery When Toxic People Leave the Church

Thom Rainer examines what happens in a church when toxic members leave. According to Rainer, "Essentially, for the church, it becomes short and mid-term pain for longer-term gain." Read More
The juxtaposition of the first two articles is coincidental. It is not my intention to suggest a connection.
The Most Difficult Leadership Misstep To Catch, (That Will Stall Out Your Ministry)

There is one leadership misstep that will stall out your ministry every time. If you need people more than you feed people, you will soon be leading from empty. Read More

Four Reasons Why Your Kids Need to See and Hear You Do Your Devotion

For many years now, I’ve asked students about their quiet time with the Lord. Frankly, many struggle with consistency, especially with prayer. Anecdotally, though, here’s what I’ve learned: the students who struggle least tend to have had parents who modeled quiet times for them. Sometimes they did that intentionally, but at other times it just happened. Their parents did their quiet time in a more public place, and their kids took note. Here’s why that matters.... Read More

Rwanda’s Relentless Drive to Secularize Claims 8000 Churches

More than 8000 Rwandan churches have closed this year as the East African nation’s government makes clear its aggressive secular stance. Read More

Image: The Church of the Holy Trinity, Houston, Texas

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