Thursday, July 05, 2018

Practical Preaching Advice for Pastors and Lay Preachers #07

Pastor, Preach Hypocritical Sermons

Not a single one of us can go their whole lives without preaching a hypocritical sermon or writing a hypocritical lesson. At some point, we are going to have to address issues that we ourselves have difficulty understanding and adhering to. We will inevitably call people to be obedient to a standard that we ourselves fall short of, and we will give advice and instruction to our churches that we need a healthy dose of ourselves. But this shouldn’t cause us to shy away from preaching the Word of God in all its fullness. When confronted with the opportunity to preach a hypocritical sermon, there are three things we shouldn’t do.... Read More

5 Reasons Why Some Pastors Don't Preach Grace

Some pastors fear that preaching grace can lead to pitfalls, a license for sin, or even a lack of sacrificial giving. Here are five frequently raised objections to preaching grace and why they don't work. Read More

5 Ways To Shorten Your Sermon

It's important to think about what to include in your sermon, but it's probably just as important to carefully decide what to exclude. Learn how (and where) to trim your sermon down with these tips from Peter Mead. Read More

4 Remedies For Discouragement In Your Preaching

Take heart! There's one big reason our preaching is not in vain, and three more after that! Read More

Joe Mckeever: The Worst Thing About My Own Sermons

Joe McKeever loves praise as much as the next guy. He also knows the preaching error he is most likely to make. Read More

Pride: The Pitfall Of Preachers

We strive for excellence in preaching, and we should--but there are dangers if we succeed. Read More

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