Saturday, July 07, 2018

Saturday's Lagniappe: Churches, Nonprofits, and a New Federal Tax and More

Churches and Nonprofits Must Pay a New Federal Tax—And Many Don’t Even Know

Does this change in the tax code presage greater interference by the federal government in the practice of religion in the future? Read More

7 Things Leaders Should Stop Doing

This is a unique list of practical items that don’t fit within one specific category and yet are essential for you and me as leaders to make sure we stop doing. Read More

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Defensive Leader

Every leader faces times when criticism makes us defensive. Understanding your brain will help you respond better. Read More

Does the Bible Condone Premarital Sex?

How do we deal with members of the church who deny that sex outside of marriage is wrong? Read More

How to Pursue Self-Control (Without Being a Legalist)

To have self-control is to fight temptation and put sin to death. Not just one day, every day. Not just one hour, ever hour. Read More

5 Cautions for Your Spiritual Disciplines

A few cautions may be in order as our familiarity with the disciplines may lead to a kind of contempt. In his excellent little book, Holy Helps For a Godly Life, a work on the spiritual disciplines, Richard Rogers offers 5 cautions meant to ensure we are using them rightly. Read More

Why Vacation Bible School is as Important Now as Ever

What other program or event bears this kind of fruit in a one-week timeframe? VBS is a local mission trip that just about any church can do. Read More

Sunday School as the Key to Fulfilling the Great Commission

Every church must answer two basic questions: 1) What? What is our purpose? What does God have us here to accomplish? and 2) How? How are we going to accomplish our purpose? Read More

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