Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What’s Wrong with the KJV Only Teaching? (in 500 Words or Less)

Last week I started a mini-series called “Hope this helps” where I share answers I gave to actual e-mail questions I received. The goal is to provide a brief, 500 words or less, answer that a layperson could read to get a feel for the issue, instead of an exhaustive journal article type response. Last week we covered Are there prophets today? in 414 words.

This week we’re responding to a question I received from a church member who wanted clarification on what I meant by a comment I made in a church meeting about a “KJV Only church.” This phenomenon is very rare in South Africa, so most are unfamiliar with it, but it does rear its head from time to time. Here’s my attempt at a brief helpful reply. I got it in 470 words

. As with last week, please use the comment section to help me tighten the response. If you want to try to change my mind, you have to do it in 500 words or less!

The KJV only teaching is an error that gained traction in the USA. If you find it in Africa it will usually be in churches planted by American missionaries. Read More

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