Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday Lagniappe: Reaching Millennials and More

5 Things Millennials Are Looking For In A Church

When it comes to reaching Millennials, maybe the question we need to ask isn’t ‘what do we need to do?’ as much as ‘who do we need to be?’ Read More

Behold Your Mother

Daniel Darling ponders why Christian children are indifferent to the well being of their aging parents and concludes that their lack of compassion may stem from a failure to adequately teach the biblical ethic of “honoring father and mother." Read More
I don't disagree with Daniel Darling but I suspect their lack of compassion is the result of more than inadequate teaching. Compassion toward our fellow human beings, parents and otherwise, requires the ability to show empathy toward them and to put ourselves in their shoes. More adequate teaching of the importance of honoring our parents is not going to compensate for a lack of empathy. We live in a culture that elevates self over others and which does not place high value on understanding and sharing the feelings of others and taking care of others. It encourages us to put ourselves and our interests first. Whether or not they realize it, Christians are strongly influenced by the culture in which they live.
Getting ‘Unhitched’ from the Old Testament? Andy Stanley Aims at Heresy

Albert Mohler explains how Andy Stanley is, in his teaching, pointing those whom he is teaching toward the ancient heresy of Marcionism. Read More

Tips for Communicating to Your Band

One of the biggest issues I see in many wor­ship lead­ers and their bands is a fail­ure to com­mu­ni­cate. If you can effec­tively and effi­ciently com­mu­ni­cate to your band, not only will they feel more con­fi­dent in their play­ing, but your wor­ship will take another step in the right direc­tion. Read More

Evangelism Starts With God

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in evangelism is telling people the good news without telling them the bad news. No wonder I’m met with blank stares or “That’s nice for you, but not for me.” When we don’t tell unbelievers about sin and wrath, they often think grace is irrelevant. They don’t see their need for a Savior. Read More

What Do Pastors Enjoy Most about Their Job?

Above all the other aspects of their jobs, most pastors say what they love most is preaching. Not surprisingly, that’s also what they say they’re best at. Read More

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