Thursday, August 02, 2018

Thursday's Catch: Today's Teens and More

Today’s Teens Are Always in the Hallway

To the average high school student, the high school hallway is as high pressure a performance environment as the catwalk is to a fashion model or the weight room is to the football player. We live in an age in which the high school hallway is no longer limited to the corridors between classrooms on campus. Today’s high school hallways are the always-on social media platforms that occupy the pocketed phones of America’s teenagers. Read More

Don’t Plant a Church if You’re Not a Pastor [Podcast]

Tony Merida and Jonathan Dodson discuss the importance of church-planting pastors being good shepherds. Listen Now

Four Lies That Keep Us from Church

These common untruths prevent us from fully participating in the body of Christ. Read More

5 Signs You’re A Lone Ranger Leader (And Can’t Grow A Team)

Everyone knows that Lone Ranger leaders rarely take their organization as far as leaders who can build a team. But here’s the question no one really wants to ask—so am I a Lone Ranger leader? Read More

3 Lies That Hinder Your Effectiveness

Here are lies that I have fought regularly, along with some encouragement the Lord has given me related to each one. Read More
Let Us Catechize

Catechism. For some, this word conjures up dead orthodoxy and high church ritualism. For others, it is seen as an essential tool to be used in their family and church life. Whatever the idea of catechism brings to mind, why should you consider using catechism? Here are seven reasons.... Read More
I have no problem with the use of a catechism to instruct children and adults. The difficult that I have is with what catechism a church uses. The lengthy catechism that the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) has adopted abandons what have been historic Anglican doctrinal positions on the order of salvation, the nature and extent of human depravity, the procession of the Holy Spirit, and the sacraments in favor of Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox doctrine. It is not a catechism that I would recommend to a church that seeks to be faithful to the Bible and historic Anglicanism in its doctrine.
Why Inerrancy Matters for Missions

Due to the seeming complexity of the debate over inerrancy and the fact that it has been primarily taken up by scholars and pastors in the West, we may be tempted to think inerrancy is not a foundational doctrine for missions. While scholarly objections to inerrancy have necessitated equally rigorous responses, it is crucial for churches and mission organizations to understand that the debate—complex as it appears—trades on a basic principle: either the Bible is wholly true and reliable at every point, or it isn’t. Read More

The Other Family Separation at the Border: Canadian and US Evangelicals

Conservative Christians in Canada didn’t vote for Trump. But they are affected by his faithful followers.
Read More

Pew: Why Americans Go to Church or Stay Home

Among regular attenders of religious services: 2 in 3 go because of their kids, Catholics half as likely as Protestants to value sermons, and 1 in 5 don’t usually feel God’s presence. Read More

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