Monday, October 17, 2005

SAMS speaks out about Recife excommunication

[SAMS Great Britain] October 17, 2005--It is with great sadness, therefore, that we witness the actions taken against the clergy in the Diocese of Recife, believing them to be destructive to the Church and dishonouring to the name of Christ. We have always sought to remain separate from the internal politics of the province but recent events have inevitably involved our mission partners directly. The deposition of Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti has cast real doubt as to which ecclesiastical authority they are accountable, and the deposition of thirty-two clergy includes some who are directly provided as mission partners of SAMS GB. SAMS GB, therefore, has now to make some clear decisions about how it may continue in relationship with the Province of Brazil. It thus becomes important that SAMS GB states its position on recent events, which will direct its action in the coming days.

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