Friday, September 30, 2005

Emergents, Meet Saints!

[] September 30, 2005--The wave of the future needs the wisdom of the past.

Sri Lanka to Vote on Making Buddhism State Religion

[The Christian Post] September 30, 2005--Sri Lanka’s parliament will vote next week on an amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution that, if passed, would make Buddhism the official state religion.

Author Accuses Christian Publisher of Dabbling in 'New Age' Spirituality

[Agape Press] September 29, 2005--A leading Christian publisher of youth ministry material is being accused of introducing young people to practices rooted in New Age Eastern spirituality.

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

[] September 30, 2005-- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed a same-sex marriage bill, AB 849, which deleted "a man and a woman" from California marriage law, replacing that phrase with "two persons."

Evangelicals criticise Bishops over Civil Partnership Act

[Church Times] September 30, 2005--It would be "inadvisable for Christians to enter civil partnerships if only to avoid causing scandal", declares the conservative Evangelical umbrella group Anglican Mainstream in a letter sent last week to the House of Bishops.

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Nigerian Warns of Split From British Church

[Washington Post] September 29, 2005--Nigeria's top Anglican Church official warned Thursday that his 17.5 million members would have to sever their historic ties to the Church of England if it followed the lead of the U.S. Episcopal Church by accepting a gay bishop or otherwise condoning homosexuality.

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Windsor Report reflects more than one story, panelists say

{Episcopal News Service] September 30, 2005--There is not one story in the Windsor Report, one presenter told a gathering of Province II members September 17, and that assertion was borne out in the day's conversations.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Southern Cone Primate Accepts Rejected Brazilian Bishop and Clergy

[VirtueOnline] September 29, 2005--The ongoing conflict between the conservative evangelical Diocese of Recife and the liberal Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil took a significant turn today when The Most Revd Gregory Venables, Primate of the Southern Cone of America extended recognition and protection in the unprecedented action of the Brazilian province to defrock and excommunicate the Bishop of Recife and 40 clergy earlier this year.

Episcopal Bishops Release Letter on Relief, Homosexuality, Women

[The Christian Post] September 28, 2005--The top leaders of the Episcopal Church U.S.A. released a joint letter of concern regarding homosexuality, the role of women in the church, and relief efforts in the gulf-coast states, following their annual fall gathering this week.

Bishops urges church to re-Christen Halloween

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 29, 2005--Halloween must not be banned, but re-Christened, says a bishop. The Bishop of Bolton, the Rt Rev David Gillett proposes Christians should reclaim the tradition for themselves so they too feel justified in enjoying the annual festivities. Many Christians believe that Halloween has become increasingly associated with intimidation and links to the occult, but are caught in a dilemma about whether or not partake in the activities.

Fears over Vatican proposals on gay priests

[The Churcvh of England Newspaper] September 29, 2005--Reports circulating over the last week that the Vatican will ban homosexuals from becoming priests even if they remain celibate have been met with disgust from Catholic organisations. If the news of the forthcoming publication is true, many predict relationships between the Roman Catholic Communion and other Christian Churches to be severely stretched.

Anglican liberals attack Windsor report

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 29, 2005--Anglican discussion on homosexuality has been superficial, claimed the Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, in a commendation for a new book which attacks the Windsor Report. Archbishop Morgan who was himself a member of the Lambeth Commission which produced the report, in contrast has praised a book of essays by leading Anglican liberals and gay theologians. He said that the book which criticises his predecessor, Rowan William’s handling of the crisis, presented a “formidable challenge to the Anglican Communion” which it could not “ignore”. In the collection of essays ‘Gays and the Future of Anglicanism’, Oxford theologian Andrew Linzey compares Anglican attitudes to homosexuals to the policy of the Nazis and accuses the Anglican Communion of “homophobia”. He also highlights the Archbishop of Canterbury’s own unenviable position in the current controversy pointing out Dr William’s previously publicised views on homosexual and the revelation that he had ordained practising homosexuals. “The Report [Windsor] sees no irony in wanting the Archbishop to become a visible focus of unity, and an “instrument” of discipline, despite the fact that he is already regarded, by those who want that view to prevail, as a “false teacher” himself.

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Nigerian priest murdered over bribe refusal

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 29, 2005--An Anglican priest has been murdered in Nigeria after refusing to pay a ten pence bribe. Soldiers manning a checkpoint between the Abia and Rivers State provinces in the Niger Delta executed the Rev. Emmanuel Akpan, vicar of St. Stephan’s Church in Alode in the Niger Delta, on September 17, after he refused to pay a 20 Naira bribe (approximately 10 pence).

Hindu Mob Again Attacks Mission Compound In Bihar, India

[Compass Direct News Service] September 29, 2005--Hindu extremists returned to the Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS) compound in Rohtas district, Bihar state on Sunday, September 25. As in a previous attack on August 31, they severely injured several Christians. This time, one man received a spinal injury that left him partially paralyzed.

Unanimous trustee vote keeps seminary in New Orleans

[Baptist Press News] September 28, 2005--New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary trustees voted unanimously to keep the seminary in New Orleans during a Sept. 27 meeting at the seminary’s temporary administrative offices in the NOBTS North Georgia Campus.

The Media's Secret Agenda - Peter Jensen

[] September 9, 2005-- This talk was first given at the Christians in the Media Access in All Areas Conference, August 26th, 2005.

Evangelical Alliance Condemns Ordination of Transsexual in Church of England

[Christianity Today UK] September 28, 2005--As the Church of England ordains its first transsexual woman into ministry as a priest, the Evangelical Alliance UK has come out to firmly condemn the decision.

Network Bishops Ask Presiding Bishop to Forward Complaint{046FA17C-65F1-4263-B67F-FB079F870402}

[American Anglican Council] September 28, 2005--Thirteen bishops of the Anglican Communion Network have asked that Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold forward a complaint against Bishop Andrew Smith of Connecticut to the Episcopal Church's Title IV Review Committee.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Facing an Unwelcome Truth

[] September 27, 2005--We can do better when it comes to bearing the burdens of battered women.

Amendments to Canadian Law to Prevent Pederasty Likely to be Defeated by MPs Wednesday

[] September 27, 2005--Canada is notorious for having one of the lowest ages of consent for sexual activity in the world at age 14, while the international standard is minimally 16 and 18 in many nations. Despite Canada's growing reputation as a haven for pedophiles two separate measures seeking to raise the age of consent, scheduled for a vote tomorrow, are likely to be rejected.

Worries About Scotland Adding Homosexuals to Hate Crimes Law

[] September 27, 2005--Scotland is reported to be on the verge of enacting legislation that will add homosexual persons to the list of groups covered under that nation’s hate crimes law. Racial minorities and religion are already covered in the act.

TAC seeking unity with Rome

[Portland Press Herald] September 24, 2005--The Traditional Anglican Communion is a small step closer to reestablishing unity with the Roman Catholic Church after a separation of five centuries.

Church split spotlights real estate rights

[The Journal News] September 18, 2005--The First Presbyterian Church of Ridgebury might appear to be on a slow, quiet demise. The church, believed to have been founded in 1792, sees 25 people on a good Sunday, and the farming communities of Orange County are not promising a new generation of Presbyterians.

But the small congregation is not going quietly.

Priest admits buying bondage items

[] September 28, 2005--Church leaders have said they are to investigate a priest who admitted buying bondage items on the internet.

Letter Soliciting Support for the Bishop of Connecticut{387B725F-8063-457E-AD48-33F886580E1F}&notoc=1

[American Anglican Council] September 19, 2005--We fear that the American Anglican Council and other conservative groups, which share the same philosophy, intend to turn back the Anglican Communion to an earlier traditional orthodox state. Bishop Smith seems to be their test case, apparently feeling he embodies all of the reasons why turning back the calendar is essential.

Anglican Communion future unclear

[VirtueOnline] September 27, 2005--It is now apparent that any overt act of schism, that is, the formal break up of the Anglican Communion as we know it, is not going to happen.

Anglican leadership in Iraq feared dead,,7374-1801772,00.html

[Times Online] September 28, 2005--The entire lay leadership team of the main Anglican church in Iraq is presumed to have been killed after they were attacked while returning from a conference in Jordan.

Archbishop urges “penitence” for treatment of gays

[] September 28, 2005--The Archbishop of Wales has warned that the Anglican Communion should be regretful of how it treated lesbian and gay people in the current row over diversity, and urged more of a coherent debate on the issue.

Episcopal churches file civil lawsuit against bishop

[Boston Globe] September 28, 2005--Six Episcopal parishes at the center of a dispute over gay clergy filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday alleging that their civil rights have been violated by Connecticut's bishop, the head of the U.S. Episcopal Church and others.

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Civil Complaint by Connecticut Episcopal Entities Against Andrew Smith, Bishop of Connecticut, and Episcopal Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold Among Others - American Anglican Council

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Episcopalianism in the USA - any cause for optimism in next decade?" A Response

Commentary by Robin G. Jordan

In an article titled "Episcopalianism in the USA - any cause for optimism in next decade?" posted on Virtue Online Dr. Peter Toon made the following suggestion:

"I suggest that it would be beneficial for all the forms of Anglicanism in the USA that claim to be orthodox to accept, as a discipline and as a sweet offering to the Lord our God - for say a decade - the use of the historic Anglican Rites for worship - that is the Rites of the 1662 BCP (or its modern equivalents) and to use them either in the original traditional English or in a dignified form of contemporary English (yet to be produced). Of course, there would be local ceremonial and emphases in each parish (with music and vestments and the like) but this proposal to be effective requires all parishes to use this One Rite in either form, or else its power to unite would not be available everywhere."

I for one fail to see the benefit in using the rites of the 1662 English Book of Common Prayer for a decade.

First, in my part of the country - with one or two exceptions the Anglican churches that are using the traditional Anglican Prayer Book in its 1928 American Edition are not faring well. They are struggling to survive. They are not reaching the younger generations. Their congregations are tiny and greying.. A church using the traditional Anglican Prayer Book in its 1662 English Edition is not likely to fare any better. The churches that are thriving and growing are using free-flowing forms of worship and/or alternative rites. A church that abandons services in modern English for services in a language unfamiliar, even alien, to the target group that it is seeking to reach will be unnecessarily hampering its ministry and witness.

Second, the use of the same prayer book will create only an illusion of unity. In the 21st century the prayers and texts that we pray no longer shape what we believe. The use of the rites of the 1662 English Book of Common Prayer by themselves cannot maintain doctrinal purity or promote orthodoxy. Too many traditional Anglican Prayer Book enthusiasts of my acquaintance are far from Biblically orthodox in their beliefs. In the 21st century worshippers in the same congregation can pray the same liturgy and interpret the words of the liturgy differently from each other. Different churches can use the same prayer book and give its prayers and texts different meanings. This is not a new phenomena. In the 19th century Evangelicals and Ritualists did the same thing.

Dr. Toon's article does point to an important need. If they are going to effectively reach the unchurched and unsaved, Biblically orthodox Anglicans do need a collection of alternative services that give clear expression to the Faith proclaimed in the Thirty-Nine Articles and the 1662 English Book of Common Prayer, alternative services that at the same time are "in such Language and Order as is most easy and plain for the understanding of both the Readers and Hearers." Most of today's "Hearers" do not speak Tudor English.

Let us also not forget that the English Reformers who suffered martyrdom for their faith were committed to a vernacular Bible and a vernacular liturgy. Let us remain true to this important principle of Anglicanism.

News: Q+A: Ben Kwashi

[] September 26, 2005--An estimated 53,000 Christians and Muslims in Nigeria's central Plateau state have died since the current round of violence began in Jos on September 7, 2001. Benjamin Kwashi is the Anglican bishop of Jos.

Ethicists respond to claims of euthanasia in New Orleans

[Baptist Press News] September 26, 2005--An ethicist with the Christian Medical and Dental Associations says claims that doctors expedited the death of some patients rather than evacuating them as the waters rose in New Orleans should raise important questions about what individuals should be expected to do in such dire situations.

Massachusetts Superintendent Instructs Schools: Parents Do Not Have to be Informed About “Diversity” Classes

[] September 26, 2005--After a Massachusetts school board decided to incorporate so-called diversity training in its classes, which includes indoctrination in the homosexual lifestyle, local superintendent Paul Ash notified schools that parents need not be contacted about the program.

Canadian Women’s Group Exposes Homosexual Activist Opposition to Child Porn Law

[] September 26, 2005-- Influential gay activist political tactics against child porn laws and raising the age of consent has been a disturbing and on-going phenomenon that the public is not aware of according to leaders of organizations fighting child porn.

Connecticut Bishop Will Not Allow Clergy to Perform Civil Unions

[The Living Church] September 26, 2005--Despite the fact that the state will permit two people of the same gender to enter into a civil union effective Oct. 1, the Bishop of Connecticut said he was extending an already existing prohibition against same-sex blessings to include civil unions as well.

Priest to relocate amid Episcopal Church rift

[Bangor Daily News] September 27, 2005--One Episcopal priest is leaving his native state, while another has returned to hers amid a controversy over homosexuality that has divided the Anglican Communion for more than two years.

Former Pensacola business now is home to the faithful

[Pensacoula News Journal] September 14, 2005--Holy Trinity Anglican Church, formerly Church of the Messiah in Gulf Breeze, has relocated to the former site of Willie Junior's Funeral Home on Alcaniz Street.

Purpose Driven in Rwanda

[] September 23, 2005--Rick Warren's sweeping plan to defeat poverty.

Continuing Anglican Church moves Romeward

[EV News] September 27, 2005--There are now a wide number of continuing Anglican churches around the world having separated themselves in some way from the Anglican Communion.Some broke away because of the growth of Roman practices in the 19th Century, others formed as a result of the ordination of women and consecration of women Bishops and some have been a result of the homosexualisation of the mainline churches.

Religion: The Anglican time bomb

[World Magazine] October 1, 2005--A time bomb is relentlessly clicking away in the worldwide Anglican Communion. If and when it explodes, gone from the see of Canterbury will be the majority of the estimated nearly 80 million members in 44 national and regional churches birthed by the Church of England.

How people react to moral issues is a common challenge these days.

[Religious News Service] September 27, 2005--The Supreme Court nomination of John Roberts, funding for stem cell research, the war in Iraq and against terrorism, sexual abuse by clergy, the Terri Schiavo case, gay marriage, and many other recent issues have brought people's moral convictions into play. Yet, in spite of the fact that most Americans consider themselves to be Christian, very few adults base their moral decisions on the Bible, and surprisingly few believe that absolute moral truth exists. These are among the findings from a new national survey conducted by The Barna Group among a representative sample of 1,002 adults.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Provision sought for Evangelicals opposing consecration of women bishops

[VirtueOnline] September 26, 2005--In an attempt to guage the need for provision for evangelicals if the Church of England legislates to permit the consecration of women Bishops a petition is being gathered in the names of :

* Rt Rev Wallace Benn, Bishop of Lewes
* Rev David Banting, Chairman of Reform and Vicar of St Peter's Harold Wood
* Rev David Phillips, General Secretary of Church Society
* Rev Dr Dr Simon Vibert, Chairman of Fellowship of Word and Spirit and Vicar of St Luke's Wimbledon Park.

Episcopalianism in the USA - any cause for optimism in next decade?

[VirtueOnline] September 24, 2005--Apart from the endless variety of types of Baptists, probably no type of church exists in the USA in so many different forms and manifestations as the Episcopal or the Anglican. And this is the more remarkable since there are probably 20 million Baptists present in churches on Sundays whereas there is only about one million Anglicans!

Quantum Unbelief

[VirtueOnline] April 2005--Michael Ingham, the current Bishop of NewWestminster in the Anglican Church of Canada, published this month his Easter Message for 2005 (Topic, Vol 36, No. 4, and Diocesan Website1). His message looks at the impact of the "new physics" on theology, and concludes that Easter can no longer be viewed as "something understandable" but rather must be seen as a "divine uncertainty principle inserted into our world."

Gay Bishop Predicts Anglican Church Split

[Washington Post] September 23, 2005--The first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church is predicting a division in the Anglican Communion two years after U.S. church leaders triggered global outrage by approving his election.

Dissenting voice warns of threat posed by Islam

[Church Times] September 23, 2005--Multiculturalism is dead, and the Government must face up to Islam's claims for world dominance to prevent the break-up of British society, says an Anglican priest.

Glitzy British ad seeks to recruit Christian worshippers

[Cox News Service] September 24, 2005--A sexy model sashays down the catwalk. A famous soccer player scores a huge goal. A mountaineer climbs to the top of a rock face.

Nigerian Anglican Church Distances Itself from Pro Gay “Marriage” World Body

[] September 22, 2005--The Nigerian Anglican church has made a decision to break with the Anglican Communion world-wide over criticism of the world body’s tolerance and even blessing of same-sex “marriage,” and the ordination of homosexual clergy.

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Anglican to consecrate controversial new bishop

[National ONline] September 23, 2005--Lake Malawi Diocese of the Anglican Church has started preparations for the consecration of its controversial Bishop-elect despite a stand off between the Central African Province and the new Bishop over homosexuality and gay accusations.

India's Rajasthan State to Propose Anti-Conversion Bill Next Week

[Christianity Today UK] September 24, 2005--A northwestern state in India ruled by Hindu nationalist will present to the state assembly next week an anti-conversion bill that religious leaders fear would be used as a means to harass minority groups, if passed.

Akinola Affirms Commitment to Historic Faith in Letter to Anglicans

[Christianity Today Uk] September 23, 2005--The Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Nigeria, the Most Rev. Peter Akinola, has written an open letter to fellow Anglican leaders in which he explained the motives behind the recent changes to the Nigerian Church’s constitution.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Letter to the English House of Bishops

[Anglican Mainstream] September 19, 2005--While individuals are free under civil law to register partnerships, given the ambiguity in the legislation and because they are bound to be seen as a form of gay “marriage”, it would be inadvisable for Christians to enter them if only to avoid causing scandal. We acknowledge the need to remove unjust discrimination in our social legislation but it is necessary to recognise that sexual expression of the relationship in a registered Civil Partnership has been explicitly acknowledged by the government. For example refusal of sexual intimacy is a possible ground for dissolution of the partnership. It is naïve to think that a significant number of those embarking upon a civil partnership will eschew sexual intimacy, as hoped for by the bishops. This reality will in due course bring your advice into disrepute. In these circumstances, we believe that it would be better for you to advise all Christians, whether lay or ordained, not to enter civil partnerships, rather than entering them under restricted conditions.

Presiding Bishop stacks special commission on ECUSA with revisionists

[VirtueOnline] September 21, 2005--A 14-member commission appointed by Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold and the Very Rev. George L. W. Werner, president of the House of Deputies charged with responding to the Windsor Report, is so completely stacked with liberals and revisionists it makes a mockery for any kind of independent unbiased conclusion and therefore unable to propose any possible discipline of The Episcopal Church.

Africa's orthodoxy: future of Christianity?

[Church Central] September 21, 2005--If you’re not Episcopalian, the latest news from Nigeria makes little sense except as a broad view of the shift in Christianity to a stronghold in the global south. According to Reuters South Africa, the Anglican Church of Nigeria’s move this month to delete from its constitution ties to the See of Canterbury and churches not holding the same "Historic Faith, Doctrine, Sacrament and Discipline of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church," further opens the rift between liberal and conservative theology.

Conservative Priest Plans to Ignore ECUSA Bishop's Attempted Discipline

[Agape Press] September 21, 2005--"An act of arrogance by yet another revisionist bishop in the Episcopal Church" -- that is how an Anglican priest is describing a decision by the Episcopal Bishop of Kentucky to take disciplinary action against him.

Canada Anglicans won't change policy on gays

[Reuters] September 21, 2005--Canadian Anglicans won't change their policy toward homosexuals, despite a rebellion against church leadership from the conservative Nigerian branch of the worldwide Anglican movement, the head of the church in Canada said on Wednesday.

Commentators Predict Schism in Anglican Communion

[Christianity Today UK] September 22, 2005--Church commentators have been passing comments on an expected schism within the Anglican Communion over the trundling debate on the rights and role of homosexuals within the Anglican Church, after the Church of England’s decision to allow gay bishops registered under the Civil Partnership Act on the promise of abstinence.

Nigeria wants a common faith, not a common leader,%20not%20a%20common%20leader

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 22, 2005--A common faith and not a common leader, should define Anglicanism and the Anglican Communion, the Church of Nigeria’s General Synod has declared in what is widely seen as a rebuff to the Archbishop of Canterbury. In a controversial move last week, the 800-strong Synod sent shockwaves around Anglican Communion circles by redefining its relations with the Anglican Communion in confessional terms. The delegates replaced the phrase “communion with the see of Canterbury” with “communion with all Anglican Churches, Dioceses and Provinces that hold and maintain the ‘Historic Faith, Doctrine, Sacrament and Discipline of the one Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church’,” in its constitution. While displeasure with the House of Bishops’ July 25 Pastoral Statement on Civil Partnerships partly drove the change, sources told The Church of England Newspaper that the primary motive for placing the locus of unity on Scripture, the 1662 Prayer Book and the Articles of Religion over against the “See of Canterbury” was the Windsor Report’s call for a common Anglican covenant. Professor Stephen Noll, Vice-Chancellor of Uganda Christian University, said that Nigeria “seems to be saying in response to the Windsor Report, ‘You want an Anglican Covenant? Surprise, surprise, it is what it always has been’,” — the 39 Articles and the Prayer Book.

Recife row

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 22, 2005--Evangelical Anglicans in a Brazilian diocese continued to appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury in a bitter dispute with their provincial authorities after contradictory rulings by civil courts.

Serbian churches facing violence

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 22, 2005--A Serbian government minister this week conceded that minority churches can face violence in his country, but he rejected accusations that the government has ignored the problem. Milan Radulovic, Serbia’s Religious Affairs minister, said the government kept detailed information about all incidents against religious freedom, especially religious minorities. “In the first six months of 2005, a total of 20 incidents were registered against objects of all religious subjects in Serbia, of which 11 represent damage and nine graffiti,” Radulovic noted. “A comparative review of 2004 shows a significant decrease of all kinds of incidents in which religious freedom has been harmed and attacks on religious sites or religious clerics carried out.”

Fresh attacks on Churchs stance on civil partnerships

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 22, 2005--Two major Anglican societies this week joined the chorus of disapproval on the House of Bishops’ statement on civil partnerships as “openly encouraging practices contrary to the word of God and the doctrines of the Church of England.” The evangelical Church Society claimed that the Bishops’ statement in July was “flatly contradictory” and that the encouragement of civil partnerships equates to “the teaching of error, and the turning of a blind eye to sin.” The group criticise the bishops’ advice to clergy — claiming that advising clergy not to ask questions of those seeking baptism, confirmation and communion is in conflict with the doctrines of the Church and in contravention of the oath the bishops took when consecrated.

Report predicts Sharia law in UK

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 22, 2005--A provocative new report investigating trends within the Muslim community in Britain sees Islam as inherently driven to politically dominate in all societies it finds itself in. Islam in Britain, a report by the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity (ISIC) says Sharia — the law which defines Islam — will filter down through the British legal system giving the country a strong Islamist dimension.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Message to the Nation's_mssg2dnation.htm

[The Church of Nigeria] September 15, 2005--The Church notes with deep sympathy, the unprecedented rate of natural and human disaster around the world especially the hurricane Katrina havoc in New Orleans; terrorists attack in London, flooding in Jalingo Nigeria, and other parts of the world, and expresses its condolences to the families of the victims, the government and people of the United States of America, United Kingdom, and others, and prays that God will save humanity such horrors.

What Sydney wants from a Primate

[The Australian Church Record] September 2005--Neil Cameron and others discuss the new primate., as well as a preview of the Sydney Synod.

Farewell, Church of England?

[The New Criterion] September 2005--As we prepare for our Harvest Festival Services, we see that what's left of the English Church is indistinguishable from a lunatic asylum.

One Book, several editions

[VirtueOnline] September 17, 2005--We are all familiar with the publication of one book in a USA edition with one form of spelling and punctuation, and then a British edition with another form of spelling and punctuation.

Winning the Homosexuality Debate in the Public Arena

[VirtueOnline] September 20, 2005--America is treading the path of the Episcopal Church, the primrose path into pansexualism, with homosexual activists riding point. Do you want to do something about it? Something substantial? Read on.

Roman Catholic Church throws down the gauntlet on gay priests

[VirtueOnline] September 20, 2005--The Roman Catholic Church which is struggling to extricate itself from priestly pedophile scandals that has cost the church tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits is moving quickly to eliminate from its 229 seminaries, men who have engaged in homosexual activity and those with "strong homosexual inclinations".

Evangelicals to be Dominant Force in UK Church Development, Research Finds

[Christianity Today UK] September 21, 2005--Evangelicals will be a key body in the future development of the Church in the UK a new report has found. Christian Research, a member organisation of the Evangelical Alliance UK, has revealed the findings in its latest issue of their journal Religious Trends 5.

Anglican church condemns census without ethnicity, religion,%20religion&qrColumn=FRONT%20PAGE

[The Tide] September 21, 2005--The Anglican Church which has been agitating for the inclusion of ethnicity and religion in the 2005 census says the exclusion of the two will make a mockery of the exercise.

Anglicans to build 100 churches in Lagos West

[The Tide] September 21, 2005--Bishop of Lagos West Diocese, Anglican Communion, Dr. Peter Adebiyi, says about 100 new churches will be built within the diocese in the next few years.

Three observations on love, marriage and the future of Anglicanism

[VirtueOnline] September 21, 2005--We are in the midst of a war over marriage - in the wider culture and in the church. At stake is the basic biblical command that the marriage bed be honoured (Heb 13:4).

Iraqi Christians fear fall-out from House of Bishops report on war on terror

[Church of England Newspaper] September 21, 2005--A report by by senior bishops on ‘terrorism’ which suggests an apology for the war in Iraq, has been attacked by the Church of England’s leading expert on Iraq, Canon Andrew White. Canon White, leader of the only Anglican Church in Baghdad, said that the Bishops’ report could have adverse consequences for Christians in the country. “They’ve got to take seriously the Anglican churches in these nations. No one has even contacted Bishop Clive Handford, the Bishop over Iraq. The situation is dangerous on the ground and what is said in the UK has a profound effect.” In Countering Terrorism a group of bishops led by the Bishop of Oxford, Richard Harries, reserve most of their criticism for American foreign policy, describing talk of ‘war on terror’ as dangerous rhetoric. The Bishops also criticise the influence of the religious right on American politics.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Episcopal bishop rejects Nigerian criticism on gays

[ekklesia] September 20, 2005--As the argument over human sexuality continues to boil over within the worldwide Anglican Communion, a respected figure in the Episcopal Church USA – which has been attacked for the affirmative position of some of its members towards lesbian and gay people in ministry – has forcefully rebutted his Church’s prime Nigerian critic.

Anglicans face specter of schism over gay rights

[New Brisbane's News] Septer 12, 2005--Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams faces a recurring nightmare trying to stop Anglican liberals and conservatives heading for schism over the increasingly divisive issue of gay rights.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Anglican Mainstream Urges Clarity on Civil Partnerships

[VirtueOnline] September 19, 2005--We are sending you a letter which has been sent by Anglican Mainstream to all Diocesan Bishops, Bishops, Archdeacons, Deans and Diocesan Secretaries in the Church of England, It asks the House of Bishops to reconsider and revise their pastoral advice on civil partnerships in order that the church may be seen to act on its declared beliefs and thus give a clear and unambiguous message in the light of the present confusion surrounding civil partnerships.

FULCRUM Response to the Bishops' Statement on the Civil Partnership Act

[VirtueOnline] Septemeber 17, 2005--The advent of Civil Partnerships later this year presents a challenge to the Church of England as it seeks to bear faithful witness to the gospel in our society and to guide Christians in their Christian discipleship. Fulcrum believes that the House of Bishops and the wider Church have been placed in a difficult situation by the government's decision to initiate this legislation.

A Statement by the American Anglican Council in Response to the Inhibition of a Priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky{AD1E39D7-7E9C-4E6E-AA1E-86890F2DA2BB}&notoc=1

[American Anglican Council] September 14, 2005--The Rt. Rev. Ted Gulick Jr., Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky, has joined a long line of bishops within the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) who are misapplying and abusing canon law in order to take punitive action against clergy who oppose the Episcopal Church’s actions at General Convention 2003. The Diocese of Kentucky released a statement yesterday announcing that Bishop Gulick has issued an “inhibition” against the Rev. Kent Litchfield designed to prohibit him from performing the functions of his office as priest. The bishop accused Father Litchfield of breaking church [canon] law by “abandoning the Communion of the Episcopal Church”, a provision reserved for clergy who leave the Episcopal Church to join a different denomination or religion, and a step usually accompanied by a renunciation of their Episcopal ordination vows.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Spiritual Robbers

The following was taken from “Inspiration” in Foundations of Faith: Selections from J.C. Ryle’s Old Paths.

…Is the Bible the Word of God? Then let us all resolve from this day forward to prize the Bible more. Let us not fear being idolaters of this blessed book. Men may easily make an idol of the Church, of ministers, of sacraments, or of intellect. Men cannot make an idol of the Word. Let us regard all who would damage the authority of the Bible, or impugn its credit, as spiritual robbers. We are traveling through a wilderness: they rob us of our only guide. We are voyaging over a stormy sea: they rob us of our only compass. We are toiling over a weary road: they pluck our staff out of our hands. And what do these spiritual robbers give us in place of the Bible? What do they offer as a safer guide and better provision for our souls? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Big swelling words! Empty promises of new light! High sounding jargon; but nothing substantial and real! They would fain take from us the bread of life, and they do not give us in its place so much as a stone. Let us turn a deaf ear to them. Let us firmly grasp and prize the Bible more and more, the more it is assaulted.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. God has given us the Bible to be a light to guide us to everlasting life. Let us not neglect this precious gift. Let us read it diligently, walk in its light, and we shall be saved.

Learning to Lead: AMiA Anglican Studies Program Develops Clergy

[Anglican Mission in America] Septer 12, 2005--Recently, the 4th of 6 courses was completed in the Anglican Mission in America's ongoing Anglican Studies Program. The Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, IL hosted the class on Anglican Polity and Ecclesiology. The course was taught by the Rev. Canon Dr. Rudi Heinze, a Church of England priest who has retired from teaching over 20 years at Oak Hill College, London. Guest lecturer for one day was Dr. Gillis Harp, professor of history at Grove City College.

Hudson Anglicans Find New Home, Name

[Anglican Mission in America] September 12, 2005--The former Hudson Anglican Fellowship announced today that their growing congregation has purchased a building and will be moving to a new home near the center of historic Hudson, Ohio. Along with their move to the former commercial office space comes a new name for the parish, Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Kairos Journal Award Honors Four Anglican Archbishops

[Current Trends] September 8, 2005--On Thursday, September 8, 2005, the Kairos Journal honored four leading Anglican archbishops with the Kairos Journal Award in recognition of their bold and consistent stand for historic orthodoxy in light of theological decline in the Episcopal Church (USA) and the Anglican Church of Canada. The 2005 award recipients were: The Most Rev. Peter Jasper Akinola, Archbishop of All Nigeria; the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, Archbishop of the Province of Uganda; the Most Rev. Gregory James Venables, Archbishop of the Southern Cone of South America; and the Most Rev. Datuk Yong Ping Chung, Archbishop of the Province of South East Asia. The Journal, an on-line resource with subscribers in over eighty countries, seeks to equip and support pastors and church leaders as they strive to transform the moral conscience of the culture and restore the prophetic voice of the Church.

Episcopal bishop censures conservative priest

[The Courier-Journal] September 17, 2005--The Episcopal bishop for the Diocese of Kentucky has ordered a retired priest who started a breakaway congregation in Elizabethtown not to do ministry or present himself as an Episcopal priest.

Light of Christ Anglican Church lights up Atlanta suburb

[VirtueOnline] September 12, 2005--AT first blush, The Rev. Charles Edward Osborne AKA "Chuck", 52, looks to be an unlikely priest for a mixed race congregation made up of a zealous group of former Episcopalians, with an additional second congregation made up of 70 Hispanics - all sheltering under the wing of the newly formed Light of Christ Anglican Church.

Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) elects three new bishops

[Church of Nigeria News] September 15, 2005--The Episcopal Synod of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), which was held in The CATHEDRAL OF ALL SAINTS Onitsha, Anambra state, on Wednesday, September 14th, 2005, elected the Ven Abiodun Olaoye as a missionary bishop to the Church of the Province of Congo. Ven. Olaoye formerly vicar of St’ John’s Church Akinmorin in Ibadan Diocese will proceed after his consecration to fulfil a Macedonian call from the Primate of the Province of Congo.

Statement of the South/South Chairmen concerning the 3rd Sout/South Encounter in Alexandria, Egypt

[Church of Nigeria News] Septemeber 14, 2005--As Anglican delegates from the Dioceses and Provinces of the South-South in the countries of Africa, Asia and South America gather in Egypt for the 3rd Encounter, we noticed a great deal of speculative journalism is in circulation and needs immediate correction.

Vestry rips Central New York bishop over their priest's inhibition

[VirtueOnline] September 8, 2005--First, as you know, our rector, and not the parish, is the subject of the temporary inhibition and its extension. The bishop met with us on May 22, 2005 in an attempt to work out the differences between our priest and our parish on one side, and the diocese on the other. At that time, he invited us to participate in the process of addressing the concerns raised by both the Breiten and forensic audits. We were told that we would have the opportunity to be heard on this, but to date, nobody from the diocese has solicited our input.

Revisionist bishops are resorting to inhibiting the priests of orthodox parishes to force those parishes into supporting the revisionist agenda.

Nigerian Church breaks with Canterbury over gay rights,,2-1784783,00.html

[The Times] September 17, 2005--The Anglican Church in Nigeria has deleted all reference to Canterbury, the “mother” church of the Anglican Communion, from its constitution.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Heirs of God

The following is taken from “Heirs of God” in Practical Religion: Being Plain Papers on the Daily Duties, Experience, Dangers, and Privileges of Professing Christians by John Charles Ryle. In the Forward to the 1959 edition of Practical Religion, J.I. Packer notes that John Charles Ryle, Bishop of Liverpool from 1880 to 1990, was one of the ablest Evangelical leaders and writers of his day. C. H. Spurgeon considered him ‘the best man in the Church of England.’ While Bishop Ryle wrote for a 19th century readership, most of what he wrote speaks to us today—in the 21st century. It is clear from Ryle’s writings that the false teaching that besets the Episcopal Church and other churches in our time also troubled the Church of England in Ryle’s day.

I warn you to beware of the delusive notion that all men and women are alike children of God, whether they have faith in Christ or not. It is a wild theory which many are clinging to in these days, but one which cannot be proved out of the Word of God. It is a perilous dream, with which many are trying to soothe themselves, but one from which there will be a fearful waking up at the last day.

That God in a certain sense is the universal Father of all mankind, I do not pretend to deny. He is the Great First Cause of all things, He is the Creator of all mankind, and in Him alone, all men, whether Christians or heathens, “live and move and have their being.” All this is unquestionably true. In this sense Paul told the Athenians, a poet of their own had truly said, “we are His offspring.”(Acts xvii. 28.) But this sonship gives no man title to heaven. The sonship which we have by creation is one which belongs to stones, trees, beasts, or even to the devils, as much as to us. (Job i. 6.)

That God loves all mankind with a love of pity and compassion, I do not deny. “His tender mercies are over all His works.”—“He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”—“He has no pleasure in the death of him that dieth.” All this I admit to the full. In this sense our Lord Jesus tells us, “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” (Ps. cxlv. 9; Peter iii. 9; Ezek. xviii. 32; John iii. 16.)

But that God is a reconciled and pardoning Father to any but the members of His Son Jesus Christ, and that any are members of Jesus Christ who do not believe on Him for salvation,--this is a doctrine which I utterly deny. The holiness and justice of God are both against the doctrine. They make it impossible for sinful men to approach God, excepting through the Mediator. They tell us that God out of Christ is “a consuming fire.” (Heb. xii. 29.) The whole system of the New Testament is against the doctrine. That system teaches that no man can claim interest in Christ unless he will receive Him as his Mediator, and believe on Him as his Saviour. Where there is no faith in Christ it is a dangerous error to say that a man may take comfort in God as Father. God is a reconciled Father to none but the members of Christ.

It is unreasonable to talk of the view I am now upholding as narrow-minded and harsh. The Gospel sets an open door before every man. Its promises are wide and full. Its invitations are earnest and tender. Its requirements are simple and clear. “Only believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and, whosoever thou art, thou shalt be saved.” But to say that proud men, who will not bow their necks to the easy yoke of Christ, and worldly men who are determined to have their own way and their sins,--to say that such men have a right to claim an interest in Chris, and a right to call themselves sons of God, is to say what can never be proved from Scripture. God offers to be their Father; but He does it on certain distinct terms:--they must draw near to Him through Christ. Christ offers to be their Saviour; but in doing it He makes one simple requirement:--they must commit their souls to Him, and give Him their hearts. They refuse the terms, and yet dare to call God their Father! They scorn the requirement, and yet dare to hope that Christ will save them! God is to be their Father,--but on their own terms! Christ is to be their Saviour,--but on their own conditions! What can be more unreasonable? What can be more proud? What can be more unholy than such a doctrine as this? Let us beware of it, for it is a common doctrine in these latter days. Let us beware of it, for it is often speciously put forward, and sounds beautiful and charitable in the mouth of poets, novelists, sentimentalists, and tender-hearted women. Let us beware of it, unless we mean to throw aside our Bible altogether, and set up ourselves to be wiser than God. Let us stand fast on the old Scriptural ground: No sonship to God without Christ! No interest in Christ without faith!

I would to God there was not so much cause for giving warnings of this kind. I have reason to think they need to be given clearly and unmistakably. There is a school of theology rising up this day, which appears to me most eminently calculated to promote infidelity, to help the devil, and to ruin souls. It comes like Joab to Amasa, with the highest professions of charity, liberality, and love. God is all mercy and love, according to this theology:--His holiness and justice are completely left out of sight! Hell is never spoken of in this theology:--its talk is all of heaven! Damnation is never mentioned:--it is treated as an impossible thing:--all men and women are to be saved! Faith, and the work of the Holy Spirit, are refined away into nothing at all! “Everybody who believes anything has faith! Everybody who thinks anything has the Spirit! Everybody is right! Nobody is wrong! Nobody is to blame for any action he may commit! It is the result of his position. It is the effect of circumstances! He is not accountable for his opinions, anymore than for the colour of his skin! He must be what he is! The Bible is a very imperfect book! It is old-fashioned! It is obsolete! We may believe just as much of it as we please, and no more!”—Of all this theology I warn men solemnly to beware. In spite of big swelling words about “liberality,” and “charity,” and “broad views,” and “new light,” and “freedom from bigotry,” and so forth, I do believe it to be a theology that leads to hell.

(a) Facts are directly against the teachers of this theology. Let them visit Mesapotamia, and see what desolation reigns where Nineveh and Babylon once stood. Let them go to the shores of the Dead Sea, and look down into its mysterious bitter waters. Let them travel in Palestine, and ask what has turned that fertile country into a wilderness. Let them observe the wandering Jews, scattered over the face of the earth, without a land of their own, and yet never absorbed among other nations. And let them tell us, if they dare, that God is so entirely a God of mercy and love that he never does and never will punish sin.

(b) The conscience of man is directly against these teachers. Let them go to the bedside of some dying child of the world, and try to comfort him with their doctrines. Let them see if their vaunted theories will calm his gnawing, restless anxiety about the future, and enable him to depart in peace. Let them show us, if they can, a few well-authenticated cases of joy and happiness in death without Bible promises,--without conversions,--and without that faith in the blood of Christ, which old-fashioned theology enjoins. Alas! When men are leaving the world, conscience makes sad work of the new systems of these latter days. Conscience is not easily satisfied, in a dying hour, that there is no such thing as hell.

(c) Every reasonable conception that we can form of a future state is directly against these teachers. Fancy a haven which should contain all mankind! Fancy a haven in which holy and unholy, pure and impure, good and bad, would be gathered together in one confused mass! What point of union would there be in such a company? What bond of harmony and brotherhood? What common delight in a common service? What concord, what harmony, what peace, what oneness of spirit could exist? Surely the mind revolts from the idea of a heaven in which there would be no distinction between the righteous and the wicked,--between Pharaoh and Moses, between Abraham and the Sodomites, between Paul and Judas Iscariot, between a man who dies in the act of murder or drunkenness, and men like Baxter, George Herbert, Wilberforce, and M’Cheyne! Surely an eternity in such a miserably confused crowd would be worse than annihilation itself! Surely such a heaven would be no better than hell!

(d) The interests of all holiness and morality are directly against these teachers. If all men and women alike are God’s children, whatever is the difference between them in their lives,--and all alike going to heaven, however different they may be from one another here in the world,--what is the use of labouring after holiness at all? What motives remain for living soberly, righteously, and godly? What does it matter how men conduct themselves, if all go to heaven, and nobody goes to hell? Surely the heathen poets and philosophers of Greece and Rome could tell us something better and wiser than this! Surely a doctrine which is subversive of holiness and morality, and takes away all motives to exertion, carries on the face of it the stamp of its origin. It is of earth, and not of heaven. It is of the devil, and not of God.

(e) The Bible is against these teachers from first to last. Hundreds of texts might be quoted which are diametrically opposed to their theories. These texts must be rejected summarily, if the Bible is to square with their views. There may be no reason why they should be rejected,--but to suit the theology I speak of they must be thrown away! At this rate the authority of the Bible is soon at an end. And what do men give us in its place? Nothing,--nothing at all! They rob us of the bread of life, and do not give us in its stead so much as a stone.

Once more I warn all into whose hands this volume may fall to beware of this theology. I charge you to hold fast the doctrine which I have been endeavouring to uphold in this paper. Remember what I have said, and never let it go. No inheritance of glory without sonship to God! No sonship to God without an interest in Christ! No interest in Christ without your own personal faith! This is God’s truth. Never forsake it.

Hurricane Katrina---the AMiA Responds: You can help!

[Anglican Mission in America] September 16, 2005-Hundreds of thousands have been impacted by the recent hurricane in the Gulf Coast, what is emerging as the worst natural disaster to hit the United States. Many are in the affected areas of Louisiana and Mississippi, and countless more have fled to higher ground. Relief agencies are responding, but are overwhelmed, and churches and Christian organizations are seeking to provide help, support and ministry.

AMiA congregations respond to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath

[Anglican Mission in America] September 16, 2005--The following posts are messages from various Anglican Mission congregations and individuals representing work they are doing in responding to hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. To send a message from your group or church, contact

Churches at forefront of relief effort

[Church Times] September 16, 2005--Churches and charities across America are playing a central role in the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina, providing supplies and opening their buildings and homes to the estimated million who have been evacuated.

Global South won't split Communion,says Venables

[Church Times] September 16, 2005--A meeting of leaders from the Global South in Egypt next month will not be the occasion for a split in the Anglican Communion, says a member of its planning committee, the Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone, the Most Revd Greg Venables. He emphasised that it was a private meeting by personal invitation.

UK Evangelical Council Backs Deposed Brazilian Priests and Bishop

[Christianity Today UK] September 16, 2005--The Church of England Evangelical Council have given support this week to thirty-seven evangelical clergy who have been excommunicated in Brazil.

Anglican Archbishop of South East Asia lashes Western liberals

[VirtueOnline] September 14, 2005-- "I am not going to let my pulpit to be defiled by people who don't accept the gospel."

That was the blunt message conveyed on September 12, by the visiting Archbishop of South East Asia, Yong Ping Chung, when he addressed the plenary session of the 8th General Synod of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

Anglicans not splitting church, says primate

[The Standard] September 16, 2005--Nigeria’s Anglican archbishop said yesterday that a meeting next month of Traditionalist Anglicans from developing nations opposed to the advancement of gay rights in Western churches was not meant to create a schism.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Episcopal Church Cave-In the Worst

[Virtue)nline] September 8, 2005--Author and social critic Os Guinness charged here that the U.S. Episcopal Church (ECUSA) has demonstrated the worst and most extreme capitulation to the spirit of the age in its embrace of modern sexual mores.

Court boost for evangelical bishop of Recife

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 16, 2005--A civil court has backed the embattled evangelical Bishop of Recife, Robinson Cavalcanti, in his fight with the Episcopal-Anglican Church of Brazil [IEAB] ruling that the Province broke canon law. Pernambuco State Civil Court Judge Cátia Luciene Laranjeira de Sá ordered the suspension of a pretended synod called by Suffragan Bishop Filadelfo Oliveira. Even though Bishop Oliveira was acting under instructions from the Primate of Brazil, Archbishop Orlando de Oliveira, the court held he had no authority to void acts of synod or the power to convene synod. Diocesan spokesman the Rev Estevao Menezes stated, “The appeal to the Civil Court was imperative as the Brazilian Church establishment were all members of the same power group that sought to implement an authoritarian control of the provincial administration.

Church of England evangelicals back deposed Brazilian priests and bishop

[The Church of England Newspaper] September 16, 2005--Thirty-seven evangelical clergy who have been excommunicated in Brazil received support this week from the Church of England Evangelical Council. A statement from the English body called on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference to investigate the situation “as a matter of urgency.” The row in Brazil centres on the Bishop of the Diocese of Recife, which is a largely evangelical diocese in a Province that is largely liberal. The Primate of Brazil, Archbishop Orlando de Oliveira, deposed the bishop, the Rt Rev Robinson Cavalcanti, and his clergy in a battle that followed actions by the Episcopal Church of the USA and the Church of Canada in ordaining homosexuals and authorising same-sex blessings.

Altruism--And Artful Dodge?

[The Christian Challenge] September 12, 2005--In munificent gesture, gay activist Louie Crew--a member of the Episcopal Church's (ECUSA) Executive Council--wants the church to cancel its 2006 General Convention and give the money thus saved to Hurricane Katrina victims who have no insurance.

No General Convention? On the surface, it also seems like the best gift to orthodoxy in years.

Of course, it's probably just a coincidence -- or is it? -- that this would be the same convention that Anglican primates expect to decisively answer whether ECUSA--now suspended over its pro-gay policies--will walk with or apart from the Anglican Communion.

Kentucky Bishop inhibits orthodox priest

[VirtueOnline] September 13, 2005--Kentucky Bishop Ted Gulick has imposed an inhibition on one of our diocese's priests, the Rev. Kent Litchfield, who last month refused a directive not to start a new congregation in Elizabethtown and declared that the new congregation was subject to the jurisdiction of the Anglican Bishop of Bolivia. Unless Litchfield reconciles with the church, the inhibition will be in place for six months, at which time a decision will be made on whether to extend the inhibition or take a more severe form of discipline.

Anglican Church of Nigeria Synod Commences with 'The Body of Christ'

[Christianity Today UK] September 10, 2005--The Anglican Church of Nigeria’s 8th General Synod, to be led by one of Africa’s leading church figures, Archbishop Peter Akinola, starts Saturday in Onitsha under the motto of “The Body of Christ”.

Anglican church is not splitting - Nigerian archbishop

[Reuters] September 15, 2005--Nigeria's Anglican archbishop said on Wednesday that a meeting next month of traditionalist Anglicans from developing nations opposed to the advancement of gay rights in Western churches was not meant to create a schism.

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