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All Hallows' Eve

For those who may interested I have included a series of articles on All Hallows' Eve, commonly known as Halloween

All Hallows' Eve and the Festival of All Saints
All Hallows' Eve
The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows
All Hallows' Eve

Halloween: Problem or opportunity?

[Texarkana Gazette] October 30, 2005--The celebration of Halloween is all about having the best costume and seeing how much candy is in the bag at the end of the evening.

Or is it?

Guest Opinion: Wiccans bewitched by nature

[Tucson Citizen] October 31, 2005-- I was raised in the Episcopal Church. As a teenager, I was encouraged to explore and find something that worked for me. The only service that touched me, before becoming Wiccan, was a Catholic service on Mount Lemmon....

Anglican Global South Meeting Draws to End

[Christianity Today UK] October 31, 2005--The Third Anglican Global South to South Encounter has come to an end in Egypt, after five days of close consultation and deliberation between conservative members of the Anglican Communion.

Conservative Anglicans warn liberal churches in West

[Reuters] October 31, 2005--Traditionalist Anglican clerics warned the U.S. and Canadian churches on Monday that their liberal actions over gay rights were tearing apart the 450-year-old church and told them to change their ways urgently.

Communique from The Third Anglican Global South to South Encounter

[VirtueOnline] October 30, 2005--The Third Anglican South-to-South Encounter has graphically demonstrated the coming of age of the Church of the Global South. We are poignantly aware that we must be faithful to God's vision of one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. We do not glory in our strengths but in God's strength. We do not shrink from our responsibility as God's people because of our weaknesses but we trust God to demonstrate His power through our weakness. We thank God for moving us forward to serve Him in such a time as this....

Gays Will Win Church War Out Bishop Predicts

[] October 30, 2005--New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson predicted that it is only a matter of time before lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people are fully incorporated into the life and ministry of the Episcopal Church while preaching in Grace Cathedral here on the weekend.

Three Teenage Christian Schoolgirls Beheaded in Indonesia

[The Christian Post] October 29, 2005--The beheaded bodies of three teenage Christian schoolgirls were found near a Muslim town in east Indonesia Saturday morning.

15-year-old Yusriani Sampoe, 16-year-old Theresia Morangke, and 19-year-old Alvita Polio, martyrs for the faith! May they not be forgotten!

Lawmakers Concerned Over Military Restrictions on Prayer

[The Christian Post] October 29, 2005--There is congressional action taking place in Washington to protest proposed Air Force guidelines that would have the effect of banning Christian military chaplains from praying in Jesus’ name during certain ceremonies.

The Man Behind the Wardrobe

[] October 31, 2005--We all know C. S. Lewis as the great thinker, apologist, and the creative genius behind such beloved works as Mere Christianity and the Chronicles of Narnia—including The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, a feature film coming to theaters on December 9. But Douglas Gresham, stepson to the famous author, knows Lewis much better than that, calling him "the finest man and the best Christian I've ever known."

Praise for U.K. 'Hate' Bill Changes

[] October 31, 2005--House of Commons still could pass law many fear would curb preaching.

Canadian Parliament debates Euthanasia bill on October 31

[] October 31, 2005--Bill C-407, the private-members bill proposing to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide is scheduled for its first hour of debate in Parliament on Monday, October 31, 2005.

Q&A: Why does Texas need a marriage amendment?

[Baptist Press] October 28, 2005--Texas citizens go to the polls Nov. 8 to vote on a constitutional marriage amendment known as Proposition 2. Following are some commonly asked questions, with answers, related to the issue....

Christianity and the Dark Side: What About Halloween?

[] October 31, 2005--Over a hundred years ago, the great Dutch theologian Hermann Bavinck predicted that the 20th century would "witness a gigantic conflict of spirits." His prediction turned out to be an understatement, and this great conflict continues into the 21st century.

Court Says Mayor May Not Violate NY Marriage Law

[] October 31, 2005-- A New York appeals court has upheld a lower-court ruling, barring New Paltz Mayor Jason West from marrying same-sex couples.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Liberal alliance girding for a fight!living!section!article&s=1037645509005

[Winston-Salem Journal] October 29, 2005--Liberal Episcopalians, concerned that a split over homosexuality may be inevitable next year, have begun laying the groundwork for seizing control of church property and replacing bishops who leave the church.

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Presiding bishop of largest gay church to be installed at Anglican cathedral

[ekklesia] October 29, 2005--To the likely annoyance of anti-gay rights adherents across the Anglican Communion, Washington National Cathedral will later today (29 October 2005) host the installation of the Rev Nancy L. Wilson as Presiding Bishop of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), the world’s largest gay-affirming Christian denomination.

Rowan urges split church to keep talking

[Reuters] October 28, 2005--Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams on Friday called for traditionalist and liberal camps to keep talking despite deep divisions over gay rights that have threatened to split the 450-year-old church.

Is It Wrong-Headed to Translate the Gospel for Culture?

[] October 28, 2005--Christian History Corner takes on the Christ and culture debate.

A Growing Cloud of Confusion—The Supreme Court on Religion

[The Christian Post] October 28, 2005--Over the past half century, the U. S. Supreme Court has accomplished a feat America's founders would surely have found to be inconceivable--they have created a perverse cloud of confusion over the question of religious liberty and the place of religious language and symbols in the public square.

Toronto School Board Warns Against Offending Wiccans at Halloween

[] October 28, 2005--The Toronto School Board warned its schools that Halloween as it is traditionally celebrated may offend Wiccans, even suggesting that to a Wiccan unuse to the event, it might be experienced as a “traumatic shock.”

Homosexual-Related Cases on UMC's Front Burner

[Agape Press] October 28, 2005--A conservative United Methodist activist is predicting the outcome of some high-profile cases before the denomination's high court today.

Calvary Episcopal Departs Amicably from Diocese

[VirtueOnline] October 27, 2005--Vicar's Letter to Calvary Anglican Church

Court Rules in Favor of Breakaway Episcopal Churches

[The Christian Post] October 28, 2005--Three Southern Californian Anglican churches came one step closer to severing their ties with the Episcopal Church U.S.A. on Thursday while maintaining their property.

Archbishop Eames attacks media

[VirtueOnline] October 29, 2005--The Archbishop of Armagh, Robin Eames, has a reputation as a conciliator. So I have never been able to understand quite why it is that too long a time spent in the same room as him, listening to or reading one of his speeches, has the power to invoke in me senses of incoherent frustration and powerlessnss, feelings that had I not spent seven years on the couch in Kleinian psychoanalysis I would describe simply as rage.

Did Jesus Bless Homosexuality?

[VirtueOnline] October 28, 2005--Many gay religionists insist that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality and thus could not have opposed it. Often conservatives counter that He taught against any form of sexual expression other than heterosexual marriage, so He did not need to specify every sexual act outside of marriage for condemnation. What is the correct position?

Friday, October 28, 2005

David Robarts, Forward in Faith Australia Chairman, at the National Assembly of Forward in Faith UK

[Anglican Church League] October 27, 2005--The Anglo-Catholic organisation Forward in Faith held their National Assembly in the UK last weekend. Forward in Faith Australia’s Chairman, Fr. David Robarts, gave a report on the situation in the Anglican Church of Australia.

Network responds to "worst-case scenario"

[Anglican Communion Network] October 28, 2005--The Anglican Communion Network thanks The Living Church magazine for reporting on what Via Media USA's acting secretary calls its worst-case scenario. Talk of blank presentment forms, and consulting with the Presiding Bishop about replacing duly elected bishops, does indeed qualify as anticipating and preparing for the worst. The Network has been the frequent subject of conspiracy theories, and we are content to let our actions speak for themselves.

Sex and Spirituality

[Gay City News] October 27, 2005--Brad Gooch and Donna Minkowitz talk about the challenge gay life poses to religion.

Indians arrive next week to scout the Maori path

[Scoop Independent News] October 28, 2005--The First Nations people of the Canadian Episcopal Church are long-time admirers of the constitution adopted here by the Anglican Church in 1992. This resulted in the formation of three equal, autonomous yet interdependent Tikanga (Maori, Polynesian and Pakeha cultural streams) within the greater church here.

Lead by example, Bishops wife tells parents,%20Bishops%20wife%20tells%20parents&qrColumn=NEWS

[The Tide Online] October 28, 2005--The President of Diocesan Mother’s Union Women Guild of Niger Delta North Mrs. Beatrice O. Kattey on Saturday advised parents in the country to lead their children in line with the injunctions of War Against Nakedness/Indecent Dressing in support of the wife of the Rivers State Governor, Hon Justice (Mrs.) Mary Odili in the fight.

Anglicans battle over new leader

[The Age] October 29, 2005--Melbourne Anglican Archbishop Peter Watson formally finishes his ministry tomorrow as the church's factions — described as worse than the ALP's — prepare to battle over who will succeed him.

Reviving an ancient question: Must Christians obey Old Testament laws?

[The Napa Valley Register] October 28, 2005--Should Christians observe all God's laws revealed in the Old Testament?

No mention of the Council of Jerusalem!

Local Episcopal church to split from diocese

[WAWSFox30Online] October 26, 2005--Grace Church, a local Episcopalian church, has decided to split from the diocese following the diocese’s decision to elect a gay bishop in New Hampshire.

Weblog: Silencing Dissident Publications

[] October 27, 2005--Commentary returns! Plus: House of Lords kills religious hate bill, the morality of statutory rape laws, new Darfur woes, Dover trial update, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Scripture, Faith and Order

[Anglican Mainstream] October 26, 2005--At the moment two major issues threaten to divide the Church of England. The first is the issue of homosexuality and the second is the issue of whether it is right for women to become bishops.

Study: Demographics Explain Decline

[The Living Church] September 29, 2005--Demographics, not doctrine, has lead to the decline in communicants of the Episcopal Church and other “mainline” denominations, a recent study finds. Writing in the Oct. 4 issue of the Christian Century, three sociologists — Michael Hout of the University of California-Berkeley, Andrew Greeley of the University of Arizona, and Melissa Wilde of Indiana University — found that support for progressive causes was “irrelevant” in the decline of the Episcopal Church and other mainline churches.

The following will give you an idea of The Christian Century's position in today's debates:

Leap of imagination: Christopher Herbert, the Anglican bishop of St. Alban's, is troubled by strident Christian voices. "There is a noisy, almost angry, literalism around desires to define and codify who is, or who is not, a 'real Christian,' and what seems to accompany this is a plodding, narrow biblicism which is punitive in tone and joyless in character." Apprehending the beauty and truth of God, which involves paradox and apparent contradiction, takes faith, but also playfulness and imagination (Anglican Theological Review, summer).

The findings of this study may be liberal wishful thinking!

Confessing Lutherans Plan Theological Conference

[The Christian Post] October 27, 2005--The largest network of confessing churches within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will be holding its 2005 fall theological assembly in North Brooklyn Park, Minnesota on Nov. 7-8, 2005.

Gay Culture and the Riddle of Andrew Sullivan

[The Christian Post] October 27, 2005--Andrew Sullivan is a man of ideas. In recent years, Sullivan has emerged as one of the most influential intellectuals in American public life. Furthermore, he has been identified with some of the most controversial issues of our times--a fact that is hardly surprising given his libertarian view of morality, conservative views of politics, Roman Catholic views of Christianity, and the fact that he is a prominent homosexual advocate.

'Choose Life' License Plates Hit Red Lights, Green Lights

[] October 27, 2005--The battle over "Choose Life" license plates has been busy of late, but those seeking guidance on their legality may be just as confused as ever.

Silent Night, Secular Night

[National Review] October 27, 2005--"Christmas is under attack in such a sustained and strategized manner that there is, no doubt, a war on Christmas." So writes Fox News Channel host John Gibson in his new book, The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought. Blue state or red state, putting up a Christmas tree and not having to call it a "friendship tree" or a "giving tree" can often be quite the battle. Gibson relays some of the stories in The War on Christmas.

Christian Bigotry: The Only Acceptable Cultural Prejudice

[] October 25, 2005--The slow but steady rise of the anti-Christian tide began in the early to mid 80's and is now reaching the flood stage. Do you think I am overreacting? Here is just one week's worth of anti-Christian headlines....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gathering of Conservative Anglicans Rekindles Debate on the Unity of Communion

[The Christian Post] October 26, 2005--Over 120 conservative Anglicans, mostly from the Global South, have gathered in Egypt for a major meeting as fear over the further division between liberals and traditionalists in the warring worldwide Communion intensified.

Church rift deepens over gay bishop's visit,2763,1601599,00.html?gusrc=rss

[Guardian Unlimited] October 27, 2005--The Bishop of London, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres, has refused to bow to lobbying from evangelicals who want him to ban the gay American bishop Gene Robinson from visiting London next week or attending a church service.

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The Bishop’s Charge To The 105th Session of Synod

[The Bahama Journal] October 27, 2005--My brother bishop, brothers and sisters of the House of Clergy, sisters and brothers of the House of Laity, I extend a heartfelt welcome to this 105th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of The Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands, in the name of our triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Six Episcopal congregations leave diocese

[Washington Times] October 26, 2005--Six congregations are leaving the Episcopal Diocese of Florida over homosexual ordination and same-sex blessings.

New Bishop-Elect of Belize Shares His Vision for His Diocese

[The Bahama Journal] October 27, 2005--Bishop-Elect for the Anglican Diocese of Belize, the Rev’d Canon Philip Silvin Wright, has a vision for the further expansion and development of his diocese.

Sydney offers refuge

[The Church of England Newspaper] October 28, 2005--Anglican plans to offer refuge to dissidents of rival Churches could trigger legal injunctions and threaten the position of the archbishop, critics have warned. Opponents argue that licensing clergy outside the diocese was “inconsistent” with the constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia and could expose the Archbishop, Dr Peter Jensen, to charges that could “deprive him of office.” Proponents of the move, discussed at last week’s diocesan synod, have been accused of trying to covertly usher in a network of like-minded churches outside of Sydney — expanding its influence well beyond the diocesan boundaries.

Additional articles from The Church of England Newspaper can be found at

Out of Balance

[The Living Church] October 16, 2005--When the Presiding Bishop and the president of the House of Deputies of General Convention announced appointment of a commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion [TLC, Oct. 9], it created quite a stir. In the view of large numbers of critics, the commission, charged with preparing for the General Convention to respond to the Windsor Report and other documents, is not constituted fairly.

Panel of Reference Awaits Referral

[The Living Church] October 26, 2005--As of mid-October, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference has received no referrals, one of its 13 members reports.

Raiders of the Lost Pool

[] October 26, 2005--The Pool of Siloam, considered a metaphor in John's Gospel by some New Testament scholars, was in fact a huge basin at the lowest point in the city of Jerusalem. Recent excavations have uncovered two corners and one side of the pool that stretched for half the length of a football field.

Abortion Poll Finds 75% of British Youth Want Gestational Limit on Abortion Lowered Significantly

[] October 27, 2005--Eight in ten adults in Great Britain regard Britain's annual count of 200,000 abortions as too many and want ways to be found of reducing that figure, says a new poll conducted by CommunicateResearch on behalf of campaign group Alive & Kicking.

A legal lesson from Down Under

[The Telegraph] October 27, 2005--If you still have any doubts over whether the House of Lords was wise to re-write the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill this week, just look at the chaos that resulted when a similar law was introduced in Australia.

100 Doctors and Lawyers Warn Canada's Parliament Against Assisted Suicide Bill

[] October 26, 2005--A group of 100 physicians and lawyers has issued a strong warning not to legalize physician assisted suicide or euthanasia in Canada. This statement has been issued in advance of the second reading of private members Bill C-407 scheduled for October 31st. The Bill seeks to legalize physician assisted suicide.

Danforth criticizes Christian sway in GOP

[BREITBART.COM] October 26, 2005--The influence of evangelical Christians in the Republican Party hurts the organization and divides the country, former U.S. Sen. John Danforth said during a visit to the Bill Clinton School of Public Service on Wednesday.

Homosexual Advocacy Group Cheers Court Decision on Sodomy Case

[] October 21, 2005--A homosexual advocacy group is applauding a Kansas Supreme Court decision Friday to overturn the criminal sodomy conviction of a teenager. The court issued its ruling relying on the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down sodomy laws and a friend-of-the-court brief citing medical studies about the transmission of HIV.

EU Threatens Poland for Electing Pro-family President

[] October 26, 2005--The European Union may try to deny Poland its EU voting status because its newly elected President-elect, Lech Kaczynski, opposes the celebration of homosexuality.

Fox leads list of worst shows for families; church giving down; Rick Warren to appear on Starbucks cup

[Baptist Press] October 26, 2005--Four Fox network programs top the list of the 10 worst shows for family viewing on prime-time broadcast television, according to an annual report by the Parents Television Council measuring series’ appropriateness for family audiences.

Contracepting the New Birth?

[Baptist Press] October 26, 2005--If your church nursery was unnervingly quiet this past Sunday, you are probably a member of a liberal Protestant church. So says a new study about population decline and mainline Protestantism by sociologists from the University of California at Berkley, the University of Arizona and Indiana University. Mainliners are hailing this survey because it places the blame for Protestant denominational decline not on theological liberalism, but on the churches' acceptance of delayed childbirth, small families and an extreme contraception culture.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gays and the Future of Anglicanism

[Anglican Mainstream] October 26, 2005--Edited by Andrew Linzey and Richard Kirker, Review by Chris Sugden

Religious hatred Bill hits buffers after Lords defeat,,17129-1843546,00.html

[The Times] October 26, 2005--Ministers sounded a retreat on their plans for a contentious new law to outlaw incitement to religious hatred last night as the Lords inflicted a crushing defeat by throwing out the Bill.

Style over Substance: An examination of Archbishop Eames' US lectures

[Reform Ireland] October 14, 2005--Archbishop Robin Eames addressed the crisis within the Anglican Communion in two recent lectures given in the USA. One eyewitness commented that 'style won over substance' in both of the lectures. Having viewed both lectures online, Reform Ireland would wholeheartedly agree with such a description.

HM The Queen to Inaugurate Church of England General Synod

[Christianity Today UK] October 25, 2005--Her Majesty The Queen will inaugurate the Eighth General Synod of the Church of England which takes place in Church House, Westminster, on Tuesday, 15 November.

Young and troubled - two lives destroyed in a gothic tragedy

[Sydney Morning Herald] October 26, 2005--She was a Goth, into body piercings and the heavy metal bands Marilyn Manson and Korn.

Just days after her 15th birthday she, and a young man she had taken up with only three weeks before, hanged themselves in what police believe was a planned ritual suicide pact.

Conservative Anglicans Meet as Communion Faces Split

[Christianity Today UK] October 26, 2005--Conservative delegates from 20 provinces across the worldwide Anglican Communion met Tuesday in Egypt for a six-day conference as the church continues to face a crisis over the rights of homosexuals within the church.

Early Voting for Texas Marriage Amendment Begins With Controversy

[The Christian Post] October 26, 2005--As early voting began in Texas on Monday for an amendment to the state constitution that would define marriage as being between one man and one woman, one group emerged saying that that the proposition would invalidate traditional marriages. Supporters of the measure said such claims were misleading.

Second Generation Syndrome

[The Christian Post] October 25, 2005--Gary Inrig wrote a wonderful book entitled "Hearts of Iron, Feet of Clay" (Moody Press, 1979) which was a detailed study of the book of Judges. One of the issues he quickly raised in the book was what he called "The Second Generation Syndrome." In that early chapter of his book he discussed the difficulty of passing on our vision and convictions to our children and grandchildren. It is a daunting and challenging task for any parent, and it is rare for the faith of parents to be handed down to succeeding generations.

Is Christ Visiting India's Oppressed Untouchables?

[Agape Press] October 26, 2005--For many Christians, the good news of the Gospel began with the words of St. John, or some other New Testament book. But for many of the most oppressed people of India, the Gospel often begins in Genesis, where they hear for the first time that they were created in the image of God.

Egyptian Christians Worried Sectarian Violence Could Continue

[] October 26, 2005--Political rivalry may explain the latest Muslim attacks on a Coptic Christian Church and Christian-owned businesses in Alexandria, Egypt, that left three people dead and scores wounded over the weekend, sources said.

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Standing up to American Girl

[Baptist Press News] October 25, 2005--American Girl ranks right up there with motherhood and apple pie, and yet the company is reportedly being assaulted by “conservative activists” for their support of an organization that endorses liberal causes. This outcry, however, is not limited to “conservative activists." It extends to parents and grandparents and to all Americans who want not only to protect Judeo-Christian values but also to see these values implanted in the lives of their children.

Developing a full-throttle faith

[Baptist Press News] October 25, 2005--We live in a culture that continues to push the envelope to become more and more immoral. In the midst of this disintegration, why do Christians seem to have such a small and seemingly insignificant impact?

Making evangelism good news again

[Baptist Press News] October 25, 2005--One of the enemy’s greatest lies is that people are not open to the message of Jesus. Most Christians are fearful that the people they talk to will be offended if they bring up spiritual things. Actually, I find this to be the most spiritually open time of my life.

Cut & Paste: Draw a cartoon about Mohammed and you must die,5744,17034954%5E7583,00.html

[The Australian] October 26, 2005--Islam is no laughing matter. Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten is being protected by security guards and several cartoonists have gone into hiding after the newspaper published a series of 12 cartoons about the prophet Mohammed.

Angelic twins sing songs of praise for Nazis,5744,17035454%5E2703,00.html

[The Australian] October 26, 2005--America's white supremacists are eagerly awaiting the release of the latest pop album by a group called Prussian Blue, whose members are a pair of blonde 13-year-old twins.

U.S. Former Homosexual Targets Canada with Streaming Radio Program on Homosexuality

[] October 25, 2005--Stephen Bennett, the famous former homosexual, now happily married to wife Irene and proud father of two children, has made it his mission to spread the hope of change for men and women struggling against homosexual inclinations. In an interview with yesterday, Bennet explained his latest venture to reach out to Canada with his message.

Canada, U.S. Anglican clerics urged to heal rift over gays;_ylt=Ar8JKClbnsYNUYK2l6xH83hp9L4F;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

[Reuters] October 25, 2005--Traditionalist Anglican clerics from the developing world said on Tuesday that liberal U.S. and Canadian churches had not done enough to heal a rift over gay rights that is threatening to tear apart the Anglican church.

Witches see an opportunity in new hate bill

[The Times] October 23, 2005--The government faces new embarrassment over the religious hatred bill with a warning that witches and satanists could use it to trigger police investigations of their critics.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Zacchaeus Fellowship Response to the St Michael Report

[Anglican Mainstream] October 22, 2005--The Zacchaeus Fellowship commends the Primate’s Theological Commission on their thorough and timely efforts in The St Michael Report—a response to the question whether or not the blessing of same gender relationships is doctrinal. We too hope the ensuing discussion will be “sustained, prayerful, respectful and non-polemical” and “will lead to a clearer discernment of ‘sound doctrine’ and to “our goal of wholeness in Christ.” [#1; p.1] The Commission also asks the important question as to whether or not a same gender union would “enable or impair our relationship in the life of God, through Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.” It is also true that in the current discussions, a same gender union is “closely analogous to marriage.” [#2, 3; p.1]

Bishop John Sentamu on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on October 20 gave his first broadcast interview

[Anglican Mainstream] October 20, 2005--Bishop John Sentamu was asked about the issue of homosexuality, whether the church was too tolerant on this and whether the issue would split the church. He replied: “We are Christians by our common baptism in Christ and life in the Spirit. In the past the Puritans wanted to get fornicators out of the church but actually they were easy to tolerate inside it those people who were affluent and bigots. I just want to say that this is not for me a dividing issue. Because I want to treat every human personality as loved of God.”

Nigeria to send more missionaries around Africa

[Church of Nigeria News] October 20. 2005--The consecration service of three Bishops was held on October 14 at the Christ Church Cathedral Marina Cathedral.

Network responds to Via Media's "worst case scenario"

[Religion News Service] October 24, 2005--The Anglican Communion Network thanks The Living Church magazine for reporting on what Via Media USA’s acting secretary calls its worst-case scenario. Talk of blank presentment forms, and consulting with the Presiding Bishop about replacing duly elected bishops, does indeed qualify as anticipating and preparing for the worst. The Network has been the frequent subject of conspiracy theories, and we are content to let our actions speak for themselves.

Upstart Anglican newspaper banned in Brandon

[CBC News] October 24, 2005--A new Anglican publication aimed at offering a more conservative alternative to the official church newspaper is spurring controversy and has been banned by a Manitoba bishop.

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Christingle - Shining light into darkness

[The Children's Society] October 24, 2005--Meaning 'Christ Light', this festive celebration communicates the Christian message in an inspiring way. Whether you are new to Christingle or one of our regular supporters, it has something for you.

Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Carey Joins Atkinson to Oppose Religious Hatred Bill

[Christianity Today UK] October 24, 2005--The former Archbishop of Canterbury has joined calls against the proposed Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, and also commented last week that the blasphemy law should be axed, and that the Church of England would not seriously present much opposition to such proposals, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Put Not Your Trust in Windsor{28EEA7EF-4DFB-4FDE-A737-3A05CE6F78FA}

[American Anglican Council] October 24, 2005--As the anniversary of the Windsor Report comes and goes, one is compelled to ask: what has been accomplished? The answer, it seems, is precious little.

Have faith in the lion King: the art of defence, attack, attraction

[] October 16, 2005--Christians must use all three weapons at their disposal - defense, attack, and attraction - if they are to speak to a wary secular culture, argues Dr. Greg Clarke, the director for the Centre for Apolegetic Scholarship and Education (CASE).

Mission Possible: Go with the flow - my biggest Chinese lesson

[] October 25, 2005--David Yung has mastered the art of 'flow'.

Tackling a new generation with old tactics - Glenn Davies

[] October 11, 2005--One of the most important resources we have is our human resources. And I don't just mean volunteer time.

Unity Among Orthodox Anglicans: How Do We Get There From Here?

[The Christian Challenge] October 24, 2005--Mending divisions between U.S. orthodox Anglicans is in the initial sense a spiritual and organic process, rather than an organizational, institutional one, and one that should always be guided by the cause of wider Christian unity.

Vestry of St. John's Bristol responds to Bishop Smith

[VirtueOnline] October 24, 2005--We, the rightful Vestry of St. John's Episcopal Church, Bristol, Connecticut, write to inform you that the Rev. Dr. Mark H. Hansen has resigned as Rector of St. John's Church on September 23, 2005. We will begin the process of searching for a new priest.

S.P.R.E.A.D. Vision Statement

[VirtueOnline] October 24, 2005--The Society for the Promulgation of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Doctrine (SPREAD) (as found in the classic Anglican Formularies: Scripture, the 3 Ecumenical Creeds, the 39 Articles and the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and Ordinal)

Disciplining the Episcopal Church not realistic" by Nicholas Henderson

[VirtueOnline] October 24, 2005--I would like to begin this evening with an apology or more precisely, in the spirit of Newman, the 19th century Tractarian, an apologia pro vita sua as written originally in 1864. I hope that this doesn't sound too grand, for I haven't really got much in common with Newman (thank God) at all but I mean that since submitting my original title for this evening's talk, I have moved along, I've changed. What was in essence the working title of a proposed doctoral thesis has developed into something at once more specifically Anglican and more contemporary, in that it deals with issues that are currently troubling the Church (not only the Anglican Church) and ideas which as yet unformed on the anvil of questionnaire and rigorous analysis.

Indonesian Christians Face Persecution during Street Worship

[The Christian Post] October 24, 2005--Christians in Indonesia continue to face persecution as fears of escalating violence remain following the recent wave of forced church closures.

Survey: Alternative Forms of 'The Church' are Changing the Religious Landscape

[The Christian Post] October 24, 2005--For a growing number of Americans, especially Boomers, the local church is no longer the place to go for worship, according to research by the group whose published polls are most quoted within Evangelical circles.

Maturity Requires A Wide Variety of Spiritual Experiences

[The Christian Post] October 20, 2005--Many churches evaluate spiritual maturity solely on the basis of how well you can identify Bible characters, interpret Bible passages, quote Bible verses, and explain biblical theology. The ability to debate doctrine is considered by some as the ultimate proof of your spirituality.

S. African Churches Forced to Give Up Aid for Victims of Zimbabwe 'Cleanup' Drive

[The Christian Post] October 23, 2005--South African churches were forced to halt their relief work in Zimbabwe despite the thousands that still remain homeless after the government’s demolition and eviction campaign in late May.

New Poll Shows Women More Concerned than Men Over Porn

[The Christian Post] October 24, 2005--The nation as a whole may be conflicted about what to do about pornography but women are much more likely than men to view it in a negative light, a new poll reveals.

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Weblog: Egyptian Muslim Riot Against Christian DVD, Killing Four

[] October 24, 2005--Plus: Church arsenic case returns, mixed signals from Miers on abortion, court says rape law can't single out same-sex action, and other stories from online sources around the world.

By their fruits you shall know them.

Second generation syndrome

[Baptist Press News] October 24, 2005--Gary Inrig wrote a wonderful book entitled "Hearts of Iron, Feet of Clay"(Moody Press, 1979) which was a detailed study of the book of Judges. One of the issues he quickly raised in the book was what he called "The Second Generation Syndrome." In that early chapter of his book he discussed the difficulty of passing on our vision and convictions to our children and grandchildren. It is a daunting and challenging task for any parent, and it is rare for the faith of parents to be handed down to succeeding generations.

Is the sanctity of human life an outdated concept?

[Baptist Press News] October 24, 2005--Peter Singer has seen the future, and it does not include the sanctity of life. To be more specific, Singer presents his argument about the future in a forum published in the September/October 2005 edition of Foreign Policy. The magazine asked a number of leading intellectuals to suggest what ideas, institutions and features of contemporary life will be left behind as human beings rush into a bold new future. As Peter Singer sees it, confidence in the sanctity of human life must be abandoned in order for humanity to be redefined in the new millennium.

Texas Judge Contends Lawrence v. Texas Sodomy Case Based on Staged Evidence

[] October 24, 2005--In her new book, Sex Appealed, a Texas judge documents why she concludes that a landmark 2003 US Supreme Court decision striking down anti sodomy laws was based on pre arranged arrests staged to test the constitutionality of Texas’ law.

Warsaw Mayor Who Banned “Gay Pride” Pride Elected as Poland’s President

[] October 24, 2005--Lech Kaczynski, who as the mayor of Warsaw banned “gay pride” parades two years in a row, was elected as the country’s president yesterday.

November Consecration for Alpha Bishop

[The Living Church] October 24, 2005--The Rev. Sandy Millar, the former rector of Holy Trinity Church Brompton in London—the home of the Alpha course—will be consecrated a “bishop in mission” for service in England on Nov. 27 by Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda.

P.B. Says Special Commission will Move Church Forward on Windsor Report

[The Living Church] October 21, 2005--Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold said the House of Bishops probably will not spend further time on the Windsor Report before the 2006 General Convention opens and expressed appreciation for the vote of confidence that the Primate of Ireland recently gave to the Episcopal Church regarding its commitment to recommendations put forth in that document. His remarks occurred during an interview with The Living Church on the final day of the Oct. 7-10 meeting of the Executive Council in Las Vegas.

Legal Proceedings Explained to Central New York Clergy

[The Living Church] October 21, 2005--The Oct. 11-13 clergy conference in the Diocese of Central New York included an extensive presentation on ecclesiastical legal proceedings by the bishop against one of his rectors.

Via Media Groups Mobilize for the 'Day After'

[The Living Church] October 19, 2005--Members of the steering committee for Via Media, USA, have authenticated, but sought to diminish the significance of plans already underway for the “Day After” the 2006 General Convention. The plans, documented in a draft copy of minutes from a Sept. 29 meeting of the steering committee, include the attempted removal from office of bishops and lay leaders in dioceses affiliated with the Anglican Communion Network and their replacement with persons the organization believes will remain obedient to the Constitution and Canons of the General Convention.

Uzbekistan: House Church Faces Crushing Opposition

[] October 25, 2005--Christians in a remote village of Uzbekistan are being beaten, publicly humiliated and hounded out of their homes and jobs for converting to Christianity.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Nigerian Churches Tell West to Practice What It Preached on Gays

[Washington Post] October 24, 2005--Little more than a century ago, legions of Christian missionaries arrived here from Europe with an imposing agenda for changing traditional African practices. Worshiping animistic gods, they told people, was sinful. So was keeping carved idols at home. And in a land where polygamy was common, the missionaries taught that marriage was a sacred union between one man and one woman, period.

Today, many devout Christian Nigerians adhere firmly to the view that homosexuality is ungodly, and they have been rankled by its growing acceptance among church leaders in the United States and Europe. As the descendants of Nigerians who abandoned their traditional values under the influence of Western preaching, some Christians here say they feel betrayed and offended that the spiritual descendants of those missionaries are now trying to change the rules.

Sex, lies, and Via Media

[VirtueOnline] October 21, 2005--Via Media, the liberal pansexual organization that bills itself as The Episcopal Church's "middle way", combining progressive and traditional approaches to the Bible, tradition, and human understanding, betrayed its true agenda when committee notes from one of their meetings were handed to VirtueOnline recently.

Florida Six representative meets with Bishop Howard

[VirtueOnline] October 21, 2005--The Rev. Neil Lebhar, Rector of the Church of the Redeemer in Jacksonville, said that the Florida Six are in the process of negotiating with Bishop Howard for a graceful exit from the Episcopal Church.

Diocese Recommends Priests Be Allowed To Perform Civil Unions

[VirtueOnline] October 22, 2005--Members of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut passed a resolution Saturday urging Bishop Andrew Smith to allow priests in Connecticut to preside at civil union ceremonies.

"Time is running out" says Forward in Faith leader

[VirtueOnline] October 21, 2005--It is once again my privilege to welcome you to the Emmanuel Centre for the National Assembly of Forward in Faith. I do so this year with the awareness that time is running out. Forward in Faith was formed with a vision for unity and truth, and with the explicit intention of securing for our children and our children's children an ecclesial structure in which we and they can with confidence live the Catholic Faith.

Traditionalists in divided Anglican church to meet

[Reuters] October 23, 2005--Traditionalist Anglican Christian clerics from the developing world say a dispute over gay rights that may cause a rift with more liberal Western churches will not overshadow a meeting in Egypt this week.

Worldwide Anglican Meeting Brings Spotlight Back to Tensions in Communion

[Christianity Today UK] October 24, 2005--With delegates from across the Anglican Communion gathering in Egypt this week, analysts are expecting conservative opposition to liberal trends developing throughout the western provinces of the Communion to come out stronger than ever before.

Anglican Primates Petitioned to Rehabilitate or Form New Global Communion

[VirtueOnline] October 21, 2005--On the eve of a global meeting of Anglican leaders, the Society for the Propagation of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Doctrine (S.P.R.E.A.D.) is petitioning the Primates, or top leaders of the church, to seriously rehabilitate the Communion along Scriptural lines (as stated in the 39 Articles and the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and Ordinal) by excluding those provinces and bishops who do not follow the faith or, if that is not possible, to withdraw to form a new Communion.

Western Louisiana attorney blasts Via Media over "day after" scenario

[VirtueOnline] October 23, 2005--Note: Via Media, a pansexual organization in The Episcopal Church that claims "the middle way" was found to have prepared a strategy for the final extirpation of orthodox bishops in the Episcopal Church following the next General Convention. Mr. Brad Drell takes a hard look at what those "notes" mean.

Recognizing the disease and looking for the cure

[VirtueOnline] October 22, 2005--A call to self-examination by all Episcopalians It is generally agreed that of all Anglican Provinces the Episcopal Church USA has advanced the most in the incorporation of innovations into its constitution, canons, formularies, worship, doctrine, discipline, practice and common life. And it is generally agreed that many of these innovations represent a major change of what was the case and situation previously.

"Church in Frenzy - A Long Tradition"

[The Examiner] October 21, 2005--A wise old European gent once told me he had "no problem with God. It's his ground crew you have to watch out for." Wariness of religious organizations and factions has a long history and in our day it has taken on renewed vigor since some holy fellows took up the devotional act of hijacking airplanes.

Florida layman writes blistering letter to Bishop Howard

[VirtueOnline] October 21, 2005--I have been troubled by the church's position regarding the Gene Robinson affair. Slightly less troubling has been the Diocesan position regarding the same issue. After considering your statements at the latest convention, your reply to the clergy seeking alternative oversight, and visiting the ECUSA internet web site, I am even more troubled.

Episcopal group plots takeover

[Pittsburgh Tribune-Review] October 23, 2005--An Episcopal group has a doomsday plan that calls for ousting conservative bishops and seizing church property if they attempt to break from the denomination over its increasingly liberal position on homosexuality.

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Episcopal liberals prepare for split - Washington Post

Charges Dropped Against Father Who Objected to Promotion of Homosexuality in School

[] October 21, 2005-- A local district attorney has decided not to pursue trespassing charges against David Parker as a result of an incident at his son’s school. Parker spent a night in jail in April for refusing to leave a meeting because his 6-year-old son’s teacher and director of education refused to assure the father that he would be notified when issues of homosexuality and transgenderism were to be discussed.

Hate crimes language removed, but floor battle forthcoming

[Baptist Press News] October 21, 2005--The U.S. Senate’s version of a bill toughening supervision of sex offenders gained committee approval Oct. 20 without including language that would expand hates crimes protections to encompass homosexuality.

Authors Reveal ACLU's "Anti-American" Intentions

[Agape Press] October 24, 2005--The ACLU and their cohorts continue to aggressively undermine marriage, the family, the protection of children, the value of life, religious liberty and even American sovereignty itself. To this end they have acquired vast swaths of wealth and have been successful in undermining the will of the people in furtherance of their leftist anti-American putsch via the exploitation of the court system and their consistently applied strategy of legal intimidation, misinformation and fear.

"That's just demagogic hyperbole – prove it!" you say? OK – but bewarned: the facts that buttress these assertions are not only illuminating, but are often times quite disconcerting.

Qatar to get first church

[Aljazeera] October 23, 2005--An Anglican congregation plans to build Qatar's first Christian church since Islam's arrival in the 7th century.

Process Begun in South Carolina

[Anglican Mission in America] October 12, 2005--Following upon the Common Cause partners meeting in early September, the Anglican Mission in American and the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina have entered into a process of mediation to deal with differences. Thirty one leaders representing nine orthodox Anglican organizations urged the two groups to enter into godly mediation, a move that was welcomed by the AMiA, as evidenced in a statement issued yesterday.

Anglican unity under renewed pressure by conservative gathering

[The Boston Globe] October 23, 2005--The agenda for an upcoming gathering of conservative Anglican clerics includes discussions about dialogue with Islam and fighting poverty. But the wider message is expected to be protest: Another frontal attack against gay clergy and same-sex unions that threaten to break apart the world's 77 million-member Anglican communion.

Eames in new gay clergy row

[Belfast Telegraph] October 22, 2005--of Ireland Primate Archbishop Robin Eames has hit back at another leading Anglican Primate Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria who has accused him of making "uncharitable" accusations about those who oppose the appointment of homosexual clergy.

Central American liberals side with error

[EV News] October 24, 2005--Whatever they may say, by refusing to distance themselves from the heterodox views now destroying the churches of North America and the Communion they are actually siding with error against orthodoxy. That liberals can deceive themselves into believing that there is a middle way between truth and error is simply astonishing, yet it is one of the fundamental beliefs of all liberalism.

Gay controversy will taper off - eventually, says bishop

[Foster's Online] October 23, 2005--The first openly gay bishop of the New Hampshire Episcopal Church said he believes the controversy surrounding his election eventually will subside, just as it did when women first became members of the clergy.

The American Anglican Council Condemns Via Media’s Planned Coup of Biblically Faithful Dioceses{79DE4C5D-5F64-4228-91C1-C68A54C8A942}&notoc=1

[American Anglican Council] October 21, 2005--Minutes from a Steering Committee meeting of Via Media USA have been leaked to the media, exposing plans to seize control of Anglican Communion Network (ACN) dioceses following General Convention 2006. Code-named “Day After”, the Via Media strategy outlines specific preparations and plans to “have ready blank presentments for abandonment of the communion” and todeclare the “see” in ACN dioceses as “vacant, requesting appointment of interim bishop[s] in coordination with “the PB” [ECUSA Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold]. Additional tactics include preparing the groundwork for special conventions in these dioceses in order to fill vacancies for trustee, council, standing committee, and commission on ministry positions, as well as taking legal action regarding property issues. The American Anglican Council issues the following statement in response to the revealed plans....

Friday, October 21, 2005

New 'Bishop In Mission' Appointed

[Anglican Communion News Service] October 20, 2005--The Most Rev'd Henry Luke Orombi, Archbishop of Uganda, with the August 2004 consent of the House of Bishops of the Church of Uganda, appointed a priest of the Church of England, the Rev'd Prebendary Sandy Millar, as Assistant Bishop in the Church of Uganda. He will be consecrated in Uganda on 27th November 2005.

No Taxation Without Representation

[The Churchman] October 20, 2005--A day before it was dissolved, the seventh General Synod of the Church of England gave its approval to a process which would initiate legislation making it possible for the church to consecrate women as bishops. Given that even stalwart opponents of women in holy orders have been predicting this move since the ordination of women presbyters (priests) was approved back in 1992, and that some in "Forward in Faith" have even encouraged it, we should not be surprised by the result. The only unexpected feature was the abstention of Bishop Wright of Durham.

"Hate Crimes" bill is greatest threat to civil liberties

[VirtueOnline] October 20, 2005--The greatest threat to your civil liberties and the future liberties of your children is once more upon us.

Williams heads for summit as South splits over Brazil

[Church Times] October 21, 2005--The Archbishop of Canterbury is to address a meeting of Global South leaders on the theme of "Discipleship" next Friday, when he attends the later part of their conference in Egypt.

Prisons get ritual notes for Pagans

[Church Times] October 21, 2005--Wands, wine, and tarot cards, but not nudity, may be allowed in Pagan acts of worship in prison, says the Prison Service’s first written guidance on Pagan worship.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Numbers rule as Team Sydney muscles up

[Sydney Morning Herald] October 20, 2005--Churches need diversity more than unquestioning allegiance, writes Julia Baird.

Ms. Byrd must be one of Sydney's liberals.

England on course for a new saint

[ANSA] October 20, 2005--Rome, October 20 - England could be on course to get its first saint from the last four centuries thanks to a miraculous cure which is being attributed to the country's best known churchman of the 19th century.

Letter from the Archbishop of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil to the Primate of the Southern Cone

[Anglican Communion News Service] October 20, 2005--I am deeply disappointed by your letter in which you recognised and take under your supervision the deposed bishop and a group of deposed clergy that once belonged to the Diocese of Recife. I am saddened by this attitude, which was taken after we had several opportunities, personally and by telephone, to explain you the truth about this matter. In one occasion, I handed you several documents that clarify the factual truths. I also have given these information to the archbishop of Canterbury, to the General Secretary, as well as to the "Reference Panel".

Anglican crisis continues

[] October 20, 2005--In a sign Anglicans' deep divisions over homosexuality could widen further, the Church’s Sydney synod has voted to reconsider its links with the Church of England.

New Anglican newspaper promotes conservative voice

[] October 20, 2005--The Anglican Planet (TAP), a monthly combination newspaper and journal, began publication in May with bold determination.

David A. Harris, a parish priest in Charlottetown and co-editor-in-chief along with Peter Molloy of Christopher Lake, Saskatachewan (also a parish priest), says the paper came about as an "alternative voice" for conservative Anglicans. Many conservative -- or orthodox -- Anglicans felt the Anglican Journal, the official paper of the Anglican Church of Canada, "was representing an extreme liberal view of everything," he says.

The Episcopal Diocese of Egypt welcomes the Third Anglican Global South to South Encounter

[Anglican Communion News Service] October 20, 2005--From 25th - 30th October 2005, about 120 delegates, representing 20 provinces within the Anglican Communion, from Africa, Asia and Latin America, will be meeting in Egypt for their third Global South Encounter. The Conference will take place at the Red Sea.

Irish Primate challenged to put up or shut up

[The Church of England Newspaper] October 21, 2005--The Primate of Nigeria has confronted Archbishop Robin Eames over the Irish Primate’s reported allegations of simony and political corruption within the African Church, asking him to substantiate the charges or withdraw them. If Archbishop Eames had “any evidence” of illicit practices, Archbishop Peter Akinola challenged him on October 16 “to reveal them or make a public apology to your brother Primates in the Global South for this damaging and irresponsible smear”.

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New Global Centre to bridge gap between traditionalists and liberals

[The Church of England Newspaper] October 21, 2005--A new Global Center has been proposed to bridge the gap between the Global South coalition and the Episcopal Church. But sources say this has been craftily engineered to reveal the extent to which the Southern Cone is divided between the South American liberals and the more conservative Central Americans. The Bishops of Province IX (ECUSA), Central and South America have proposed the new creation following a meeting in Panama City of the Latin American & Caribbean Theological Education Commission (CETALC). The 26 bishops in favour of the move declared they had grown increasingly disillusioned with the ‘polarisation’ of the Global South and the Global North. They thought as people were left to ‘opt for one of these poles’, the unity of the Communion was at risk.

More The Church of England Newspaper articles can be fond at

Via Media's strategy exposed

[VirtueOnline] October 0, 2005--Notes from a private meeting of the Steering Committee of the liberal pansexual ECUSA organization known as Via Media on September 29, 2005 were sent to VirtueOnline and reveals their strategy in the eventuality that The Episcopal Church starts to come apart after General Convention in 2006.

Williams may meet gay US bishop during London trip,16518,1596278,00.html

[The Guardian] October 20, 2005--Plans are being made for Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to meet the Anglican communion's most controversial cleric, Gene Robinson, the gay bishop of New Hampshire, for the first time when he visits London next month.

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Moderating Morocco

[] October 20, 2005--Morocco's constitution guarantees religious freedom to its 32 million people, but the more citizens convert to Christianity, the more Muslims publicly complain. Earlier this year, some Arab and French publications ran controversial articles about Christian growth. Statistics fluctuated wildly as public criticism of the government's tolerance of Christian expansion intensified. Now Moroccan leaders and believers are working to improve their awkward relationship.

Dr. Phil Promoting Homosexuality and Abortion Groups

[] October 19, 2005--Christian groups are calling on the popular television psychologist Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D, a.k.a. Dr. Phil, to stop promoting Planned Parenthood and the homosexual lifestyle.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New vestry cuts ties with Conn. 6

[The Bristol Press] October 19, 2005--The newly elected vestry of St. John’s Episcopal Church announced Tuesday that the parish is no longer affiliated with the so-called "Connecticut Six," a group of churches and clergy who have been in conflict with Connecticut Bishop Andrew Smith over his support for the church’s first openly gay bishop.

This development comes as no surprise.

Australian Anglicans to examine break from UK

[Reuters] October 19, 2005-- The Anglican Church in Australia's main city of Sydney has voted to consider changing its links with the Church of England, backing concerns raised by Nigeria over the ordination of gay clergy and same-sex unions.

“Alarming Tensions” In Anglican Church

[The Bahama Journal] October 19, 2005--Tensions in the worldwide Anglican Church are increasing “at an alarming rate” over issues of homosexuality, the head of the Anglican Church in The Bahamas His Grace Archbishop Drexel Gomez warned in his annual charge Monday night.

Akinola in combat

[Catholic World News] October 18, 2005--Content apart, Akinola writes some of the most un-episcopal prose on the market, and for an author I can think of no higher compliment. His writing is almost entirely fat-free, almost all muscle. Try cutting out a clause without loss and you'll find you can't do it. C.S. Lewis once wrote that the secret of a good style is to decide exactly what you want to say and to say that just that. Akinola clearly knows what he's about.

Anglican bishop seeks healing

[VirtueOnline] October 12, 2005--Episcopalians who broke away from their parishes must now begin a time of healing, said Anglican Bishop Frank Lyons of the Diocese of Bolivia.

Hansen to Bishop: "I won't meet with you, Canon 10 not applicable"

[VirtueOnline] October 18, 2005--I have reviewed Canon 10 and see no requirement of a meeting following your receipt of my denial of the charge. Canon 10 requires you to withdraw the notice of inhibition upon receipt of my good faith denial....

From mental disorder to civil-rights cause

[VirtueOnline] October 19, 2005--Psychiatrist and Princeton law professor traces the advances of the gay-rights agenda in science and the law to a common source: political intimidation

Report Issued on Conflict in Southern Virginia

[The Living Church] October 19, 2005--The roots of the divisions, some of which were expressed on the floor of the annual council meeting last year, in the Diocese of Southern Virginia extend back at least 50 years, according to a report issued Oct. 17 by three diocesan bishops who were appointed by Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold at the request of the diocesan council. The diocese, according to the three, should view the present conflict as a “God-given opportunity” to understand and change historical “patterns of relationships and ways of dealing with conflict.”

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Outside panel recommends overhaul for Episcopal diocese - The Virginian-Pilot

Archbishop Akinola Responds to Irish Primate

[The Living Church] October 18, 2005--Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria has joined with Archbishop Robin Eames of Ireland in welcoming the progress made by the Episcopal Church in response to the Windsor Report, but parted company with the Irish primate over the sufficiency of the response.

An understatement!!

Pittsburgh Property Case Settled

[The Living Church] October 18, 2005--A suit seeking to compel the Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan, the clergy and lay leaders of the Diocese of Pittsburgh to uphold the property canons of the General Convention was settled out of court Oct. 17 with both sides expressing satisfaction with the outcome.

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Analysis of the Diocese of Pittburgh/Calvary Church Lawsuit Settlement - VirtueOnline

Canadian Bishops Warn MPs over Euthanasia Bill - "Most Extreme Human Abuse Possible"

[] October 18, 2005--The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has sent a letter to all Members of Parliament and the Senate opposing Bill C-407 which seeks to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia. The letter, dated October 11 and signed by CCCB General Secretary Mario Paquette says that "the Catholic Bishops of Canada are firmly opposed to Bill C-407, and are urging the Government of Canada, all members of Parliament and all Catholics to reject," the bill.

Lesbian Refused Artificial Insemination Sues Doctors

[] October 18, 2005--A California lesbian is suing the doctors who refused to artificially inseminate her, charging that she was discriminated against because of the doctor’s religious beliefs.

To Halloween or Not to Halloween?

[] Octber 19, 2005--Contrary to popular belief, the most prevalent emotion of the Halloween season is not fear. It’s guilt -- guilt, guilt and more guilt. As parents, we either feel guilty because we’re depriving our children of the holiday or we feel guilty for not depriving them when our convictions tell us we should. It isn’t always self-imposed guilt, either. There’s no shortage of people ready to give an opinion or make a judgment about how the Christian family should deal with Halloween.

Ties That No Longer Bind? Marriage and the Virtue of Loyalty

[] October 19, 2005--Can we live without loyalty? James Q. Wilson argues that the decline of marriage and loyalty now threatens to undermine our social cohesiveness and to produce a generation that cares little about loyalty and prizes freedom over character.

Photographing Narnia

[] October 18, 2005--Watching films being made is a passion of mine. As a teenager I visited the cinema frequently in an era where I could chase distant suns with Kubrick or enter the minds of students with Antonioni. I was enamored by the idea that a piece of moving celluloid could create a window in the mind where real emotions could be triggered, where worlds could be entered. How could this craft of film and mechanics lead to something so believable?

Emerging Solutions—and Problems

[] October 17, 2005--Any author attempting to profile the phenomenon of the "emerging church" faces a daunting task.

Mobs Expel 80 Christians

[] October 17, 2005--Huichol mobs wielding machetes and clubs in western Mexico's Jalisco state have expelled 80 evangelicals from Agua Fria village, threatening to burn the Christians and refusing to allow their return unless they recant their faith. The mobs reacted against evangelicals' shunning of Huichol native religion, which encourages taking hallucinogenic peyote.

Confirmation Reform: next step Australia

[] October 19, 2005--In a historic move last night, Sydney Anglicans have endorsed a proposal that confirmation no longer be required of people who are baptized as adults before being allowed to take Communion.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Flame burns for death of two English bishops

[] October 7, 2005--It is 450 years since Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley died. Gordon Cheng explains why they matter to us today.

Sydney Anglicans signal support for Africa

[] October 19, 2005--Sydney Anglicans have expressed their overwhelming solidarity with conservative Africans, backing Nigeria's concerns over the Church of England's decision to allow clergy to be in same-sex partnerships.

Homosexuality, child sexual abuse & foster care

[Baptist Press] October 17, 2005--For loving parents, the need to protect one’s children from harm -- whether it be from extreme weather, poor nutrition or even "stranger danger" -- registers first on the concern scale. Recent efforts to "normalize" homosexual behavior, however, have left many children exposed to the elements.

Oprah Winfrey Endorses Homosexuality Again With Upcoming Show

[] October 17, 2005-- According to the web site of well known talk show host Oprah Winfrey, her endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle will continue when she interviews a man who took part in a reality television program entitled “30 days: Straight Man in a Gay World.”

Homosexual Torches Home While Faking Anti-Gay Hate Crime

[] October 17, 2005-- A homosexual man has been charged with arson and insurance fraud after setting fire to a home that both he and his homosexual lover lived in.

Inhibition Upheld in Central New York

[The Living Church] October 17, 2005--The standing committee of the Diocese of Central New York has sustained the extension of the temporary inhibition against the Rev. David G. Bollinger, rector of St. Paul’s Church, Owego, following a hearing on Sept. 29. The inhibition issued by the Rt. Rev. Gladstone B. Adams III, Bishop of Central New York, charges among other things possible criminal misuse by Fr. Bollinger “and others” of church funds. Auditing costs to the diocese have been estimated at as high as $50,000.

Church Society writes to the Vatican about Mary

[EV News] October 17, 2005--In a recent letter to the Vatican the Council of Church Society rejected the work of the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) on the understanding of Mary in Christian teaching.

Akinola Writes Open letter to Abp. Robin Eames, Primate of All Ireland

[VirtueOnline] October 16, 2005--I have noted with profound sadness your recent pronouncements in Virginia, Washington, DC, and Connecticut about the actions of the Church of Nigeria. I was surprised by the harsh tone of your remarks and also that you have chosen to address me personally in a remarkably one-sided conversation through the media. You have always been the one to advocate careful, mutual listening and I wonder about the reason for this sudden change of behaviour. Since, however, you have chosen a public forum for your remarks I will respond accordingly.

The marketing of evil: How 'gay rights' is being sold to America

[WorldNewsNet] October 18, 2005--Exposed: Powerful manipulation techniques behind radical homosexual agenda.

Church Publishing Incorporated Acquires Leading Religious Publishers, Morehouse Publishing and Living the Good News

[PR Newswire] October 17, 2005--Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI), the distinguished Episcopal publishing company, has acquired prominent Episcopal imprints - Morehouse Publishing and Living The Good News - from the Continuum International Publishing Group.

The Paganization Of The Church (1)

[Banner of Truth] October 18, 2005--Serious problems exist in almost all of our churches. Most of these problems are of a moral nature; marital infidelity, pre-marital sex, internet-accessed pornography, sexual abuse, undisciplined TV and video viewing etc.

Anglican plan to go forth and multiply with rival churches raises alarm

[Sydney Morning Herald] October 18, 2005--Sydney Anglicans plan to offer refuge to dissidents of rival churches in a move critics warn would poison its relationships with the wider church, trigger legal injunctions and threaten the position of the archbishop.

Nigerian Archbishop to address international Anglican conference

[Religion News Service] October 17, 2005--Several Anglican primates, including Archbishop Peter J. Akinola of Nigeria, will speak at “Hope and a Future,” the Anglican Communion Network’s first international conference, on Nov. 10-12 in Pittsburgh.

Diocese, parish settle suit

[Pittsburgh Tribune-Review] October 18, 2005--The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has settled a lawsuit filed by one of its parishes following the controversial election of a gay bishop by agreeing to guidelines governing how church property would be handled should a parish seek to break away.

Recife priest rips action of Central American bishops

[VirtueOnline] October 18, 2005--The priest of the 1,000-strong largest parish in the evangelical Diocese of Recife ripped the proposal of a number of Latin American bishops for creating a Global Center, saying it was a sop to the American Episcopal Church who pays their bills.

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Latin American Anglicans Seek "Global Center" - The Living Church

One cannot but note the similarity between the "Global Center" and the the liberal revisionist "Via Media" here in the United States, who masquerade as "moderates," but whose calls for "inclusion, tolerance and diversity" clearly identify them with the forces of the radical left in the Episcopal Church USA.

Monday, October 17, 2005

How long? - A call to honesty for the Episcopal Church U.S.A.

[VirtueOnline] October 15, 2005--It is certain that anyone reading this is aware of the ongoing controversy within ECUSA. My intention is not to rehash the arguments. Rather, this is a call for honesty for all parties involved, a statement of the obvious, and an appeal for a solution that is reflective of Christian virtue. "How long?" is a call for honesty and for action, a question posed to each of the factions estranged from one another in the Episcopal Church USA. For the purpose of clarity these factions will be referred to as Progressive and Orthodox.

Split over gay bishop extends prelates' reach

[Lexington Hearald-Leader] October 17, 2005--In Bolivia, Anglican Bishop Frank Lyons' spiritual domain originally stretched from Lake Titicaca to the headwaters of the Amazon River.

But now, because of infighting among U.S. Episcopalians over the ordination of a gay bishop, the Bolivian diocese reaches from atop the Andes Mountains to Elizabethtown, Atlanta and Evansville, Ind.

Gay and women's rights 'won't split church',10117,16938356-421,00.html?from=rss

[] October 17, 2005--Anglican Primate Phillip Aspinall, leader of the nation's four million Anglicans, has played down the possibility the Australian church could split from its English counterpart over issues such as gay priests and the ordination of women bishops.

SAMS speaks out about Recife excommunication

[SAMS Great Britain] October 17, 2005--It is with great sadness, therefore, that we witness the actions taken against the clergy in the Diocese of Recife, believing them to be destructive to the Church and dishonouring to the name of Christ. We have always sought to remain separate from the internal politics of the province but recent events have inevitably involved our mission partners directly. The deposition of Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti has cast real doubt as to which ecclesiastical authority they are accountable, and the deposition of thirty-two clergy includes some who are directly provided as mission partners of SAMS GB. SAMS GB, therefore, has now to make some clear decisions about how it may continue in relationship with the Province of Brazil. It thus becomes important that SAMS GB states its position on recent events, which will direct its action in the coming days.