Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Do you live in Louisiana – in St. Tammany Parish?

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Poll suggests one in five Britons are "creationists".


[EV News] January 31, 2006--Research released by MORI yesterday suggests that 22% of people in Great Britain believe that God created men less than 10,000 years ago.

Evangelical Library launches new e-books project & website

[Evanglical Library] January 30, 2006--The Evangelical Library has launched a new project and website publishing Reformed and Puritan books, many of them rare and difficult to find, in electronic format. The new project is already making available to members who join online its first 14 e-books.The completed books include:Christ Dying and Drawing Sinners to Himself by Samuel RutherfordThe Fountain of Life by John FlavelThe Christian in Complete Armour by William Gurnall.

Fo e-book website, go to http://www.elebooks.org.uk/.

An African Cannot Be Archbishop of Canterbury, says former Anglican Kenyan Archbishop


[Church of Nigeria News] January 30, 2006--Former Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Kenya, the Most Rev David Gitari has ruled out the possibility of an African emerging as the Archbishop of Canterbury (ABC), arguing that the office of the spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion is tied-up to the politics of Britain.

Anglican Priest, Ven. Elijah Yisa murdered in Bida


[Church of Nigeria News] January 30, 2006--Two assailants made their way into the vicarage compound of St John’s Cathedral Church around 10.00pm last Tuesday and fatally shot the administrative assistant to the Bishop of Bida, the Venerable Elijah Abubakar Yisa, Diocesan authorities said today.

Church delegates agree to disagree


[Times-Dispatch] January 30, 2006--Although some Episcopal Diocese of Virginia members continue to be upset by the denomination's confirmation of an openly gay bishop, delegates yesterday adopted a resolution to respect those with differing views.

"I am committed to staying the course...but if division"


[VirtueOnline] January 28, 2006-- I reiterate to you today that I have no intention of breaking away from the Episcopal Church. But, as I have also told you before, if it breaks away from the Anglican Communion it breaks away from me. That is the only place I know where to stand. And if the choice is forced upon us - Episcopal OR Anglican - all of us are going to have to decide where we stand.

A Prognosis for This Body Episcopal


[VirtueOnline] January 30, 2006--"...how easy it is to misconster what our bodies are trying to say, for each one talks in a local dialect of its own that can alter during its lifetime." Lines to Dr. Walter Brink W. H. Auden

Homosexuality: A public health disaster


[WorldNetDaily] January 28, 2006--The raging debate over homosexual marriage took another interesting turn this week when Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge M. Brooke Murdock struck down Maryland's state law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The decision, handed down Jan. 20, claimed that Family Law §2-201 unfairly abridged the fundamental marriage rights of the nine homosexual couples who filed the lawsuit.

Anglican Communion Challenges Focus of Conference in Charleston, S.C.


[The Living Church] January 30, 2006--The inaugural “Mere Anglicanism” conference was held Jan. 19-21 at the Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul in Charleston, S.C. Approximately 250 gathered to hear Dr. Os Guinness deliver three talks on “Third Mission to the West: Opportunities and Challenges in Winning Back our Civilization,” and the Rev. Stephen Noll of Uganda Christian University speak on “Global Anglicanism: A Blueprint.” Both addresses were later discussed by panels of respected academicians, clergy, and active laity. The conference was dedicated to the memory of Diane Knippers, the late president of the Institute for Religion and Democracy.

Clergy Attitudes Toward Episcopal Church Surveyed


[The Living Church] January 30, 2006--The CREDO Institute and the Presiding Bishop’s Office of Pastoral Development are sponsoring a research project to study “identity in the Episcopal Church.”

Hmm. What are the real motives for this survey?

Jews Bashing Christians on Moral Politics Have Some Questions to Answer


[LifeSiteNews.com] Janaury 30, 2006--A Jewish author has written a commentary that probes the motivation behind certain leaders of liberal Judaism’s contempt for evangelical Christianity.

Italian Cardinal Condemns EU Resolution on Homosexuals


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 30, 2006--Italian prelate, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the Pope’s Vicar for Rome, yesterday condemned a recent resolution passed by the European Union on homosexuals and same-sex “marriage,” calling the measure “profoundly wrong and full of negative consequences,” according to a Catholic Universe report.

New Barna Report Explores Teens and the Supernatural


[The Christian Post] January 30, 2006--The Barna Group released a report that examines teens’ media exposure to the supernatural world as well their perception, experience, and beliefs on the immaterial realm.

Persecution Gives Rise to Interest in Christianity


[The Christian Post] January 30, 2006--Religious persecution remains high throughout the Middle East despite noted increases in freedom. But, as it seems, the antagonism has given rise to greater interest in the Christian faith.

Service Interruptions


[ChristianityToday.com] January 31, 2006--What to do when emergencies and outbursts bring your worship service to a halt.

Religious hate bill changes urged


[BBC News] January 30, 2006--A coalition of politicians, writers and artists is trying to persuade ministers to accept changes made by peers to the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill.

Conservative Christian Leads Unwieldy Canadian Parliament


[ChristianityToday.com] Janaury 30, 2006--Now comes the hard part for Stephen Harper.

Rise of Islamism creates uncertainty over shape of society to come


[The Age] January 31, 2006--As Hamas supporters were celebrating the Islamic group's shock election victory in Ramallah last Thursday, a heavily bearded young man stepped into one of the city's numerous trendy cafes where alcohol is served. "You have two days," he told the patrons menacingly, then stepped back into the crowd.

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Canon Don Irving


[Telegraph] January 27, 2006--Canon Don Irving, who died on January 2 aged 74, was a prominent member of the Church of England's evangelical wing and devoted virtually the whole of his ministry to the leadership of organisations concerned to maintain the reformed tradition in Anglicanism and extend its missionary outreach.

Students' union bans Christian Union


[Times Online] January 26, 2006--The mermaid in the fountain of the 1920s Guild of Students building at Birmingham university, the country's first purpose-built students' union, could be forgiven if she is weeping this week. As reported exclusively in The Times this week, The Guild council has suspended one of its societies, the Evangelical Christian Union, and frozen its the CU funds in its bank account after the CU refused to open its membership to people of all religions. After the CU instructed lawyers and threatened court proceedings, the Guild has agreed to return the money. Several thousand pounds are at stake. But the CU is continuing with its legal action because of the Guild's refusal to reverse its decision to derecognise, or in effect abolish, the Christian Union at Birmingham University.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Local church makes divide with diocese even bigger


[WHEC TV-10] January 29, 2006--The divide between a local Episcopal Church and its diocese continues to grow. The former All Saints Episcopal Church became All Saints Anglican Church on Sunday. The divide between the former All Saints Episcopal Church and the Rochester Episcopal Diocese stems from its stand on homosexuals and the church. Last week the diocese took action against the church's rector David Harnish, but Sunday Harnish and his parishioners took one more step away from the diocese. It's another sign of the split between an All Saints church and it's diocese. On Sunday parishioners joined Father David Harnish in dedicating the new All Saints Anglican Church.

All Saints Priest, Parish Continue To Defy Diocese


[13WHAM-TV] January 30, 2006-- An Episcopal priest from Irondequoit continues to defy an order to step away from his position.

N.C. Episcopal Diocese calls for end to death penalty


[Associated Press] January 28, 2006--The Episcopal Diocese representing central North Carolina approved a resolution Saturday calling on the governor and General Assembly to abolish the state's use of the death penalty.

D.C. Episcopal diocese OKs same-sex blessings


[The Washington Times] January 29, 2006--The Episcopal Diocese of Washington voted yesterday to approve same-sex blessing ceremonies at its annual convention at the Washington National Cathedral, while the Diocese of Virginia, meeting in Richmond, passed an omnibus resolution that touted unity.

All Saints Church renamed


[WROC TV News 8] January 30, 2006--A local priest continues to defy the bishop of the Episcopal Church. Sunday, he renamed his church, something the Episcopal Diocese says is no longer his to rename.

St. James, Newport Beach, Withdraws Lawsuit Against Episcopal Diocese After Court Victory


[VirtueOnline] January 26, 2006-- After a series of court victories ruling that the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and the national Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. had no right to confiscate its property, St. James Anglican Church, Newport Beach, today voluntarily withdrew a lawsuit it had filed against the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles in June 2005.

Imams 'condone domestic violence'


[The Australian] January 30, 2006--The nation's most senior Islamic woman has attacked Muslim religious leaders who condone "wife-beating" and other forms of domestic violence.

EU Approves Ban on 'Homophobia'; Christians Remain Silent


[AgapePress] January 27, 2006--The European Union has unanimously approved a resolution banning "homophobia." A Christian attorney in Mississippi explains why that should concern the citizens of the United States.

Pro-Life Group Files Suit Against Walgreens for Pharmacists' Firings


[Crosswalk.com] January 30, 2006--A pro-life group is filing lawsuits on behalf of four Illinois pharmacists who were fired from Walgreens for their opposition to filling prescriptions for the morning-after pill.

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Washington Passes Gay Rights Bill, Protestors Plan Pro-Family Rally


[The Christian Post] January 28, 2006--Lawmakers in the state of Washington passed a gay rights bill Friday that would add sexual orientation to a state law banning discrimination in housing employment and insurance based on gender, religion, and other factors.

Thousands of Youth Worldwide to Join Prayer Initiative for the Persecuted


[The Christian Post] January 27, 2006--Open Doors International’s youth outreach, Underground, will head a prayer initiative for youths worldwide to pray for persecuted Christians.

Targeted Explosions Strike Four Churches in Iraq


[The Christian Post] January 29, 2006--At least four Iraqi churches in Baghdad and the northern city of Kirkuk fell victim to a synchronized series of bombings Sunday that resulted in the deaths of at least three Iraqis and the wounding of nine, according to authorities.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mission and Order in a Decaying Church


[Cross†way] January 28, 2006--When a Bishop teaches error it is the duty of other presbyters to oppose them. Failure to do this is a breach of the duties laid on clergy.

You will need an Acrobat Reader to read this article.

World’s poorest diocese boasts three new churches


[Anglican Planet] January 28, 2006--Three new churches have been planted in the Sambava region of the Diocese of Antsiranana, one of the poorest dioceses in the world. The diocese is in Madagascar, and is a part of the Anglican Province of the Indian Ocean. More than half of the diocese live without electricity or any modern conveniences.

Bishop’s Murder: Anglican Church Calls For Prayers


[Nigerian Tribune] January 28, 2006--Church of God Nigeria, Anglican Communion has called for prayers by all faithfuls for God’s intervention that will lead to the arrest of the killers of the Rt. Reverend Elisha Yisa of the St. Pauls Anglican Church Bida in Niger State.

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Couples To Go For HIV Test - Anglican Bishop


[Nigerian Tribune] January 28, 2006--The Bishop of the Diocese of Lokoja, Anglican communion, Bishop Emmanuel Egbunu has directed all Anglican clergy to ensure that all prospective couples undergo HIV/AIDS test and confirmation of their genotype.

Third Mission to the West Faces Crisis of Modernity


[VirtueOnline] January 26, 2006--A leading U.S. social critic and author who has described the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops as "kissing Judases" for their betrayal of the historic Christian faith, believes the Western Church must engage in a "Third Mission to the West" a call by Pope Benedict to "re-evangelize Europe."

Anglican church warns of Nigeria e-mail scams


[Charlotte Observer] January 28, 2006--The Anglican Church of Nigeria is warning foreigners to beware of e-mails from "fraudulent personalities" hoping to exploit "Christian love and the good name of the church."

Pastor to preach, defy Episopal bishop's order


[Rochester Democrat & Chronicle] January 28, 2006--The pastor of All Saints Anglican Church plans to preach Sunday even though Rochester's Episcopal bishop has forbidden him to do so.

Bennison Rebuffs Call To Resign


[The Christian Challenge] January 28, 2006--The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania's strongly revisionist bishop, Charles Bennison, says he "absolutely" will not accede to the request of his entire diocesan Standing Committee that he resign or retire by March 31.

Va. Episcopalians Struggle With Possibility of Schism


[The Washington Post] January 28, 2006--Members of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia conclude their annual convention today in Richmond amid growing fears that continuing differences over the 2003 consecration of an openly homosexual bishop will prompt some conservative parishes to withdraw from the diocese.

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Episcopal Priest Pleased Book of Daniel Yanked from the Tube


[AgapePress] January 27, 2006--An Episcopal priest says he's encouraged by NBC's recent decision to dump the controversial television series The Book of Daniel. He calls it a testament to what can happen when enough Christians speak out against blasphemy and irreverence on TV.

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Rochester Episcopal Diocese speaks out about suspension of priest


[WHEC TV-10] January 27, 2006--The Rochester Episcopal Diocese spoke out Friday about their decision to tell a local priest he can no longer perform his duties in the church. Reverend David Harnish was rector of the former All Saints church in Irondequoit. All Saints leaders have refused to pay the Episcopal Diocese an annual fee because it does not support the diocese's recruitment of gay priests

Incitement to Racial and Religious Hatred Bill


[Anglican Mainstream] January 27, 2006--Latest news on its progress through the Commons

Jeffrey John breaks silence on civil partnership


[Times Online] January 27, 2006--The Dean of St Albans, Dr Jeffrey John, has broken his silence on civil partnerships, arguing that it is a “tragedy” that the Church cannot regard gay relationships as part of God’s work. Dr John says in the foreword to a new book published by Affirming Catholicism that civil partnerships rightly confer exactly the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexual marriage.

Emergency situation in Georgia


[Anglican Mainstream] January 27, 2006--An appeal from Presiding Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili TSSF, Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia

Coptic Christian-Muslim Clashes Escalate in Egypt


[The Christian Post] January 27, 2006--A violent clash broke out between Coptic Christians and a group of Muslims in a southern Egyptian village last Thursday, adding to a growing list of recent conflicts between the two religious groups in the country.

Washington Passes Gay Rights Bill, Protestors Plan Pro-Family Rally


[The Christian Post] January 27, 2006--Lawmakers in the state of Washington passed a gay rights bill Friday that would add sexual orientation to a state law banning discrimination in housing employment and insurance based on gender, religion, and other factors.

U.K. Evangelicals Warn Against 'Immense' Negative Implications of Proposed Hatred Bill


[The Christian Post] January 27, 2006--Evangelicals across the United Kingdom this week have warned that if the government’s version of the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill is passed by the House of Commons on Jan. 31, there will be a clear negative impact for society and religion.

Arguments Heard in Court Battle over Christ's Existence


[The Christian Post] January 27, 2006--A challenge against a parish priest's assertion that Jesus Christ existed pushed forward as an Italian judge heard arguments Friday to determine whether the case should be tried.

Religious Intolerance Escalates in Uzbekistan, Commission Reports


[The Christian Post] January 25, 2006--Religious intolerance in the predominantly Muslim Uzbekistan has escalated since an anti-government uprising in Andijan in May 2005, where hundreds are thought to have died when government security forces attacked unarmed, peaceful protesters.

5 Reasons Torture is always Wrong


[ChristianityToday.com] January 27, 2006--And why there should be no exceptions.

Living Sacrifices


[ChristianityToday.com] January 27, 2006--Life is about more than minimizing pain and maximizing pleasure.

Christian Studio Explains Hiring of Gay Actor


[ChristianityToday.com] January 26, 2006--The makers of End of the Spear didn't find out about co-star Chad Allen's homosexuality until after they offered him the job, and then they felt obliged to honor the contract.

Boston's Quiet Revival


[ChristianityToday.com] January 25, 2006--Evangelical Christianity thrives in America's most Catholic city, at the heart of cold New England.

Mohler: 80-90% of Down syndrome babies killed in push for ‘human perfection’


[Baptist Press] January 27, 2006--Recent statistics show that as many as 80-90 percent of all babies found to have Down syndrome through pre-term testing are aborted, an alarming reality demonstrating contemporary culture’s fixation with human perfection and consumer choice, R. Albert Mohler Jr. said Jan. 22 on the “Coral Ridge Hour” television program.

ACLJ sues Walgreens over ‘morning-after’ pill firings


[Baptist Press] January 27, 2006--The American Center for Law and Justice is suing Walgreens after the company fired four pharmacists who refused to dispense the “morning-after” pill because of religious objections.

Maryland amendment may be making progress; homosexual groups opposing DOMA challenge?


[Baptist Press] January 27, 2006--A Maryland legislator said Jan. 25 he is close to having enough signatures to force a vote on a constitutional marriage amendment in the state House of Delegates, thereby bypassing the committee process, where it likely would stall.

The Gospel ripple effect


[Baptist Press] January 27, 2006--The Christian Gospel began with the life, death and resurrection of one man nearly 2,000 years ago. Since that time, the Gospel message has been embraced by hundreds of millions of people. You and I are beneficiaries of the ripple effect of the Gospel. Those of us over whom the waves of the grace of God have washed are responsible for sharing the Gospel and causing the ripple effect to continue.

Target Pharmacist Fired for Refusing to Dispense Abortifacient Morning-After Pill


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 27, 2006-- A Target pharmacist has lost her job for refusing to dispense or refer for the abortifacient morning-after pill.

Harper Stays Firm on Commitment to Marriage Vote and Choice in Child Care


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 27, 2006--Stephen Harper will be sworn in as Prime Minister on February 6, but that didn't stop him from having his first press conference in Prime Ministerial fashion Thursday. Responding to questions from reporters, Harper revealed that he will be dealing promptly, but not immediately with the issue of marriage and remain firm in his plans to provide parents choice in child care.

Chief Campaign Supporter, Not Candidate, Made Muslim Power Statements


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 27, 2006--Based on information in the Western Standard and other articles, LifeSiteNews.com reported Jan. 24 an alleged Muslim power statement made by Liberal candidate Omar Alghabra after winning the nomination for the riding of Mississauga-Erindale. Alghabra went on to win the election and is now the Member of Parliament for the riding.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Episcopalians Gone Wild


[The Daily Standard] January 27, 2006--NBC'S lame-duck series Book of Daniel kicked up a lot of controversy during its brief run, but perhaps not for the right reasons.

Episcopalians will discuss preserving unity in diocese


[Richmond Times-Dispatch] January 27, 2006--Delegates to the 211th Annual Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia will consider several resolutions aimed at holding the diocese together during troubled times.

What does 2006 hold for the Church of Ireland?


[Reform Ireland] January 18, 2006--2005 was a year of turmoil for the Anglican Church worldwide and the Church of Ireland did not escape from the turmoil. Will 2006 be any different?

Episcopalians look for new leader


[The Star-Ledger] January 27, 2006--During his 22 years as bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, John Shelby Spong attained a national profile because of his outspoken views that questioned basic Christian principles.

Third Province presentation in March


[EV News] January 27, 2006--Wallace Benn and Nigel Atkinson are speaking at a presentation by the TPM on 24th March aimed at evangelicals.

Christians urged to welcome civil partnerships


[ekklesia] January 27, 2006--The Anglican organisation Affirming Catholicism has published today a booklet calling on the Church to welcome civil partnerships as a pastoral opportunity and a means of listening to the experience of lesbian and gay Christians.

Let My People Go!


[VirtueOnline] January 26, 2006--The Episcopal Church is imploding.

In one diocese after another, parish rectors and their parishioners are quietly, and not so quietly, leaving the Episcopal Church.

Bishop Henry Parsley's Letter about his Nomination for PB


[VirtueOnline] January 25, 2006--The Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop made its report on 25 January nominating four bishops of our church for this office. I am deeply honored and deeply humbled to be one of those nominated, along with my esteemed colleagues Bishop Neil Alexander of Atlanta, Bishop Ted Gulick of Kentucky, and Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori of Nevada

Bishop Bennison Reponds to Standing Committee


[VirtueOnline] January 26, 2006--In my prayer regarding this request on what is essentially for me a vocational question, I have come to the conclusion and decision that my resignation would not be a solution to the challenges we face. Rather, we need to pursue together a rigorous long-term process for addressing our problems. I pledge myself to participate in such a process, once created, and invite the Standing Committee and all of you to be part of it.

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Episcopal Church Releases Candidates for Top Position, Sparks Criticism


[The Christian Post] January 27, 2006--The Episcopal Church named four candidates to be its new leader Wednesday, a list that included the first female nominee and one candidate who opposed the consecration of the denomination’s first openly gay bishop. Orthodox Episcopalians said they were “deeply disturbed” by the choice of the nominees.

'Dignity means life, not death'


[Church Times] January 27, 2006--Doctors and others who work to improve the quality of life for dying and disabled people expressed anger this week after the Voluntary Euthanasia Society (VES) rebranded itself as Dignity in Dying.

How Big is Your Vision?


[The Christian Post] January 26, 2006--Over the years, I've learned that – contrary to popular opinion – the bigger the vision, the easier it is to reach that vision, and, ultimately, the size of your vision should be determined by the size of God.

Homosexuality and the Bible—Trusting the Truth


[The Christian Post] January 26, 2006--With the movement toward same-sex marriage and the normalization of homosexuality gaining momentum, some churches are running for cover. Yet, our Christian responsibility is clear--we are to tell the truth about what God has revealed concerning human sexuality, gender, and marriage. No one said it was going to be easy.

Deadline Looms for Florida Gay 'Marriage' Opponents


[The Christian Post] January 26, 2006--A petition drive to ban same-sex "marriage" in Florida is less than half way toward reaching its goal with a Feb. 1 deadline looming, even as conservatives and some church leaders make a last effort to get the measure on the November ballot.

Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester Issues Inhibition Against Rector of Embattled Church


[Anglican Mainstream] January 27, 2006--The Rt. Rev. Jack McKelvey, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, with approval of the diocesan Standing Committee, today inhibited the Rev. David Harnish, Rector of All Saints, Rochester, charging the priest with "abandonment of communion." The inhibition attempts to prevent Father Harnish from fulfilling his role and "priestly functions" as rector of All Saints, but it is unenforceable as Father Harnish is currently under the jurisdictional authority of the Anglican province of Uganda, and not under the Diocese of Rochester.

Pro-Family Attorney Sees Tide Turning Against ACLU's Anti-Religion Efforts


[AgapePress] January 25, 2006--A Tennessee County is fighting to keep its Ten Commandments display in public. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit requesting a permanent injunction against a display of the biblical laws at the Rutherford County Courthouse in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Ex-Homosexual Ministry Leader: Brokeback Mountain May Be Tip of the Iceberg


[AgapePress] January 25, 2006--A former homosexual who now heads an international Christian ministry to individuals affected by homosexuality says movies such as the much touted mainstream media darling Brokeback Mountain are sending the wrong message to Americans about culture and sexuality.

French Parliamentarian Fined Thousands of Euros for 'Homophobia'


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 26, 2006--A court in Lille handed down its sentence on a French Parliamentarian Tuesday, fining him 3000 Euros and forcing him to pay an additional 6000 Euros to be split between three homosexual activist groups who brought the charges against the MP. Christian Vanneste, a member of the UMP representing the Lille region was found guilty in December on charges of violating a French law barring "hate speech" against homosexuals.

This represents a serious infringement upon the freedom of speech! In a democracy parliamentarians and legislators should be free to speak their minds on the floor of the parliament or legislature.

Study Finds Normal Sexual Relations Have Health Benefit but Not Gay or Other Sex


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 26, 2006--Research has long confirmed the health-promoting benefits of sexual intercourse. By strengthening the emotional bond between spouses, regular sexual intercourse has been shown to reduce the risk for heart attack by up to 50% in some studies. A new UK study adds to those findings revealing that only heterosexual intercourse - not homosexual sex or self abuse - has significant stress-reducing effects, as measured by blood pressure responses to stressful situations.

Rome Forces Homosexual Activist Bishop Gumbleton to Resign


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 26, 2006--Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, who is known as an activist for homosexuality in the Church, has handed in his resignation to the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI is expected to announce the resignation today.

Ugandan Bishops Reject Right to Abortion


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 26, 2006--Uganda’s bishops have released a powerful statement against abortion in response to the Maputo Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa, an initiative undertaken by the African Union to make abortion a human right.

Ireland: Report Recommends No Change to Traditional Family Definition


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 26, 2006--Ireland will retain its definition of the family without including same-sex relationships, according to a report released yesterday by Ireland’s Prime Minister Bertie Ahern.

Va. Senate easily passes marriage amendment


[Baptist Press] January 26, 2006--Virginia's Senate easily passed a proposed constitutional marriage amendment Jan. 25, virtually assuring that voters there will have a say on the issue of "gay marriage" this November.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Church to tackle child abuse and witchcraft


[Barnet & Potters Bar Times] January 26, 2006--A Brent Cross church is calling world church leaders and speakers to address the issue of witchcraft within Britain's African evangelical churches.

New law poses threat to Christian preachers


[The Church of England Newspaper] January 27, 2006--A "chilling culture of intimidation and investigation” could be the result of the Government’s religious hatred law, according to leading opponents after the Bill passed its final reading in the House of Lords this week. Don Horrocks of the Evangelical Alliance criticised the Church of England for “too readily accepting the Government’s line”.

Civil partnerships issue is deeply dividing bishops


[The Church of England Newspaper] January 27, 2006--A senior bishop has acknowledged that the row over the Church’s support for the Civil Partnerships Act highlights a growing divide in the House of Bishops over issues of sexuality. The Statement was presented last year as the unanimously agreed position of the House of Bishops, but the Bishop of Chester, the Rt Rev Peter Forster, told The Church of England Newspaper that they are deeply divided over the issue.

Fears grow in Malaysia


[The Church of England Newspaper] January 27, 2006--Government leaders in Malaysia have withdrawn a petition under pressure from Muslim leaders that called upon Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to protect the rights of religious minorities. Eight non-Muslim ministers of the Malaysian government presented a memorandum to Prime Minister Badawi at the weekly Cabinet meeting on January 18 calling for a constitutional review of laws that infringe upon the rights of religious minorities.

To read more The Church of England Newspaper articles, go to http://www.churchnewspaper.com/news.php.

Episcopal Diocese Takes New Action Against Exiled Church


[13WHAM.com] January 26, 2006--The Episcopal Diocese of Rochester has taken new action against an Irondequoit church.

The American Anglican Council Expresses Grave Concern Over Nominees for Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church


[American Anglican Council] January 25, 2006--Given the Anglican Communion’s call for the Episcopal Church to choose to walk together or walk apart, the choice of candidates for Presiding Bishop makes a strong statement. If the Episcopal Church had any intention of repentance, candidates would clearly adhere to the authority of Scripture, affirm the apostolic faith, and commit to the immediate cessation of ordination/consecration of non-celibate homosexuals as well as the blessings of same-sex unions. We are deeply disturbed that the list of nominees does not include any candidate who is representative of orthodox Anglicanism.

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Standing Committee Asks Bennison to Retire by March 31, 2006


[VirtueOnline] January 25, 2006--Last evening the Standing Committee informed me that it had voted unanimously to ask me to retire or resign as your bishop by March 31.

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National Church Announces Candidates for Next Presiding Bishop


[VirtueOnline] January 25, 2006--The Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop has today announced the names of those bishops it will place in nomination for election as 26th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Death of Religion


[New Bern Sun Journal] January 22, 2006--Armed with little more than faith and a canon, a Rwandan David is today positioning itself against an American Goliath. The intent is largely a rescue effort, said Emmanuel Kolini, archbishop of Rwanda. Under his leadership, the Anglican Mission in America is attempting to save more than 120 million "unchurched" Americans from the "spiritual genocide" plaguing this and other nations, the spiritual leader said.

Network Now


[Anglican Mission in America] January 25, 2006--The Anglican Mission is developing missionary networks to plant churches in N. America. See what Bishop TJ Johnston is thinking.

New Churches Head into 2006


[Anglican Mission in America] January 22, 2006--The Anglican Mission in America is serious about opening doors for new congregations. We plant a new church about every three weeks and we're grateful for the increase that God is providing. At the recent Winter Conference it was announced that the AMiA now has 87 congregations, and about a dozen more fellowship groups on the way to full affiliation. For information on church planting in the AMiA, contact our National Mission Resource Center at 843-237-0318.

Rwanda Roundup


[Anglican Mission in America] January 25, 2006--The following roundup of news from the Anglican Church in Rwanda was prepared and submitted by Grace Mugabe, Communications Officer of the Province who office is in Kigali.

Hear and See the 2006 AMIA Winter Conference

The plenary sessions and workshops of the Winter Conference were recorded for distribution, so you can enjoy for the first time, or again, and to pass along to friends. For a list of materials contact Rhino Technologies at 270-753-0717.

Visit their website at http://www.rhino-technologies.com/

Falls Church Vestry's Letter to Bishop Lee


[VirtueOnline] January 25, 2006--We greet you with affection as your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. We are deeply grateful that you are successfully recovering from your surgery. This is an answer to our prayers, which we wil continue to offer on your behalf. After our Rector spoke with you following that surgery, he told us of your desire to meet with us, which we warmly reciprocate. Our fervent hope is for a full relationship, healed of the injuries caused by the developments at and after General Convention 2003. To that end, we as a Vestry ask for the opportunity to meet with you sometime between now and Thanksgiving. One of us wil telephone your office in a few days tosee whether we can schedule a meeting.

Grace will take on diocese


[Clay County Line] January 24, 2006--Leaders and lawyers at Grace Church said they plan to fight to keep their 6-acre, 17-building Kingsley Avenue campus, following a bishop's order to vacate or be sued.

Anglican Communion Network Continues to Grow


[VirtueOnline] January 23, 2006--Bishop Robert Duncan, moderator of the Anglican Communion Network (ACN or Network), announced the appointment of Wicks Stephens as Chancellor of the Network.

Students ban Christians in row over gays


[Times Online] January 25, 2006--A University Christian Union has been suspended and had its bank account frozen after refusing to open its membership to people of all religions.

A Statement from clergy in the Diocese of Rochester


[Anglican Mainstream] January 2, 2006--As parish clergy in the Diocese of Rochester, we are most grateful to Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali for his recent letter to us with regard to the Civil Partnership Act 2004. We welcome his critique of both the Bill and of the House of Bishops' Pastoral Statement which, as he observes, is a "recipe for confusion".

Archbishop's views queried


[Anglican Mainstream] January 20, 2006--In the week following his enthronement the Archbishop of York gave this interview to Andrew Carey of the Church of England Newspaper....

First Comprehensive Study on Euthanasia in U.K. Released


[The Christian Post] January 20, 2006--Doctors in Britain illegally helped 3,000 of their patients die in 2004, a new survey shows. The study is the first comprehensive study of euthanasia in the United Kingdom.

No-Fault Divorce—The End of Marriage?


[The Christian Post] January 24, 2006--By now, any observer with a modicum of moral insight is aware that marriage is an institution in crisis. Nevertheless, one of the most significant factors contributing to this crisis is often overlooked, and that one factor has led to the breakup of more marriages than any other--no-fault divorce.

Where The Real Action Is...


[Time Online Edition] January 22, 2006--For all the debate in Washington, the battle over abortion is actually in the states, which are imposing more limits than ever. MISSOURI is a case study....

New Mission Resource Released to Tackle Doubts in Faith


[Christianity Today UK] January 25, 2006--A number of Christian leaders have united together with the vision to fulfil one goal – to answer some of the most difficult questions surrounding Christianity and its believers in society today.

Evangelical Tour to Highlight Implications of New Religious Laws


[Christianity Today UK] January 24, 2006--A leading evangelical is set to join together with other prominent Christian leaders and spokespeople to lead a national tour of the UK in February 2006.

Christian Organisations Seek to Aid Kenya Famine


[Christianity Today UK] January 24, 2006--As the famine in Kenya continues to deteriorate due to rain shortage, Christian organisations like Food for the Hungry and the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), respond with awareness and support.

Agreement Still Possible


[The Living Church] January 24, 2006--The Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop should be completing its work soon. When it releases the names of the bishops who are nominated for the election of the Episcopal Church’s primate, we hope that list will include at least one person who is known to be skilled in reconciliation. Considering that the two sides in the current impasse that prevents the Church from fulfilling its mission are so far apart, it seems obvious that someone with experience in bringing together divergent factions is crucial.

Southern Virginia Appoints Interim Bishop


[The Living Church] January 24, 2006--The Rt. Rev. Robert H. Johnson has been selected by the standing committee of the Diocese of Southern Virginia to become that diocese's interim bishop. Bishop Johnson retired as the Bishop of Western North Carolina in September 2004 after almost 17 years of service.

"Bishop Johnson was recommended to the diocese by the Rt. Rev. Clay Mathews from the Office of the Presiding Bishop." Hmmm.

Christian-Muslim Forum Launched by Archbishop of Canterbury


[Christianity Today UK] January 24, 2006--The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has launched a new forum which will work on fostering a greater understanding between Muslims and Christians.

Human life is a ‘gift from our Creator,’ President Bush tells March for Life crowd


[Baptist Press] January 24, 2006--President Bush renewed his call for Congress to ban all forms of human cloning Jan. 23 and reiterated his desire to see a culture of life established in the United States during a message to tens of thousands of Americans gathered for the annual March for Life in Washington.

Canadian Christians hopeful after Conservative election win


[Baptist Press] January 24, 2006--Giving hope to Canada's evangelicals on a number of key issues, Canadians cautiously elected a Conservative Parliament Jan. 23, ending nearly 13 years of power for a Liberal government that just last summer pushed a bill through the legislature legalizing "gay marriage."

Canadian Christians may be disappointed. A number of "Conservative" candidates who ran for election support the "gay rights" agenda.

NBC Closes the Book on Daniel


[AgapePress] January 24, 2006--There's word out of Hollywood today that NBC has cancelled its controversial series called The Book of Daniel -- and the pro-family group that played a prominent role in directing consumers' complaints to the network about the program is crediting those who took a stand for family values.

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Elected Liberal Candidate Alghabra Had Celebrated Nomination as “Victory for Islam”


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 24, 2006--It appears that militant Islamism has gained a foothold in Canada’s parliament with the election last night of Liberal candidate Omar Alghabra in the riding of Mississauga-Erindale. Alghabra had previously celebrated his nomination for the riding as a victory for Islamic power, according to a report in the Western Standard.

New Study Shows Pro-Life Laws Save Lives


[The Heritage Foundation] January 24, 2006--Unanimous verdicts by the Supreme Court are rare. Yet, last week, we witnessed one -- and in an abortion case, no less.

Time to Defuse a Demographic Bomb


[Zenit News Agency] January 21, 2006--A number of countries have published data revealing a serious deficiency in the number of children being born. On Jan. 9 a report by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences predicted that the country's population will fall from 8 million in 2001 to 7 million in 2020, according to Agence France-Presse.

The Next Conservatism #27: A Post-literate Culture


[Free Congress Foundation] January 23, 2006--For years, conservatives have warned that America's children are not learning to read, and indeed are not reading: the classics of Western literature are now largely unknown to them. The next conservatism will have to confront the results of this dual functional and cultural illiteracy. Specifically, it will have to face the fact that American culture is increasingly post-literate.

Two International Gay Associations Denied Membership Status with UN


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 24, 2006--The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) denied access yesterday to two international homosexual activist organizations seeking consultative status with the Council. Such status would give the organizations access to Council meetings and allow them to distribute material to members.

Exposing the Errors in The Da Vinci Code


[IgnatiusInsight] January 25, 2006--The immense success of The Da Vinci Code and its strong language about early Christianity and the Catholic Church has resulted in substantial controversy over many of the "facts" within its pages. Not only is the novel influencing the views of non-Christian readers, it is raising difficult questions in the minds of many Christians, some of whom are being asked about Brown’s interpretation of Church history and theology. One such reader recently wrote to us, saying: "I own a Catholic bookstore. We are getting bombarded daily by people who are buying into the garbage in this book. You cannot believe how many people have been exposed to this book. . . . We even had an elderly aunt talking about Opus Dei tonight and yelling at us that the book is true or it couldn’t be printed." Another reader openly admitted the doubts that The Da Vinci Code has raised in his mind....

Religion flourishes but atheism looks sick


[mercatornet] January 22, 2006--Why does atheism get such a good press and religion such a bad one when, as a global survey shows, religious people outnumber atheists eleven to one?

Activist Attests to a Pro-Homosexual Judiciary in His State, Cites Examples


[AgapePress] January 23, 2006--A homosexual teacher in Massachusetts who admitted to raping one of his teenage students and possessing child pornography has escaped jail time. A Waltham-based pro-family leader says the case is yet another indication that most judges in his state are in league with homosexual activists.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Va. church demands bishop repent


[The Washington Times] January 23, 2006--Virginia's largest Episcopal parish, in a letter to the church's 2,200 members, yesterday called on Virginia's the Rt. Rev. Peter J. Lee to "repent and return to the truth" over supporting the ordination of the openly homosexual bishop of New Hampshire.

Sodomy, Animal Sex Un-African


[The New Times] January 23, 2006--African governments should wake up and flash out the increasing number and establishment of homosexuality on the continent just as the Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo openly came out and supported the Country's Anglican leadership stance against practices of sodomy and related same-sex relationships.

'Book of Daniel' Creator Appeals to Viewers to Keep Show on Air


[The Christian Post] January 23, 2006--Weeks after the premier of the controversial new series "The Book of Daniel," seven television stations have dropped the program from their schedule after receiving floods of complaints, and the show's creator is making an appeal to its viewers to bring a stop to them.

''Let Him Who Boasts Boast in This''


[The Christian Post] January 23, 2006--The life of the preacher is a life of study, and it has been so from the very beginning. The Apostle Paul instructed Timothy to study so that he could present himself to God as an approved worker, "a worker who has no need to be ashamed" [2 Timothy 2:15]. This instruction came within the context of Timothy's call as a preacher and teacher of God's Word, and Paul's instruction to Timothy is our Lord's instruction to all who would preach and teach the Word of God.

Pakistan Quake Children Dying From Cold


[The Christian Post] January 24, 2006--Freezing temperature compounded with inadequate winter shelter and clothing has caused pneumonia and even reports of death among children affected by the Pakistan quake.

Italian Priest Faces Hearing This Week for Asserting Existence of Jesus Christ


[The Christian Post] January 23, 2006--A small-town parish priest in Italy will face a legal hearing this week after an atheist man accused him of unlawfully asserting that Jesus Christ existed.

Episcopalians Seeks Sainthood for Marshall


[The Washington Post] January 23, 2006--Episcopalians from a church where the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall worshipped are asking their denomination to name him a saint.

UK Church Growing Faster than Starbucks


[ChristianityToday UK] January 20, 2006--A startling research paper is to be released at a forthcoming conference which shows that new churches are spreading across the UK faster than Starbucks.

India Local Government OK's 'Anti-Christian' Weapons Distribution


[BosNewsLife] January 23, 2006--The government of India's largest northwestern state, Rajasthan, has withdrawn criminal procedures against most militants of an influential Hindu nationalist organization involved in the massive distribution of 'tridents', three-sponged spears that have reportedly been used to intimidate the Christian minority, BosNewsLife learned Monday, January 23.

Pittsburgh Chancellor Appointed Executive Officer for AMiA


[The Living Church] January 23, 2006--Robert G. Devlin, chancellor for the Diocese of Pittsburgh, will remain in that office while serving as executive officer for the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA).

Church to pay £2.5m for bishop's new house


[Telegraph] January 21, 2006--Days after an appeal for £60 million to save dilapidated churches, it emerged yesterday that the Church of England is to spend £2.5 million for a new home for the Bishop of Oxford.

Lord's debate on Religious Hatred


[EV News] January 24, 2006--The House of Lords will hold its third and final reading of the controversial Racial and Religious Hatred Bill tomorrow (Tuesday 24 January).

Supreme Court sends pro-life ad case back to lower court


[Baptist Press] January 23, 2006--Dodging a major free speech ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court Jan. 23 sent a case that pits a Wisconsin pro-life group against the 2002 campaign finance reform law back to a lower court that previously had dismissed the case.

The ministry of adoption


[Baptist Press] January 23, 2006--“Can you not have children of your own?” I bit my tongue as I responded to the question. “She is my own,” I replied. The usual reaction was given, “Oh. Well, you know what I mean.” Yes, I do know what that person and the countless others who have asked similar questions mean. They want to know if my wife and I are capable of having biological children. After all, don’t most people only adopt after exhausting all other means of starting a family?

Abortion Ban Considered in Growing Number of States: South Dakota, Indiana, Ohio


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 23, 2006--South Dakota is introducing a bill that will ban abortion in the state. The bill, called the Woman’s Health and Life Protection Act, will make abortion a crime, but will not allow prosecution for a doctor who performs an abortion when a woman’s life is in danger.

UK Judge Denies Parents Right to Know About Abortions For Their Underage Daughters


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 23, 2006--UK parents have been told they have no right to know if their daughter is to have an abortion or contraceptive, according to a High Court judgement.

Monday, January 23, 2006

A mission in America


[The New Bern Sun Journal] January 22, 2006--Attempting to stymie the corrosion and decline of the Episcopal Church USA, two primates of the Anglican Church launched the Anglican Mission in America in summer of 2000.

Nashville station pulls plug on 'Book of Daniel' after complaints


[The Jackson Sun] January 23, 2006--Several television stations in the Bible Belt, including the Nashville NBC affiliate, recently gave the boot to "The Book of Daniel," a controversial new NBC prime-time program touted as a "provocative" drama.

Tribunal dismisses UBC student's complaints


[The Vancouver Sun] January 23, 2006--A University of B.C. graduate student who has sued the university and four of its professors for $18 million, alleging she was discriminated against because of her religious beliefs, has had the same complaint dismissed by the Human Rights Tribunal.

Priest leaves, faithful follow


[Detroit News] January 23, 2006--In a conference room at the Holiday Inn near Interstate 275, a table placed atop a riser is a makeshift altar, and the Rev. C. Allen Kannapell raises a donated bronze chalice.

Without prayer books or hymnals, about 190 people gathered Sunday for a service in the most uncharacteristic of settings, drawn by their faith and their breakaway pastor, who recently was cast out of nearby St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.

Modern Christian Mysticism


[Evangelical Times] October 2005--Most evangelical Christians probably would not recognise themselves in the previous discussion of mysticism (ET July to August), but there are subtle influences at work drawing believers in this direction even without their knowledge. While firmly denying any part in classical mysticism many are actually participating in time-honoured mystical practices.

Short interview with Anglican bishop Henry Scriven


[Spero News] January 23, 2006--Some Spero readers may know that I am an Anglican convert – having found the Roman Catholic Church via a sidetrip, conveniently enough allowing me to call myself Catholic without taking the final plunge.

Leaders talk about split from church


[Tallahassee Democrat] January 23, 2006--At the first service since leaders of the Episcopal Church of the Advent announced plans to leave the church, a packed house heard a plea to stay by a representative of Florida Bishop S. Johnson Howard.

Understanding unbelief essential says church growth expert


[sydneyanglicans.net] January 23, 2006--Everyone believes something - even an "unbeliever."

The story behind the story of church membership


[Anglican Journal] January 21, 2006--We would like to offer some clarification for our fellow scribes, many of whom picked up on a December Anglican Journal story that detailed a presentation at last fall’s meeting of the house of bishops about declining church membership. Starting with one national daily newspaper which, to its credit, did ask for background on the presentation, the story took on a life of its own. Wire services picked up the story and it quickly spread around the globe, many of the stories repeating the sensational assertion of presenter Keith McKerracher that given current declining membership trends in Canada, “the last Anglican will leave the church in 2061.”

Nigeria Takes 'Pre-Emptive' Step to Outlaw Same-Sex 'Marriage'


[The Christian Post] January 21, 2006--The Nigerian government is taking a “pre-emptive step” toward introducing a specific ban on same-sex marriages as Europe and the United States become increasingly pro-gay marriage.

Evangelicals Condemn Channel 4 Dawkin Programme as “Viciously Biased”


[Christianit Today UK] January 21, 2006--The Evangelical Alliance last week condemned Richard Dawkins’ Channel 4 programme ‘The Root of All Evil’, saying it was “woefully ill-informed atheist polemic which belies its own claims to rational argument.”

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Passion of the Left: Hating Christians


[The American Thinker] January 21, 2006--If viewers happened to be tuned into CSPAN several weeks ago, they were in for quite a spectacle. CSPAN was re-airing a conference that took place in May of 2005 with the ominous title, “Examining the Real Agenda of the Far Religious Right.”

San Antonio Episcopal Priests to Picket 'Book of Daniel' Tonight with Christian Talk Show Host Adam McManus and Listeners


[Christian Newswire] January 20, 2006--Two San Antonio Episcopal priests, both of whom will wear their liturgical collars, will join Christian radio talk show host Adam McManus in studio at 5 p.m. central for an hour on Friday, January 20, 2006 to articulate why they will join McManus and picket the anti-Christian NBC TV show “The Book of Daniel” at NBC affiliate WOAI-TV4 tonight from 9-10 p.m.

Orthodox theologian says Anglican Communion faces judgment


[VirtueOnline] January 20, 2006--If the Archbishop of Canterbury and his 2008 Lambeth Design Team continues a "business-as-usual" Lambeth conference, with North American churches present, the Anglican Communion will incur the judgment of God and effectively put an end to the Communion as a serious, respected Christian body.

The Global Anglican Communion: A Blueprint


[VirtueOnline] January 20, 2006--The Anglican Communion in Crisis - The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion are in crisis. If you do not think this is so, then may I respectfully suggest that you don't belong here. Or perhaps I don't belong here. I address you as one who was saved and baptized in the Episcopal Church as a university student. I use that salvation language because that is the way my colleagues in Uganda would put it and because it is the truth: I once was lost but now I'm found. Praise the Lord! Jesus saved me in the context of the Anglican tradition, which I cherish. I love its history, its liturgy, its reasonableness and moderation, its "mereness." We need to recall that this mereness has been sealed in the blood of martyrs - whether in England or Uganda and elsewhere - who in times of crisis cried out "Play the Man, Master Ridley" or "Here we are at Heaven's gates. In the twinkling of an eye, we shall see Jesus!" Hence in our context today, I interpret the conference title "Mere Anglicanism" to be a kind of battle cry like "Back to the Sources!" or "Here I Stand!" or "Remember the Martyrs!"

Making Do with More


[ChristianityToday.com] January 20, 2006--Susan represents a phenomenon so new that most people—including her parents—misunderstand it. She's 18 years old, bright, attractive, and could have won college athletic scholarships. Sometime during her senior year of high school, however, Susan dropped out of sports, took leave from school, and told her parents she wanted to finish via the GED.

A Politician Explains the Faith


[ChristianityToday.com] January 20, 2006--On September 8, 1947, C. S. Lewis's stature as an apologist was established when he appeared on the cover of Time magazine. The accompanying article declared him to be "one of the most influential spokesmen for Christianity in the English-speaking world." The intervening years have only added to the belief that Lewis was the greatest apologist of the 20th century, and millions of lives have been changed by reading his Mere Christianity.

Hindu Extremists Attack Christians in India


[Compass Direct] January 20, 2006--Hindu extremists attacked Christians in two incidents in the same district of Andhra Pradesh state on January 12 and 13, in one case dragging a pastor from a child’s birthday party and kicking him unconscious.

Your prayers are asked for the persecuted Christians of India and Pakistan.

Guildford report proposes TEA and sympathy


[Church Times] January 20, 2006--The majority of the House of Bishops supports the exploration of a proposed "middle way" through problems the Church of England faces if it ordains women bishops.

Guildford Report and the Guardian


[EV News] January 20, 2006--Being accused of prediction doom by Stephen Bates, the author of 'The Church at War' is a bit rich, and a bit simplistic - but then this is the Guardian.

Christians Join Forces to Fight for Life


[Crosswalk.com] January 20, 2006--Based on data from the two primary sources of U.S. abortion statistics (Centers for Disease Control and Alan Guttmacher Institute), it is estimated that approximately one million abortions take place annually. More than 43 million abortions have been performed in the United States since Jan. 22, 1973.

Tragic: U.S. passed 47 million mark for abortions in 2005


[Baptist Press] January 20, 2006--In what can only be described as tragic, the United States likely experienced its 47 millionth legal abortion at some point in 2005, more than three decades after the Supreme Court issued its infamous 1973 Roe. v. Wade decision legalizing the killing of the unborn.

Fla. marriage amendment signature drive looking like a bust


[Baptist Press] January 20, 2006--Barring an incredible effort by Florida churches in the final days of January, a signature drive for a constitutional marriage amendment there appears likely to fail.

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Pastor insists he hasn’t endorsed homosexuality


[Baptist Press] January 20, 2006--The pastor of a church removed from membership in the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention says his relationship to a homosexual-affirming ministry does not constitute an endorsement of homosexuality.

The ‘End of the Spear’ dilemma


[Baptist Press] January 20, 2006--The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word dilemma as: A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive.

STDs an “Epidemic:” Canadian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 20, 2006--A spike in sexually transmitted diseases is being described by Canadian gynecologists as an “epidemic.”

The consequence of a permissive society?

"Star Tory Candidate" Peter Kent Totally For Gay Political Agenda For Years


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 20, 2006--The St. Paul’s Tory candidate has joined many other Tories in refusing to answer the Campaign Life Coalition questionnaire on life issues and same-sex ‘marriage’. However, there is plenty of evidence that he is as liberal as they can come on both the abortion and homosexual issues.

First U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion in Five Years: Victory For Pro-Life


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 20, 2006--The Supreme Court’s first abortion ruling in over five years has been claimed as a partial victory by life and family organizations.

All Guns Trained on Social Conservatives in Canada - Editorial


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 20, 2006--The current election has taken the attack on social conservatives in Canada to new heights. Never before have pro-life, pro-family and pro-faith Canadians been as frequently and broadly painted as extreme, scary, and harbouring secret agendas.

Sounds familiar?!

Comatose 11 Year-Old Girl Breathing on Her Own May Still be Dehydrated to Death


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 20, 2006--Since Terri Schiavo’s court-ordered, agonizing death by dehydration, the enthusiasm of euthanasia advocates has increased for using this painful method to kill patients dependent on feeding tubes. The latest case to make the news, is that of Haleigh Poutre, an 11 year-old girl admitted to hospital in September 2005 with brain damage that left her dependent upon assisted respiration and feeding.

Your prayers are asked for 11-year-old Haleigh.

European Bishops Speak Out Against EU’s ‘Homophobia’ Resolution


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 20, 2006--The secretary-general of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences said the EU has overstepped its role in urging all states to stamp out “homophobia” and enshrine homosexual ‘rights’ through legislation, in an interview on Radio Vatican.

No referendum on same-sex unions, Irish leader says


[Catholic World News] January 20, 2006--Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern has said that he does not think the Irish people would approve same-sex unions if the issue were brought up in a national referendum. But he indicated that his government will look for legislative approaches to satisfy the demands of gay-rights campaigners.

Maryland Judge Strikes Down Marriage Law


[The Christian Post] January 20, 2006--A judge stuck down a 33-year-old Maryland law validating only heterosexual marriages, following a lawsuit by nine gay couples and one individual who said the law violated the state’s constitution.

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Can a "Reagan Revolution" Happen in Canada?


[The Gallup Poll] January 20, 2006--On Jan. 23 voters in Canada will go to the polls to choose a prime minister, after liberal leader Paul Martin was ousted from that position by a vote of no confidence in parliament last November. The architect of that maneuver is also the frontrunner to win Monday's election: Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Meeting could have lasting impact


[The Birmingham News] January 20, 2006--When the Anglican Mission in America met in Birmingham last week, nine Anglican archbishops from Africa and Asia arrived in Alabama to show their support.

Anglican Church in Nigeria Welcomes Ban on Homosexuality


[Voice of America] January 19, 2006--The Anglican Church in Nigeria Thursday said it welcomes government decision to push for legislation to outlaw homosexuality. The government said it will introduce legislation to punish homosexuality by up to five years in jail and ban same-sex marriages. A spokesman for Nigeria's Anglican Church described homosexuality as an abomination.

New Anglican Church Meeting in Livonia


[PRWeb.com] January 21, 2006--What does a parish do when its parent denomination no longer follows the teachings of the faith? That was the dilemma faced by more than 200 members of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Livonia. Ultimately their orthodox beliefs led to their separation from the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan and launch the Anglican Church of Livonia earlier this month.



[The Living Church] January 15, 2006--The newest document from the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC), titled Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ, charts new territory in the 35-year history of the dialogue between the two communions. Not only is this the first ARCIC document to focus on theological issues surrounding a particular person (there has been nothing specifically on Christology so far), it is the first to move from broad topics (e.g. the Eucharist, ministry, authority, salvation, etc.) to an issue as particular as the Blessed Virgin Mary. As in the past, this convocation of ARCIC continued its method of seeking to “get behind” the language forged in the context of a divided Church, searching both to recover the language of an undivided Church and to offer new language that is devoid of the polemics that often arise when theology is done in schism.

No Shortage of Church News


[The Living Church] January 15, 2006--Comments about some recent news events involving Episcopalians and other Anglicans...

Executive Council Affirms Church’s Membership in Abortion Rights Group


[The Living Church] January 20, 2006--The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church has approved the Church’s membership in the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), an organization whose literature states its “primary role is educating the public to make clear that abortion can be a moral, ethical, and religiously responsible decision.”

Senior Church of England Bishop Rebukes Civil Partnership Policy


[The Christian Post] January 19, 2006--One of the most senior bishops in the Church of England has issued strong condemnation of the House of Bishops’ statement on Civil Partnerships, calling it “unbiblical.”

Tens of Millions Needed to Prevent Church Closures in England, Warns Bishop


[The Christian Post] January 19, 2006--The Bishop of London has warned of a spate of church closures across the country if an emergency cash injection of around £60 million (USD $105.7 million) is not procured.

Rick Warren's Ministry Tool Box: Get Some Rest


[The Christian Post] January 19, 2006--In the Bible, people came to Jesus for many different reasons. Some people came for forgiveness. Some came for answers. Others came for healing. Still others came to Jesus for eternal life. But in that verse from Matthew, Jesus says you can come to him for rest. That means release from stress, release from overload.

Christian Missions in the Third Millennium


[The Christian Post] January 19, 2006--Now facing its third millennium, the Christian church faces a moment of great historical importance and opportunity. The modern missionary movement is now over two centuries old. Looking back over those years, it is clear that God mobilized His people to make great strides in taking the gospel to many parts of the world.

China Gov't Intensifies Crackdown on Beijing House Churches after Christmas


[The Christian Post] January 20, 2006--A campaign to clamp down on Beijing house churches has intensified after Christmas, a Chinese persecution watchdog group reported.

India Christians, Home Minister Discuss Concerns Over Massive Hindu 'Re-Conversion' Festival


[The Christian Post] January 20, 2006--An Indian Christian group and the Indian Home Minister met on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing intimidation of religious minorities by Hindus as the date for a massive Hindu festival approaches.

UCC Congregation Leaves Denomination after Narrow Vote


[The Christian Post] January 20, 2006--Three congregations decided to leave the United Church of Christ less than a month after it adopted a resolution endorsing same-sex marriage in July 2005. Now, half a year later, the denomination has continued slimming down its member affiliates as the Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Toledo, Ohio, became the 66th to disaffiliate, according to The Toledo Blade.

Weblog: Suit Dropped Against California Missions Funds


[ChristianityToday.com] January 19, 2006--Plus: Egyptian Muslims attack church, Vatican newspaper supports Dover decision, and other stories from online sources around the world.

High court hears pro-life group’s challenge of advertising ban


[Baptist Press] January 19, 2006--A pro-life organization urged the U.S. Supreme Court Jan. 17 to support its freedom to mention public officials by name in advocacy advertising in the weeks before elections.

Vicar preaches the word of goth


[The Guardian] January 19, 2006--Clad in black, heavily painted with pale make-up and dark eyeliner, the goth's way of life is not usually associated with a church service unless, that is, it is being conducted by the Rev Marcus Ramshaw.

Revealed: US Bishops Asked Pope to Delay Homosexuality and the Priesthood Document


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 19, 2006-- In an annual interview with Chicago Sun Times reporter Cathleen Falsani, Chicago Cardinal Francis George revealed that last year the United States Bishops visiting with the Pope asked the Vatican to delay release of the long-awaited document on homosexuality and the priesthood.

Saint Defends Casting of Homosexual Actor in Christian Missionary's Story


[AgapePress] January 19, 2006--While some Christians are raising objections over the casting of actor and homosexual activist Chad Allen to play Christian characters in the soon-to-be released movie End of the Spear, producers of the fact-based theatrical film approved the homosexual actor's selection for the part -- one of them even daring to consider the possibility that God may have been behind it.

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Canada’s Supreme Court Denies Appeal for Christian Disciplined for Gay Marriage Opposition


[LifeSiteNews.com] January 19, 2006--The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear the case of Chris Kempling in what family supporters and free-speech advocates are calling a serious threat to democratic freedoms.