Thursday, July 19, 2007

I don’t fit within the broad Episcopal milieu

[Thoughts, Musings and Ramblings] 19 July 2007--While browsing last night I came across an article that was reporting on an Episcopal priest in the Seattle area who claimed to be both a Christian and a Muslim. (Her diocese suspended her for a period of time to allow her to reflect upon her actions.) For those who might be interested such a claim is logically inconsistent (if logic would matter to her): a tenet of Muslim belief is that both Jesus and Mohammad are prophets of God (Allah) thus Jesus is merely a prophet and not God as He claimed. So by one professing to be a Muslim one is denying the fundamental teaching of Christianity. Be that she is inconsistent or not the story got me to reflect upon my past periodic dalliances with Episcopal church.

It was a nice place to be baptized in. While I certainly don’t remember mine (infant baptism) I do have a vague recollection of Lura’s, my younger sister. The church, in Longview, was not large and seemed to me to be a little dark and/or gloomy. The service was at the back of the church and the font was carved and made of wood. My parents were there as were her godparents, the Bennets. My mother was holding her through the part of the service that I remember. I think that my maternal grandmother was also there.

Speaking of my maternal grandmother it was she that made sure that I went to Sunday school when I was staying with her in the summers (I could write about that church in Navasota or describe how I would walk the last block to the church balancing on a stone wall – and driving my grandmother crazy, but that is for another time, maybe) and it was she that taught me to prayer before going to bed....

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