Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Official Split in Canadian Anglican Communions "likely to get messy"

[LifeSite] 28.11.07--ANiC director Cheryl Chang said she anticipates difficult times ahead for the Anglican church in Canada, as struggles are bound to ensue over property and clerical authority. "It's likely to get messy," she said. "We expect priests to be fired and congregations to be locked out of buildings or attempts to evict them. We have asked for an act of grace from the Canadian church to let parishes discern their future without threats and intimidation, but we shall see how they respond.

"The ANiC is encouraging individual Canadian parishes to hold a vote in February on whether they wish to remain under the jurisdiction of the Anglican Church of Canada or join the Southern Cone. There will then be a large-scale conference in Vancouver next April 25, at which Archbishop Gregory James Venables of the Southern Cone is scheduled to officially welcome the Canadian parishes that wish to join his province.

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