Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anglican Mainstream responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Advent Letter

[Anglican Mainstream] 12 Jan 2008-The leaders of the traditionalist pressure group Anglican Mainstream have pressed the Archbishop of Canterbury to clarify his Advent Letter to the Primates, saying his prescriptions for the healing of the Anglican Communion do not take into account the causes of the disease. In a Jan 8 letter given to The Church of England Newspaper, the Rev Canon Chris Sugden and Mr Philip Giddings applauded Dr Williams’ commitment to resolve the Anglican crisis, and for exercising strong leadership in a difficult time. However, they questioned a number of Dr Williams’ suppositions that underlay the call for dialogue. There appeared to be no consequences for the repeated bad actions of the Episcopal Church. The invitation to invite to the Lambeth Conference those bishops who consecrated Gene Robinson contradicts the ‘clear assertion of the Windsor Report’ in paragraph 134 which asked that they ‘withdraw from representative functions’ in the Communion.

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