Monday, April 07, 2008

Three Episcopal churches sign joint covenant

[The Herald News] 7 Apr 2008--Three Episcopal churches in the city are in the process of merging into a single parish.The Episcopal Church of the Ascension, 160 Rock St., St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 125 Mason St., and the St. John’s-St. Stephen’s Episcopal Partnership, 711 Middle St., held a covenant-signing worship service Sunday at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension.

The new Episcopal parish will be named the Church of the Holy Spirit, located at 160 Rock St.

A fourth Episcopal church, St. Luke’s, 315 Warren St., has decided against joining the merger at this time.

“Over the past few years, none of those churches was going particularly well,” said the Rev. Wallace Gober, who was interim pastor of St. John’s-St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.

Studies show that church mergers usually produce a weak church.

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