Friday, July 11, 2008

Colleagues Rally to Keep Bishop Robinson in Lambeth Spotlight

[The Living Church] 11 Jul 2008--In a recent opinion piece published on its website, the advocacy group Integrity summarized the importance of the Witness at Lambeth strategy to its overall agenda.

“If a significant percentage of Anglican bishops continue to insist that The Episcopal Church refrain from ordaining additional lesbian/gay bishops and blessing same-gender relationships or face expulsion from the Anglican Communion, it will be very difficult to persuade General Convention to nullify B033 and advance marriage equality,” the unsigned opinion piece noted. “Conversely, if the great majority of Anglican bishops ‘hear what the spirit is saying to the church’ and give space for The Episcopal Church to make its own decisions on LGTB issues, General Convention could well be a tipping point for full inclusion.”

Each of the 136 Episcopal bishops registered to attend the conference has been given a pre-paid British mobile telephone with the phone numbers of all the other Episcopal bishops already programmed into the address book of the phone.

Lambeth Conference organizers report that approximately 650 bishops from around the world have registered to attend, meaning that about one out of every five bishops at the Lambeth Conference will be from The Episcopal Church. The use of telephones will make the ability to communicate news and information across the campus of the University of Kent in Canterbury, England much more efficient.

Will the other bishops attending the Lambeth Conference have mobile phones so that they can consult with each other? Will not the American Episcopal bishops having phones undermine the "indaba process"? Shouldn't their phones be taken away from them?

If the great majority of Anglican bishops "give space for The Episcopal Church to make its own decisions on LGTB issues," whether in the form of a resolution or a "reflection statement", it will be the end of the Anglican Communion as we know it.

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