Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is Jesus the Only Way?

[Baptist Press] A June report by the Pew Research Center revealed some interesting stats: 57 percent of the evangelical surveyed reported believing that "many religions can lead to eternal life."

But that result was not as surprising as another discovered by Pew: 21 percent of those who identified themselves as "atheist" said they believe in a God or universal spirit. One must wonder whether many of those polled understood what it means to be an evangelical or an atheist. I also suspect that Kelly Boggs is correct in a recent Baptist Press article that many evangelicals confused the term "religion" with "denomination" -- which, if true, casts doubt on the validity of the 57 percent figure. (A LifeWay Research poll found that 31 percent of Protestant churchgoers believe a person can obtain eternal life through "religions other than Christianity.") The Pew Forum said that further research will be conducted to answer these questions.

A four-part article by Mike Licona.

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