Tuesday, September 23, 2008

India - Persecution Spreads


[Christian Newswire] 23 Sep 2008--The violence against Christians by radical Hindus in India continues to spread.

While the state government says 24 people, mostly Christians, have died in the Orissa state violence, the All India Christian Council (AICC) maintained that 45 Christians were confirmed dead and five more were still missing, according to Compass Direct News.

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Vetri Pandit said...

vetrisharYou will have to do more for Indian Churches that is growing at a fast pace.

The attacks against Christians and church is being carried out by Bajrang Dal. RSS and VHP (World Hindu Council) which are front organisations for the right wing Hindu party BJP. These organisations are nothing less than terrorist organisations.

Interestingly biggest source of money is from US and other western countries and this money is used to kill Christians and burn churches. The secular parties in India are demanding banning of Bajrang Dal, RSS and VHP in India. It is time America and other western countries ban these organisations, freeze bank accounts and seize all their assets.

These BJP organisations are also spear-heading banning of foreign aid to Christian missions and churches in India.