Monday, September 29, 2008

Why I Am Not Ashamed To Be An Anglican Minister

[VirtueOnline] 29 Sep 2008--Mrs Jefferts Schori's disgraceful deposition of Bishop Bob Duncan is unquestionably accelerating a process of disillusion with Anglican ministry amongst potential ordinands here in the UK.

Young men with potential fear (and with good reason) that TEC bully-girl tactics will come to the UK and a new generation of illiberal liberals will take over the Church of England and start driving out the orthodox.

That is of course a real possibility for the future and it would be ludicrously optimistic to suggest it will not happen. But we are not there quite yet and anyway the prospect of future suffering did not deter the Apostle Paul from going to Jerusalem (Acts 20v22-23).

GAFCON may also unwittingly have contributed to this process of disillusion with its strong following amongst church planters. A church plant without the baggage of traditional Anglicanism looks so much more attractive to a young person with enthusiasm and ministry gifts.

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Revd John P Richardson said...

Robin, I think you may be right. Do you have any (anecdotal or otherwise) evidence for this deterrent effect? I suspect that General Synod's vote on women bishops may also put off young men from a Conservative Evangelical background.

The other thing I suspect is that many of those who should be recruiting people for ordained ministry in the CofE are no longer able to do so with any commitment or enthusiasm.