Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pro-Life Group Asks Obama Why He Supports Removing All “Common Sense” Restrictions on Abortion

[LifeSiteNews] 30 Oct 2008--In an open letter “on behalf of all Ohio parents,” American United for Life (AUL) asks Senator Barack Obama to explain his radical position on abortion, particularly regarding his promise immediately to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), should he be elected to the presidency.

FOCA is a pro-abortion piece of legislation first introduced in the late 1980’s that has since received strong support from pro-abortion politicians such as Barbara Boxer and Hilary Clinton.

AUL calls FOCA a “tremendous threat to the rights of everyday Americans, to women, and to the unborn.” The pro-life organization refers to the fact that FOCA would annihilate all previously instated restrictions on abortion, such as parental consent legislation, freedom of conscience for religious medical practitioners and hospitals, and previous limits on public funding for abortions. The legislation would also pave the way for non-physicians to commit abortions.

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