Thursday, November 06, 2008

Evangelicalism: Left and Right

[Anglican Mainstream] 6 Nov 2008-- Today, evangelicalism seems to be increasingly divided. The evangelical left has seen its visibility and influence grow in recent years, as the threat of global warming and economic issues became more frequently featured in the pages of Christianity Today and other bellwether evangelical publications, and as the National Association of Evangelicals came under the control of a new generation of more liberal evangelical leaders. With the 2008 campaign, the evangelical left has been presented with a candidate it can support enthusiastically, despite his extreme views on abortion. For them, it almost seems that race has trumped the protection of life as a fundamental issue. Richard Cizik, vice president of the NAE, told Beliefnet that evangelicals whose prejudices keep them from voting for Sen. Obama "ought to be embarrassed, and held accountable in the church." One has the sense that he is more than ready to level such accusations at his co-religionists should the election produce unsatisfactory results.

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