Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Most US Christians define own theology

[The Christian Science Monitor] 14 Jan 2009--American individualism has made its imprint on Christianity.

A sizable majority of the country's faithful no longer hew closely to orthodox teachings, and look more to themselves than to churches or denominations to define their religious convictions, according to two recent surveys. More than half of all Christians also believe that some non-Christians can get into heaven.

"Growing numbers of people now serve as their own theologian-in-residence," said George Barna, president of Barna Group, on releasing findings of one of the polls on Jan. 12.

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KenS said...

This sounds a lot like Anglicans now days-- just believe what you want. I believe it comes from Scriptural ignorance/illiteracy/contempt. The church has failed miserably in this respect, resulting in a bunch of goofy sacerdotalists, sacramentalists, and ritualists that don't have a clue.