Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A second chance at Reformation?


[sydneyanglicans.net] 3 Mar 2009--Last week Glenn wrote about Mass in York Minster, surely a blatant denial of a fundamental plank of the Reformation. The Archbishop of York and the Minster authorities should hang their collective heads in shame.

But another part of the Church of England deserves praise. The recent session of the General Synod, by a majority of 283 to 8, passed a motion affirming the uniqueness of Christ. Before we get too carried away with this, the motion calls for the House of Bishops to report to the Synod ‘on their understanding of the uniqueness of Christ in Britain’s multi-faith society, and offer examples and commendations of good practice in sharing the gospel of salvation through Christ alone with people of other faiths and of none’. There can be ‘many a slip between cup and lip’ so we wait in anticipation.

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