Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Solution for our Oprah-style services?


[sydneyanglicans.net] 25 Aug 2009--“Ah yes, for us (Sydney) Anglicans, what we say, our words, are important.”

This is a comment from a friend of mine when I let him know about the new project I am going to write about in this blog.

His point was that whereas for a group like Hillsong it really is all about the music and a certain kind of preaching, for us Anglicans, while music is important and teaching the word of God especially so, other words said during our services have always been important.

The-group-formerly-known-as-the-Archbishop’s-Liturgical-Panel has been beavering away and is about to let loose a new website with remarkably helpful resources for people constructing the words and outlines of our services/ meetings when we meet as the people of God in a public way

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