Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bishop to retire after lackluster tenure

I am posting this article from The Washington Times on the retirement of Washington Episcopal Bishop John B. Chane because it supports my contention that the bishops and other clergy of The Episcopal Church bear the lion's share of the responsibility for the present state of that denomination.

"Bishop Chane took the helm of the diocese in 2002 with a series of confrontational moves. On the Sunday after his consecration, he informed the congregation at the Washington Cathedral that he aimed to "engage the secular and political leadership of the District of Columbia, the Congress of the United States and those who hold the highest elected and appointed offices of this nation."

During the consecration, he had the Rev. William Sloane Coffin, an anti-war activist from the Vietnam era, preach the homily. Delivering an Easter sermon a few months earlier, while dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in San Diego, he questioned the validity of the Resurrection.

Once installed, the new bishop imported a number of liberal clergy onto his staff, including retired Massachusetts Suffragan Bishop Barbara Harris. He quickly commissioned a diocesan same-sex marriage rite and performed it himself in June 2004."

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Joe Mahler said...

The hirelings of the episcopal organization were put in their position by the members (lemmings) of that organization. These pied pipers are leading their flock of lemmings where they both desire to go, over the cliff. The chickens should not blame the fox for the slaughter if they make him the hen house guardian.