Friday, February 19, 2010

Falling on Deaf Ears? — Why So Many Churches Hear So Little of the Bible

"'It is well and good for the preacher to base his sermon on the Bible, but he better get to something relevant pretty quickly, or we start mentally to check out.' That stunningly clear sentence reflects one of the most amazing, tragic, and lamentable characteristics of contemporary Christianity -- an impatience with the Word of God."

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Texanglican (R.W. Foster+) said...

There is clearly a genuine hunger for God's Word in our parishes. If our "Adult Forum" topic on Sunday morning is on any topic other than Scripture, we draw about 35 participants. If the subject is a series on a book of Scripture attendance doubles or triples. Last Sunday's class on Hebrews 3 & 4 drew more than 80.

Reformation said...

Prior to retirement from ministry, I found the same thing: hunger. If you have food (and don't apologize for it), people will come, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest.