Saturday, October 02, 2010

Swim the Tiber or Else! TAC Archbishop Threatens Dissenting ACA Bishops with Disciplinary Action

Last week, I urged prayers for the Anglican Church in America (ACA). I had no idea how much prayers were needed. For this week is proving a difficult one, particularly for the ACA House of Bishops.

The ACA is split over whether to cross the Tiber in response to Pope Benedict’s invitation, the Anglicanorum Coetibus. Some most definitely want to swim. But indications are that they are a minority. Most want to remain Anglican, not to be absorbed by Rome.

And that division puts the House of Bishops in a difficult position. It appears that no matter what course is chosen, a number of parishes will, sooner or later, depart the ACA.

And now pressure from outside is making the situation more difficult. The Archbishop of the Traditional Anglican Communion (of which ACA is a member), John Hepworth is hell bent on swimming the Tiber and is not pleased that some ACA bishops have announced they will not be swimming with him. Worse, he has written a hectoring public letter, complete with very thinly veiled threats of discipline. It is hardly the letter of a good shepherd. And he is not the only one giving ACA bishops flack.

Of course, this is not helpful. With the ACA split and with a likely majority not wanting to cross to Rome while the TAC most definitely is, the bishops have some very difficult decisions to make. They do not need high-handed pressure.

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Joe Mahler said...

The honest thing to do is swim the Tiber or become openly and truly Protestant and Reformed. That is return to Anglicanism and the 1662 BCP.

Reformation said...