Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ten Elements of Historic Anglicanism

It is important to begin with two comments:

1) This paper was inspired by something J.I. Packer wrote in 1995

‘Speculating in Anglican Futures’. I have added to it, but Dr Packer must not be blamed for my additions, or the final form this brief paper has taken.

2) I need to define ‘Anglicanism’. You will notice that I qualify it as ‘historic’ Anglicanism. What do I mean? I mean the Anglican way – the way of the Church of England as defined by the three historic documents:

the Book of Common Prayer (1662); the Ordinal (for Bishops, Priests and Deacons); the 39 Articles of Religion. We find the doctrines, beliefs and ethos of historic Anglicanism in these documents.

Let me now turn to these ten elements.

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Reformation said...

An helpful post.

David.McMillan said...

very nice and how true. Seems sad to see the current nonsense which is passing for historic anglicanism when I see such a good article with foundation.