Friday, December 16, 2011

Francis Chan: Christians Not Praying How God Intended

Many Christians today are praying the wrong way, all too often focused on themselves than on the mission of God, influential preacher and bestselling author Francis Chan lamented.

It is no wonder that many prayers are ineffective and left unanswered when the subject matter is limited to a list of to do’s and selfish desires, he explained.

“James 4 says a lot of times you’ll ask and you don’t receive because what you’re asking for you’re asking to spend on your own passions and no one warned me about that,” Chan shared in his latest “BASIC” series, which premiered on Relevant Magazine’s website.

"BASIC" is a seven-part film series produced by the makers of the “NOOMA” films. It was created as a response to Chan’s frustrations with the modern church.

Challenging believers to examine the early church and return to the concept of church described in the Bible, the former megachurch pastor teamed up with Flannel to help Christians rethink how they do church.

The newest “BASIC” film focuses on prayer, an area where Chan feels Christians today lack much knowledge on. To read more, click here.

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