Thursday, December 01, 2011

Portable, Ready in 10-Minute Churches for Sale, Worship in Serbia

One family in Serbia is taking church planting to a whole new level, delivering portable mini churches right to your door.

Svetislav Mancic, founder of an interior and exterior design company named Mancic Granit in the southern Serbian city of Nis, is the creator behind these unique churches-to-go, which are transforming the way people view worship and service, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty reported.

With the help of his son Goran, Mancic started the project, basing his idea on the portable churches utilized by the army for services. He envisioned a wide market for the mobile churches and believed the buildings could be used in a number of public settings including restaurants, hotels, motels, and hospitals as well.

Each building, customized to the client’s needs, could accommodate up to 15 worshippers. They weigh approximately five tons, stand 4.5 meters tall, and are made of a combination of stone and steel. A cross, bell tower, altar and frescoes also detail the small structure. The bell could either be electronically rung or manually rung by the pull of a rope.

Everything about the church is simple and convenient, from the delivery to the set up. “We load it onto a truck and deliver it to the address,” Mancic shared with the broadcaster. “The church is painted with frescoes, you just have to take a cable and connect it to electricity and you are ready in 10 minutes.”

The mini churches could be purchased online, the cheapest model on sale for $16,000. After that, depending on other details like the size of the cross or the quality of the stone tiles, the prices gradually increase. To read more, click here.

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