Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stand Firm: More Thoughts on The AMiA Mess

1. Thus far the Anglican Mission press office has proven to be a source of spin, misinformation, and borderline slander. Everything it publishes must be treated with extreme skepticism

2. Those who rail most vociferously against bloggers are those who have the most invested in managing, controlling, and shaping information for public consumption. Bloggers on interwebs get in the way of this shaping and controlling by circumventing official channels and putting primary source documentation and often critical opinion directly to the reading public.

3. This is not to say “bloggers are always right”. We’ve all been wrong before and will be wrong again but for all our faults, the service blogs provide is indispensable to a free society. Slaves don’t need information. Free people with decisions to make do. To read more, click here.

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RMBruton said...

Many are viewing the current situation as a "mess". I am tending to disagree. It may be clarifying rather than muddying the waters. Now people can see things and people as they are. I just had a disagreement with David Virtue, who holds that the ac/na should be the movement for Anglicans in North America. Some held that the REC should have been the movement. Others, that the Continuing churches should have been the movement. While others held that the AMiA should have been the movemnt. Still others hold that ac/na should be that movement. I disagree. Anglicanism got off to such a bad start in America, following the Revolution it has had a souring effect on what was Anglicanism in Canada as well. I have referred to Continuing Episcopalians, but may now refer to these people as Prelatarians. There is currently no "movement" which provides the solution to the Anglican Problem.