Monday, May 28, 2012

Brazil approves same-sex civil unions

Brazil has become the latest country to pave the way for same-sex marriage after it approved a measure changing the legal definition of a "civil union" to simply be between two people, without making it exclusive to a man and a woman.

The measure passed the Brazilian senate, its first legislative step in congress, after the issue had been disputed for 16 years, the Associated Press reported.

The Senate still does not approve of gay marriage, but Brazil's judiciary has already moved toward legalising same-sex marriages after state courts last year began allowing civil unions between homosexuals to be converted to full marriages. Read more

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Joe Mahler said...

Canudos in the Bahia region of Brazil broke out in resistance of the central government because the government took over marriage from the Church in the 1890's. The people of Canudos were slaughtered. The state take over of marriage has made it almost irrelevant, to the state fornication is ok, divorce is ok, adultery is ok, now homosexual marriage is ok. Why does the state even bother with the whole issue of marriage, in essence the state has made it nothing at all.