Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Body of Christ Now Body Of Crises

“The Church today is in great turmoil, suffering from internally self-imposed persecution and suppression of the Word,” the Most Reverend Dr. Peter Akinola, a retired Archbishop and Primate of Anglican Church of all Nigeria, said on Sunday.

Most Rev. Akinola said it was unfortunate that in recent times, the body of Christ had been turned into a body of crises.

"Work of the Ministry has been made much more difficult over the years for the leadership of the Church by fellow servants of God,” he stated.

“When we turn every church service into a fund-raising event, every sermon is about money, when we feed the people with theological jargon and not the spiritual milk for their nourishment, we must be aware that the Lord, the Owner of the flock is watching." Read more

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Mr. Mcgranor said...

These guys in Africa are hip. And i applaud the Western reactionaries that are aligned with them, against a "self-imposed persecution and suppression of the Word".