Monday, June 18, 2012

Sexegesis brings Australian authors together

Nine authors from Australia and New Zealand have jointly produced a significant book on the Biblical texts concerning homosexuality.

The Bible teachers and pastors were brought together to produce "Sexegesis" a response to a 2011 book "Five Uneasy Pieces" by several liberal Australian Anglicans who claim the Bible supports homosexual practice. That book was edited by an openly gay Melbourne priest and endorsed by former High Court judge Michael Kirby.

"Sexegesis" was launched simultaneously across Australia. The authors include Peter Adam, recently retired Principal of Ridley Melbourne, Paul Barnett, former Anglican Bishop of North Sydney, Michael Bird, a lecturer Lecturer at Crossway College in Brisbane, Denise Cooper-Clarke, a researcher with the Evangelical Alliance Centre for Christianity and Society, Gordon Preece, Director of Ethos and Sarah Harris, Lecturer in New Testament at Carey College in Auckland. Read more

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