Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why I am not a Catholic, Part 2 (wafer worship)

So, I’m sitting at the DMV in Union County, NJ, several years ago. And, as much as I could complain about the DMV, the one in Union County was always good to me. Nevertheless, I always brought a book just in case they got backed up. I don’t remember what book I was reading, but it was something “Christian.” A guy sits down next to me and asks what I’m reading. When a stranger asks a Christian reading a Christian book what he is reading, it is like a hungry fat man being asked if he’d like a piece of pie. Something beautiful is about to happen.

I told him and determined that this was my chance to tell this man about Jesus, which I love to do. However, this guy had another plan. He was the evangelist! He asked about my faith enough to discern that I was one of those “born-agin’ types.” Then he invited me to hear the glories of the Roman church. I politely let him know that I respected his zeal, since I myself was once part of the Roman church, but was no longer. I thought that would slow him down. Not a chance. He drilled in deeper.

“Do you know why I came back to the Roman Catholic Church?” he asked. “No,” I replied (but you are going to tell me, aren’t you?). “It was because of the Eucharist. It is there that I truly commune with Jesus.” For those not initiated in Catholic tradition, the Eucharist comes form the Greek word for grace. It would translate, loosely, the gift, or the gracious gift, thankfully received. That is what Catholic’s call “the Lord’s Supper.”

Being as tactful as I am, I said, “Thanks, but I don’t do wafer worship.” He kept his powder dry and said, “It isn’t wafer worship, it is.....blah, blah, ....whatever.” I prayed, “Please have the DMV call one of us away.” The discussion ended politely when one of us had to go. He recommended a book to me that I still have not read (“Rome Sweet Home” or something like that –crazy, in the Bible, Rome represents the evil Empire and Jerusalem the good city....but that’s neither here nor there). Read more

Why I am not a Catholic, Part I


Joe Mahler said...

INDEED, If one refuses to worship a wafer then it stands that he may be a "catholic." Whereas the worshiper of a wafer is definitely not a "catholic," but an idolater. The doctrines taken from Scriptures are certainly "catholic." However, those taken from human tradition is not. Worshiping an object made with human hands is forbidden by the Scriptures and is not catholic doctrine, but is a doctrine of human sources, a human tradition. Refusing to follow in this forbidden practice is obedience to God's Word (word)and is catholic. After that which is catholic is that which is believed, in all places, in all times, and by all. Wafer worship is a particular tradition of the Church of Rome and those who wish to follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately the religious institution of Rome prefers to prostitute herself in support of a the "Vicar of Christ." A vicar is one who takes the place of another with the same meaning as the Greek "anti". Put it together.

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