Monday, August 03, 2015

6 Ways to Follow Up with First-Time Guests

There are a few things first-time guests expect when they visit your church. They expect to be greeted warmly; they expect to fill out a card with their contact information; and they expect someone from your church will follow up with them. Fail to meet any of these expectations, and they aren’t likely to return for a second visit.

The guest follow-up is a huge opportunity to build a memorable connection and requires attention. It is crucial to develop a process and execute the process each week. Remember, the guest follow-up is a significant role in the guest experience. Maximize the follow-up with creativity and authenticity.

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Face-to-face meetings and door deliveries have their downside. The prospect of a face-to-face meeting with a stranger may cause high levels of anxiety for some people. If the person meeting with the guest is the wrong person, it can backfire. We found that the people in our community did not  welcome unannounced visits for a variety of reasons. Among our findings were that a number  of people were embarrassed by the particular circumstance in which they lived; they did not want visitors from the church coming to their homes and learning how they lived. 

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