Friday, December 11, 2015

8 Reasons Some Church Members Are Mean

To be honest, I’ve been blessed. In all the churches where I’ve served as pastor or interim pastor, most of my members have been great people. Sometimes, though, a church member can be downright mean. Based on our Lawless Group interviews and surveys over the years, here are some of the reasons church members can be mean.... Read more
Meanness in church members is a major turn-off for the unchurched. Mean church members are poor representatives for Christ in their community and consequently a serious obstacle to the gospel. They are a frequently cited reason that unchurched young people give for having stopped attending church or those looking for a church home have given up their search. Some churches actually develop what may be described as a culture of meanness, a culture that fosters spitefulness, unfairness, and unkindness in their members. Meanness is definitely not a fruit of the Spirit but a work of the flesh. Satan will exploit meanness in church members to destroy not only their witness to Christ but also the witness of their church.

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