Saturday, December 05, 2015

Fair Dinkum Theology: An Authentically Australian Theological Vision for Ministry

For three days in July, over 100 evangelical leaders from across Australia met in Brisbane at the invitation of the Council of TGCA. The purpose of this ‘National Leaders’ Consultation’ was simple – to establish if there was a real need for a national network like TGCA. The answer to that question proved to be a resounding‘yes’, and so conversation moved on to the key questions of what the basis of our co-operation might be, what this network might look like, and how the cause of the gospel might be best served by TGCA.

A significant amount of time was devoted to examining the Foundation Documents produced by TGC in the US – the ‘Confessional Statement’ and the ‘Theological Vision for Ministry’ – which have been adopted by TGCA. During extensive discussions amongst the leaders present, it became apparent that there would be significant advantages in adapting the final sections of the Theological Vision for Ministry to reflect our Australian context and distinctives. Over the past 6 months, members of the TGCA Council and others have been working hard on this revision, which has finally been completed, and approved by our brothers in the US.

We are convinced that this revised document now reflects the concerns and particular emphases of reformed evangelicals in Australia, and publish it in the fervent hope that it will provide a strong foundation for gospel unity in Australia for many years to come.... Read more

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